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Lowest cut scar / highest cut scar

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #175308 [Ignore] at 03,Jul,11 12:26
I was cut as an adult, Doc gave a ver low cut (almost no inner skin), is this style common? Could you post some pics showing the lowest and highest circumcision scar location? Please....

Here is mine...

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By 21yocock [Ignore] at 11,Aug,19 18:19 other posts 
I have a low scar, about 2 mm on the top, but more at the bottom.
I think this is a common style in my country (Netherlands).

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 12,Aug,19 09:26 other posts 
Mine is rather like yours (see below)

By soundsgreat87 [Ignore] at 28,Jul,19 13:03 other posts 
Check out this dude: /member.php?w=511925

By rudy51 [Ignore] at 23,Jul,19 12:37 other posts 
How does mine compare?

By scott14 [Ignore] at 22,Jul,19 19:42 other posts 

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 11,Jul,19 03:06 other posts 
My circumcision scar is right up near my helmet rim so that bunching shaft skin hides it unless I'm totally hard. Circumcised when I was 65 (balanitis problems...)

By #553253 at 11,Apr,18 17:20
My doc screwed up...all under scars and stitches. Mutilated me....involuntarily. nuff said on that barbarity.

By Earlybird [Ignore] at 30,Mar,18 21:20 other posts 
I was cut at birth. I think it's called a "loose circumcision". I can still pull the skin all the way over the head when it's soft & halfway over it when hard, and I've never needed any lube when masturbating. Here are a few pics:

By malecall4 [Ignore] at 04,Sep,13 14:19 other posts 
low cut

By dx1 [Ignore] at 27,Jul,13 02:09 other posts 
Got cut as a ****. The doctor placed the scar right behind the corona, so when soft most people think it's uncut with a short foreskin. As soon as it gets a little hard the scar is visible..

Photo of a pecker from dx1Photo of a equipment from dx1

By bigone21 [Ignore] at 13,Jul,13 18:24 other posts 
A few weeks ago, there was a lot of noise in a thread about a guy that modificated his dick (as a mature man). He liked to have that done and did it! Good for him!

But man! He got told that he was sick, needed to go to a psychiatrist for being sick in his head and whatever you can think of...

To put it short: he was outcasted!

And now, in this thread, we are asked to compare amputations committed to little c h i l d r e n, for no reason other than: that's how it's done to me, and that's how it's done to you b o y!

How come that a grown-up man is sick if he modificated his OWN dick is outcasted, and some people think that modification of a little baby-b o y's perfect little penis is OK?

And don't give me that "it's just a piece of skin"-crap!!
--------------------------------------- added after 1272 hours

By #255813 at 06,Mar,13 14:40
I have never been able to stop playing with my cock. I was circumcised at 16 yrs old but the doctor didnt cut alot of skin off and left my cock skin very loose. I can make it very small wen unaroused and I like the feeling of covering the head like uncut and letting the skin roll back. I hav recently made my own foreskin restoration device to try. I like showing how my tiny cock looks wen I do this as its something unusual and I am happy with my dick size wen it is erect

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