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By princeworld at 14,Jul,14 03:35
very nice!!!!
By ttonio at 14,Jul,14 15:49
thank you !

By medir at 19,Jul,14 04:03
Nices balls
By ttonio at 18,Nov,14 15:30
thank you !

By gare at 09,Aug,14 11:57

By CreativeOne at 13,Sep,14 19:24
Wow ! Really great looking package you have there ! In fact this shot went right into my favorites !

:Very Impressive:

By vanniks at 22,Sep,14 14:42
I would love to use my lips to push that foreskin back so I can run my tongue around your head

By #354369 at 23,Sep,14 16:48
I love such low-hanging balls!

By pifad at 27,Sep,14 12:01
Points and favorite. I wish I could bring you home

By GEORGIE10 at 27,Sep,14 12:23
I would love to feel your dick in my mouth and those big balls bouncing on my chin

By kalebi at 27,Sep,14 12:46
great balls!!!

By #472274 at 28,Sep,14 01:01
nice balls

By #345428 at 02,Oct,14 07:12
Mm I lover the nutsac

By superboy at 06,Oct,14 16:58
Nice balls and dick litle like mine

By Rudolf69 at 09,Oct,14 06:40
Very beautiful foreskin dick

By sassytranssexual at 10,Oct,14 17:12
Thanks. Nice cock n balls.

By wettpussy at 10,Oct,14 19:39

By mike50 at 15,Oct,14 13:31
great set of balls

By like2jack at 16,Oct,14 08:45
Super picture. Great looking package.

By Celestial at 21,Oct,14 05:22
Wow, everything is beautiful!

By Blue7496 at 31,Oct,14 16:34

By purplehelmut at 03,Nov,14 01:51
Fantastic uncut cock and lovely hanging balls

By #478007 at 19,Nov,14 12:10
awesome pair of balls

By Siggi at 19,Nov,14 14:02
Wow.wonderful hangers

By Mrbigdoc at 19,Nov,14 14:48
Looking good here.

By #170907 at 07,Dec,14 12:09
A bull would be proud of those hanging balls!

By itisatoy at 18,Jan,15 06:06
Beautiful low hangers hot cock and sexy foreskin, I wanna play with them right now!

By cocomen at 02,Feb,15 05:59
belle couilles !

By #295879 at 11,Feb,15 16:01

By wettpussy at 29,Mar,15 10:41
Great hangers

By felix32 at 29,Mar,15 13:02
very nice heavy balls

By #23108 at 12,Apr,15 16:47
vraiment Grand!!!

By furluvr at 18,Apr,15 17:21
Great low-hangers!

By Harrycarrot at 08,May,15 06:39
Magnificent balls, truly magnifique

By wallnut at 21,May,15 05:42
very hot hangers !!! great !!

By Italy1976 at 21,May,15 15:59
Perfect prepuce

By hunter13 at 21,Jun,15 02:33
Awesome low hanging big balls and uncut dick!

By aliali at 02,Jul,15 08:40
nice balls

By earlymale at 08,Jul,15 19:27
Low hangers. Fun to play with.

By soan844 at 13,Feb,16 05:42
jolies couilles !

By iduda2003 at 08,Apr,16 15:19
Love them low hangers in my mouth!

By cupar at 08,Apr,16 17:26
What can I say

By YellyBelly at 09,Apr,16 16:22
wow, hot view, nice hanging balss, nice foreskin cock

By #1058 at 09,Apr,16 19:24
Nice uncut cock

By Uncutandsexyfit at 09,Apr,16 20:42
Very hot!!

By goadydawg at 10,Apr,16 03:09
love your low hangers!

By felix32 at 10,Apr,16 13:19
Fantastic big hanging balls

By #481828 at 10,Apr,16 15:29
I want to suck your dick so deep and make you cum deep down my throat

By #488864 at 10,Apr,16 22:56
perfect balls

By #1501 at 11,Apr,16 09:03

By jester_60 at 11,Apr,16 09:29
Your balls look wonderful!

By Walker at 14,Apr,16 11:34
Always like to be nice hanging balls

By #505243 at 14,Apr,16 19:00
beautiful Cock and Balls,Compliment Mr.!!!

By penisluvr54 at 15,Apr,16 21:50
beautiful uncut penis, sexy fur, and hot hanging balls - yum!!!!

By #311415 at 28,Apr,16 08:02
I do love low-hangers. They're so much fun to play with!

By roman42 at 23,May,16 10:07
mmm....just right for teabagging

By gypsy at 31,May,16 17:44

By jens184 at 11,Jun,16 02:56
it's so hot, I like your big balls and your nice foreskin

By #345428 at 13,Oct,16 18:23
you have it so good the nutsac

By DoctorProctor at 17,Oct,16 03:00
very beautiful cock

By billiboy at 17,Oct,16 10:28
great balls!

By #521427 at 20,Oct,16 21:42
a tongue inside ?

By #521768 at 28,Oct,16 15:35
Nice balls ! It'ld be sooo nice to put them in my mouth and suck them

By hunter13 at 05,Jan,17 20:33
Nice looking low hanging balls

By xogala at 08,Jan,17 09:27
Beautiful cock

By 7incher93 at 08,Jan,17 12:45
I want those balls

By ErnieRoss at 11,Jan,17 16:15
It must feel wonderful to have such a beautiful foreskin. Love it

By mrmoose at 12,Jan,17 22:59
Fantastic. I want to like your balls until you are hard.

By slutty469 at 17,Jan,17 14:34
Very hot mmmm, and i like your balls

By marine85 at 21,Jan,17 16:02
Very nice!

By ucjules_IN at 21,Jan,17 16:24
loved it! and added! tasty!

By graeme at 22,Jan,17 03:07
hot low hangers,

By Tina-cd at 23,Jan,17 04:48
beautiful balls

By pukkacock at 29,Jan,17 04:46
Nice low hanging balls; lovely long foreskin

By corby at 31,Jan,17 03:45
Beautiful hangers and a great cock too

By Sergius at 05,Mar,17 00:26

By Sergius at 06,Mar,17 19:42
C'est bien joli tout ça!

By bravo55 at 13,Mar,17 19:06
I wish my balls would hang low like that!

By hornycocky94 at 19,May,17 13:34
definition of hanging low

By #541110 at 04,Sep,17 08:58
yummy for Missy? xxx

By Stiffjohn at 06,Nov,17 17:23
Hot low hanging balls and foreskin

By Stiffjohn at 16,Dec,17 15:13
So hot

By old_dick69 at 14,Feb,18 00:32
Beautiful balls!!!

By cursor8 at 18,Mar,18 17:46
nice cock great balls

By #554648 at 13,Apr,18 23:47
mmm lick lick

By surferharry at 01,Jul,18 22:41
those balls are perfect for sucking

By pussylover78 at 23,May,19 03:31
Nice pair of balls sir!!!

By couple3621 at 31,May,19 03:49
Very sexy lowhangers, I know how it feels, love it also.

By surferharry at 04,Jun,19 22:39
while I suck your balls can I finger you too

By Qweenie at 08,Jun,19 18:04
I love your forskin.

By stefan123 at 11,Jun,19 05:47

By Carlos135 at 11,Jun,19 15:52
Belle paire de couilles !

By surferharry at 16,Jun,19 22:34
a mouth full

By gilou2 at 19,Jun,19 00:26
very nice hanging balls

By Tusoa at 20,Jun,19 08:50
Love your balls man.

By Abitstiff at 05,Jul,19 18:23
Delish I'd love to suck it

By anonymous at 08,Jul,19 12:07
Nice low hangers

By Alfonz at 09,Jul,19 12:15
Your hair is beautiful!
I love your dick!
I love your beautiful foreskin!
I dream about your bullets!
Beautiful thighs!
I would like to suck your dick, tuck my tongue into your foreskin, suck your balls, feel like your hardened cock and swallow the hot cum that this wonderful tail gives me!
I love you all!

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