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Vita 💗 & 💗 Vivien ! 01

<<< Previous   Submitted by Vita at 05,Sep,18 14:28   Next >>>
This image was commented 190 times, viewed 2001 times.  

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 129

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Vita &#128151; & &#128151; Vivien ! 01

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 129


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By duncanidaho 05,Sep,18 14:49
Her eyes tell it all...this is going to be such fun!
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:19
yes … she was very very happy !!

By #556339 05,Sep,18 15:01
Oooh me next XXX
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:20
oooookay … no problem !!

By winnie 05,Sep,18 15:13
Lovely picture, cute girl and nice cock
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:30
nice statement … many thanks and best regards !

By #430321 05,Sep,18 20:52
Need cum!
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:33
no fear ... in progress !!
By #430321 06,Sep,18 10:37
By Vita 06,Sep,18 14:43

By Fritz 06,Sep,18 02:30
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:34
Kurz und knapp … wird Vivien auch freuen !!

By Fritz 06,Sep,18 02:52
You are number one...
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:35

By medir 06,Sep,18 03:29
Elle serait mieux à l'intérieur
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:37
oui ... elle ne pouvait pas être arrêtée !!

By Barni 06,Sep,18 07:37
sehr nett
By Vita 06,Sep,18 09:38
Dankeschön !!

By leopoldij 06,Sep,18 10:34
Who is Vivien? Can I stand in line too please?
By Vita 06,Sep,18 14:32
no ... she is MY deer !!
By leopoldij 06,Sep,18 18:15
A deer???
By Vita 07,Sep,18 01:59
yes, a deer … a sweet deer !!!

By BirdDog 06,Sep,18 10:38
Vivien's nail polish matches her wrist bracelet, too! Very hot pic!👍👍👍
By Vita 06,Sep,18 14:33
yes ... she is soooooo sexy !!!

By lardo 06,Sep,18 11:07
Have you more from this girl?
By Vita 06,Sep,18 14:35

By minkip 06,Sep,18 11:39
By Vita 06,Sep,18 14:38
mange tak og venlig hilsen igen !

By Robben 06,Sep,18 12:49
Danferous or just pleasure?
By Vita 06,Sep,18 14:41
both ... she bit into my cock ... very dear !!

By Homer33 06,Sep,18 15:06
Sie schaut so kritisch! Ist Gefahr im verzug?
By Vita 06,Sep,18 15:10
Kleines Luder, sie hat in meinen Schwanz gebissen ... aba´ganz lieb !!!

By tb1 06,Sep,18 15:28
😋 sweet 😋
By Vita 06,Sep,18 16:37
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ
By tb1 06,Sep,18 19:19
By Vita 07,Sep,18 02:00
2x back to winnipeg !!

By *kmadeau* 06,Sep,18 15:29
and the kiss goes to Vivien!
By Vita 06,Sep,18 16:37

By ScottsCock 06,Sep,18 16:26
Great finish!! Lol
By Vita 06,Sep,18 16:38
thank you for your nice compliment ... i appreciate it !!

By eichel 06,Sep,18 16:33
und jetzt gaaanz langsam den Samen kommen lassen
By Vita 06,Sep,18 16:40
Was heißt hier langsam … 4 Schuss pro Minute !!!

By softknob 06,Sep,18 17:08
just her facial expression will get most of us to have a long glance, but then you had to add in her breasts and your cock, mmmmmmmm
By Vita 06,Sep,18 23:47
yes ... many thanks and best regards !

By #535938 06,Sep,18 17:18
Lovely gal and lovely cock! Quality stuff!
By Vita 06,Sep,18 23:48
T H A N K ⇔ ✌✌ ⇔ Y O U

By marko_k 06,Sep,18 18:01
spray her bobbs eith your hot sperm
By Vita 06,Sep,18 23:49
no fear …… in progress !!

By Redworm1963 06,Sep,18 18:19
Nice cock!
By Vita 06,Sep,18 23:52
so nice of you ... more more more !!!!

By kalebi 06,Sep,18 19:18
Sie sieht gut aus!!!
By Vita 06,Sep,18 23:55
► D-A-N-K-E--S-C-H-Ö-N ◄

By Flowo 07,Sep,18 04:03
Vivien hat einen sexy Körper und ein sehr schönes Gesicht.
Spritz endlich ab, sonst macht sie sich vom Acker.
By Vita 07,Sep,18 13:40
Gemach-Gemach … hat Vita doch schon !!!

By mywusch 07,Sep,18 10:29
sehr sexy, die kleine
By Vita 07,Sep,18 13:41
Ihre kleine Schwester erst !!!
By Sexminister72 06,Dec,18 05:57
By Vita 07,Dec,18 12:01

By SammyBW 07,Sep,18 14:41
Great pair
By Vita 07,Sep,18 23:51
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By #483383 07,Sep,18 18:04
Lovely Vita and Vivien! Very sexy
By Vita 07,Sep,18 23:53
i appreciate your admiration ... thanks a lot !

By basque9 07,Sep,18 23:37
Red hot cock you have there , mate. Hope Vivien likes it.
By Vita 07,Sep,18 23:55
i think she was in seventh heaven !!

By basque9 07,Sep,18 23:38
Red hot cock you have there , mate. Hope Vivien likes it.
By Vita 07,Sep,18 23:56

By #506704 08,Sep,18 14:40
By Vita 09,Sep,18 01:01
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By X5TANNED 10,Sep,18 05:23
wow hot
By Vita 10,Sep,18 08:36
thank you for your attention again !

By stefan123 10,Sep,18 08:41
Vorsicht da kommt was
By Vita 10,Sep,18 13:26
Eine Vitamin-D-Kur !!!

By Hornythickguy 10,Sep,18 11:44
Hot pic, She is cute, I would like to have my cock in front of her
By Vita 10,Sep,18 13:29
muchas gracias y mis mejores deseos a méxico otra vez !
By Hornythickguy 10,Sep,18 13:32
Gracias, saludos
By Vita 10,Sep,18 13:38

By billy***69 10,Sep,18 16:25
Vievien braucht deinen schwanz
By Vita 10,Sep,18 16:48
Eine von vielen die sich angemeldet haben !!!

By #543698 11,Sep,18 16:05
Sie wartet wohl schon auf deinen Schwanz
By Vita 11,Sep,18 23:08
Hat sich ja auch lange vorher anmelden müssen !!

By marc66 12,Sep,18 10:37
Coole Fotomontage, das mal real!
By Vita 12,Sep,18 23:17
Also meine kleine Vivien fand die Idee auch super !!

By poztor 12,Sep,18 22:40
By Vita 14,Sep,18 22:52
thank-you thank-you thank-you

By liana_gurl 03,Oct,18 03:00
i like it....
By Vita 03,Oct,18 03:11

By Sexminister72 06,Dec,18 05:54
Definitiv, Deine Montagen sind immer die Besten...

Allerdings ist Vivien auch wirklich ein echter Eyecatcher...

(Neben Deinem Prachtkerl natürlich… )
By Vita 07,Dec,18 11:59
Nettes Paar eben !!!

By #532832 08,Dec,18 20:04
Wir könnten den ganzen Tag gemeinsam auf geile Schlampen wichsen. Zwischendrin lutsche ich deinen Schwanz
By Vita 09,Dec,18 11:27
Nette Idee, bin dabei !

By Immergeil 14,Feb,19 02:14
By Vita 14,Feb,19 12:15
Vielen Dank für die aufmunternde Einschätzung !

By tremalzo 21,May,19 00:05
sehr geile junge Wichsvorlage - würde sie gern zusammen mit dir besamen
By Vita 21,May,19 02:07
Nette Idee ... ich frag´ sie !!

By GSD 06,Jun,19 11:10
By Vita 06,Jun,19 23:45
yes, she is very-very sweet ... and willing !!

By #592789 25,Jun,19 17:08
You're lucky
By Vita 25,Jun,19 23:35
mais elle aussi ... un rêve commun s'est réalisé !!

By probowler298 04,Jul,19 16:27
May I shoot my load on her also?
By Vita 04,Jul,19 16:29
i think so ... i ask her !

By Latinass 12,Oct,19 02:15
Mmmmm. I wish I was her. Waiting for my reward.
By Vita 12,Oct,19 04:47
nice comment ... many thanks and best regards !

By Trillz 25,Dec,19 01:52
Looks like fun
By Vita 25,Dec,19 14:33
in any case ... dream couple, right ?!

By #611209 05,Mar,20 07:44
Dad is gonna use her out and pop her cherry real good for her 💦💦💦
By Vita 05,Mar,20 15:56
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄
By #611209 06,Mar,20 08:55
By Vita 06,Mar,20 14:58

By Dario 10,May,20 12:53
Ich würde gerne mehr von der süßen sehen
By Vita 10,May,20 13:02
Nettes Paar, was ?!

By LuvToGetNaked4You 05,Apr,21 16:57
I want it too!
By Vita 06,Apr,21 00:50
you want to be my bed bunny ??!

By jopiper 01,Jul,21 15:45
so hot. post a picture with my wife!!!
By Vita 01,Jul,21 19:03
nice of you … thanks a bunch from berlin !

By kre8tor69 01,Jul,21 19:12
Now this one is older and nice looking as well! Does she come to those parties you and your friends hold for fun?
By Vita 02,Jul,21 03:20
from my harem ... yes she is in great demand !
By kre8tor69 02,Jul,21 18:38
Is she the one living in the cage now?

Can she suck a dick while in the cag or do you folkd let her out to do fun things with any of you when you want some?
By Vita 03,Jul,21 01:33
she comes out of the cage with a collar !!
By kre8tor69 03,Jul,21 18:11
And a leash as well I bet on all 4s too with her ass hole greased up and waving it for your guys to poke!
By Vita 03,Jul,21 18:15
By kre8tor69 06,Jul,21 13:56
That is what I guessed you would have her doing!
By Vita 06,Jul,21 15:01
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄
By kre8tor69 16,Aug,21 20:05
How often does this gal come to your place to play with you and your friend in and out of her cage?
By Vita 16,Aug,21 23:40
maybe once a month ... vita has a big harem !!
By kre8tor69 18,Aug,21 18:36
Wow how good that would be
By Vita 19,Aug,21 01:16
By kre8tor69 20,Aug,21 18:42
Does she always start ouot naked in the cage?
By kre8tor69 20,Aug,21 18:42
Does she always start out naked in the cage?

By mickrogg1 07,Sep,21 09:53
hoffentlich hat sie sich hinterher ordentlich bedankt
By Vita 07,Sep,21 13:56
Jaja, glückliche Mädels ... das is´ die Hauptsache !

By Dagobert 08,Jan,22 07:23
superflair that foto, he makes her happy i hope
By Vita 08,Jan,22 10:30
sure he is perfectly trained !!!

By DJS 01,Oct,22 05:15
Is she thinking can I take such a big cock,off course she can
By Vita 01,Oct,22 05:25
sure ... LARGE HONOR !!!!
By DJS 01,Oct,22 05:27
By Vita 01,Oct,22 10:57

By Onlythelonely 01,Oct,22 07:57
Super hot !!! Love your cock
By Vita 01,Oct,22 10:58

By softknob 01,Oct,22 09:03
beuttiful nipples so soft and puffy!
By Vita 01,Oct,22 10:59

By Homer33 01,Oct,22 09:25
Hot Girl,hot cock!!!!
By Vita 01,Oct,22 10:59

By tb1 01,Oct,22 10:14
Superb and sensational 😏😏
By Vita 01,Oct,22 11:00
nice of you ................. thx & greet to winnipeg !!

By Pistonbroke 01,Oct,22 11:22
How about her and I suck your hard cock together?
By Vita 01,Oct,22 12:54
not bad when and where ??!

By Spencer59 01,Oct,22 18:14
A beautiful target!
By Vita 01,Oct,22 23:23
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Kwann 02,Oct,22 01:07
By Vita 02,Oct,22 02:41
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By billiboy 02,Oct,22 03:44
Sehr hübsches Mädel und so unverbraucht!
By Vita 02,Oct,22 14:29
Deshalb durfte sie ja auch in Vita´s Harem !!!

By jerseyhav 02,Oct,22 23:52
time for a shower!!!
By Vita 03,Oct,22 12:42
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By TheDane 03,Oct,22 16:44
Nice 😋
By Vita 04,Oct,22 00:22
thank you

By gomez 03,Oct,22 17:36
I have not seen this before..Vivian obviously has
By Vita 04,Oct,22 00:23

By Sensuous50 05,Oct,22 06:14
Lovely picture. Anticipation of multiple orgasms by penetration by big cock.
By Vita 05,Oct,22 10:11
thank you very much for the your statement !!

By Vestroa 05,Oct,22 18:53
Stunningly beautiful girl, you are so sexy! She wants that cock so bad!
By Vita 06,Oct,22 00:00
the most beautiful day of her life !

By #127566 15,Nov,22 23:48
I'd like to cum on that with you
By Vita 19,Oct,23 10:24

By joergh 16,Jan,24 06:26
Könnte glatt deine Tochter sein.
By Vita 16,Jan,24 12:38
Oder auch Enkelin !!

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