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💪 Vita Load desired by TSLICKIT !!

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 66

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&#128170; Vita Load desired by TSLICKIT !!

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 66


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By justlooking123 12,Sep,14 06:12
an absolutely beautiful load of thick, white man cream!
By Vita 12,Sep,14 14:56
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ to papua new guinea !
By justlooking123 13,Oct,14 21:35
I like very much! Would love that as a reward for a nice blowjob!
By Vita 14,Oct,14 23:51

By #430168 06,Oct,14 00:09
Yummy send me that load love to drink it all straight from the condom
By Vita 06,Oct,14 14:19
👍 nice thought !!
By #505243 07,Apr,16 21:09
but in an Airtight Box!!!
By Vita 10,Apr,16 04:45

By billiboy 26,Oct,14 06:05
Ne ganz schöne Ladung kam da raus...
By Vita 26,Oct,14 16:52
Vielen Dank für die Referenz !

By #347702 21,Feb,15 03:09
Sweet drink!
By Vita 21,Feb,15 03:46

By Jere 08,Mar,15 04:19
By Vita 08,Mar,15 05:42
㋡ haluat ? monet kiitokset ja terveisiä että suomessa ❉❉❉ !!
By #505243 07,Apr,16 21:12
ähm..klar doch...wollte ich auch sagen!!
By Vita 10,Apr,16 04:50
Jawolll !!

By #486042 13,Mar,15 19:37
wundervoll, geil, undundundund....
fang schon an zu stottern :-)
liebe grüße aus berlin!
By Vita 13,Mar,15 23:43
Heey, Danke-Danke Griitings zurück ... wo ist denn Dein Zeige-Revier, Dein Kiez !?!

By locknload 23,Apr,15 00:43
Die Ladung hätte ich gerne gekostet
By Vita 23,Apr,15 01:53
... na dann man ran !!!!
By #505243 07,Apr,16 21:15
schlürftest und Vorkoster gesucht???
By Vita 10,Apr,16 04:53
Bewerbungen werden bis Ende April 2016 angenommen ... bitte mit komplettem Lebenlauf und "Umschlag" !!

By PeterPeter 02,May,15 10:19
sehr geil
By Vita 02,May,15 10:26
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By princea 25,Jul,15 09:47
very nice!!!
By Vita 25,Jul,15 10:11
many thanks and best regards to johannesburg !

By anonymous 04,Nov,15 06:45
mmmmmmhhhhhh....i wanna drink that yummy cum!
By Vita 04,Nov,15 13:53

By #55225 09,Dec,15 11:21
Mmmm give me some to go
By Vita 09,Dec,15 13:31
no problem ! when, where ... soon ???!

By Jere 04,Feb,16 13:37
By Vita 04,Feb,16 15:04
yes my friend ... anything for you !!

By #384484 28,Mar,16 12:43
Damn !
By Vita 29,Mar,16 05:00
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By #505243 07,Apr,16 21:00
ne Gummimütze voll Bio-Smoothie a la Vita,mmhh...noch frische Bio-Himbeeren dazu,das Auge schlürft ja mit,ein mit Morgentau benetztes Pfefferminzblättchen...fertig!!!mmhh...lecker....Vita frui...natürlich ein Sternchen und einen Eintrag ins Gästebuch!!!Vote
By Vita 10,Apr,16 04:45
Super, kricht´man doch gleich Appetit !!!!

By #12198 28,May,16 01:47
Next load on my face, maybe?
By Vita 28,May,16 15:14
gladly ... come here, come to berlin !

By #363802 20,Aug,16 08:08
Mmmm is that my breakfast?
By Vita 20,Aug,16 16:04
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By eusay1587 11,Sep,16 00:53
Too many juice !!
By Vita 11,Sep,16 04:22
i see you like ... thx and greet ✉✈ to zama !

By pifad 26,Oct,16 18:29
So much cum. Mmm Vita, you are the man!
By Vita 29,Oct,16 23:51
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By #525409 14,Dec,16 10:31
By Vita 15,Dec,16 10:08
bardzo dziękuję i pozdrawiam do białegostoku !!!

By BirdDog 29,Dec,16 10:52
By Vita 29,Dec,16 11:36

By #360485 11,Mar,17 12:32
By Vita 11,Mar,17 12:41
is okay for you ??!

By #457958 09,Jul,17 04:10
If i'd only been there when that big ole uncut cock was going to blow what a swallow that would have been!!
By Vita 09,Jul,17 11:42

By #538216 15,Jul,17 15:29
die Menge kann sich sehen lassen...
By Vita 17,Jul,17 17:40
Gute Schule ... jelernt is´ jelernt !!

By #240967 21,Aug,17 16:51
By Vita 21,Aug,17 23:12
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By xme 24,Oct,17 11:50
By Vita 25,Oct,17 13:38

By marc66 24,Dec,17 08:27
By Vita 24,Dec,17 23:52
Scheint anzusprechen ... liebe Grüße aus dem Preussischen !

By cfan2 02,Feb,18 10:27
By Vita 02,Feb,18 23:49
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !
By cfan2 04,Feb,18 07:44
Like? I LOVE it!!!! Your cum looks totally delicious!
By Vita 04,Feb,18 22:18
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By duncanidaho 30,Jun,19 09:35
Super cummy load
By Vita 30,Jun,19 15:01

By luvmyboner 16,Aug,19 11:36
awesome pic, very nice, looks like a winner to me.
By Vita 16,Aug,19 14:56
thank you for your statement ... look in the future times again in here !

By surferharry 27,Aug,19 12:09
a to go order?
By Vita 27,Aug,19 12:13

By metalix 28,Aug,19 02:01
By Vita 28,Aug,19 02:15
》》je vois que vous l'aimez merci et salut ✉✈ de berlin !

By HoneyLips 02,Nov,19 01:00
Huge load...... 😋😋😋
By Vita 02,Nov,19 21:59
► D-A-N-K-E--S-C-H-Ö-N ◄

By #563817 10,Jan,20 09:55
Wow, frisches, warmes und leckeres Sperma......und was für eine Menge.....beeindruckend.....
By Vita 10,Jan,20 23:49
Ja, er hat sich wiedermal echt Mühe gegeben !!

By Rudolf69 01,Feb,20 01:51
ein suuuuuuper Abgang
By Vita 01,Feb,20 02:28
Er is´ wirklich immer sehr bemüht !

By #497983 11,Nov,20 16:47
I love to see a man's load in a condom after he squirts!
By Vita 12,Nov,20 02:12
come here ... all for you !!

By wichser48 15,Feb,21 00:36
Sieht lecker aus. Samen ist das beste
By Vita 15,Feb,21 00:57
Arbeitet seit Jahren als Deckhengst !!

By Walter69 25,Feb,21 05:22
mmm that's a lot to swallow but i will try
By Vita 25,Feb,21 06:00
no fear ... it will be fine !!

By 6-6-6-andreas 28,Feb,21 03:13
..oh Gott da muss man ja 3x schlucken um es runterzubekommen
By Vita 28,Feb,21 03:28
Tja ... wenn schon denn schon !!
By 6-6-6-andreas 28,Feb,21 22:23
...sehr geil..
By Vita 01,Mar,21 00:22
Man tut was man kann !!
By 6-6-6-andreas 01,Mar,21 09:14
...du kannst vieeeel..
By Vita 01,Mar,21 10:40
Yes !!
By 6-6-6-andreas 02,Mar,21 00:00
...sehr interessant!!
By Vita 02,Mar,21 01:12
Termine über Termine ... bin nur unterwegs als Deckhengst !!
By 6-6-6-andreas 02,Mar,21 11:53
...wer soviel unterwegs ist braucht sicher nen guten Fusslecker...
By Vita 02,Mar,21 12:10
... darf nur der Papst inkl. einer Fußwaschung !!

By Riklittle 28,Feb,21 11:18
By Vita 28,Feb,21 11:58
envious ??
By Riklittle 01,Mar,21 09:19
Yes very
By Vita 01,Mar,21 10:42

By #641855 11,May,21 01:46
Nice load
By Vita 11,May,21 01:59
nice of you … thanks a bunch from berlin !

By Alexx 01,Jul,21 00:15
Die Menge passt zu so einem Hengst wie Dir
By Vita 01,Jul,21 00:43
💪 ... man tut was man kann !!

By Brad 15,Oct,21 11:38
Wow what a super load ! Don’t waste that precious cum so please unload into my eager mouth !! Yum luv your cum !
By Vita 15,Oct,21 12:16

By BirdDog 27,Oct,21 23:18
That is a LOT of cum!!
By Vita 29,Oct,21 01:01
thank you for your attention !

By aass 12,Apr,22 14:54
Good looks sweet looks would like to swallow all juice
By Vita 12,Apr,22 15:09
By aass 13,Apr,22 07:02
Yes witch pleasure ,
By Vita 14,Apr,22 00:05
》》》》 《《《《

By fuckmaster 29,Jun,22 04:38
Ordentliche Ladung
By Vita 29,Jun,22 10:07
Er is´ jedenfalls stets bemüht !!

By BirdDog 17,Aug,22 20:26
Nice load!
By Vita 18,Aug,22 00:52

By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 16,Sep,22 00:18
good good sweet melt my nourishment 🤾🤸‍♀️🥰 I'm the winner of this picture on the 50th person loving the sweet milk all the way from Texas hey I'm in bed now 🤷 can you guess who's in bed with me
By Vita 16,Sep,22 00:31
i think a cuddle teddy bear !! ... thx and greet !

By Luvanicecock 01,Dec,22 16:36
By Vita 01,Dec,22 16:42
thx & greet !!

By Bludragon 04,Dec,22 08:51
yummy what a sweet load 👅💋💋💋💋
By Vita 04,Dec,22 22:55
he always tries very hard!!
By Bludragon 05,Dec,22 07:24
By Vita 05,Dec,22 23:04
》》》》 《《《《

By Brad 05,Dec,22 05:56
I want that condom full of cum !! Yum want to swallow your delicious cum !!
By Vita 05,Dec,22 23:03
what you pay ??!!
By Brad 06,Dec,22 09:41
How about $50 ??
By Vita 07,Dec,22 00:10
okay, it's for a good cause ... come here !

By Mdew1984 01,Apr,23 23:19
Perfect breakfast to go
By Vita 02,Apr,23 00:32
thank you

By dickmann 03,Jul,23 07:37
und wer befüllt mich mal?
By Vita 03,Jul,23 13:19
Bist du ein Condom ??

By Weasel1217 25,Feb,24 00:03
Feed me sir 👅
By Vita 25,Feb,24 00:27
no problem ... come here !!!

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