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By Gntlmn 18,Jan,24 21:40

By Silverfur 18,Jan,24 04:58
That beautiful chest of yours

By Gntlmn 06,Jan,24 10:03
Thanks. I need to be sucked off

By love-penis 06,Jan,24 09:48
would love 2b on my knees sucking that cock of yours

By slow2cum 01,Jan,24 10:51
I want you

By love-penis 03,Dec,23 10:53
my god would LOVE 2 suck that cock

By anonymous 01,Dec,23 09:22
Hello, you have a very nice circumcised penis. I also have no foreskin. I had a narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis) that had to be operated on for medical reasons. Since then, my glans has always been exposed. Your pictures excite me very much. I would love to pamper your penis with my tender hands and my mouth. Sucking on you will definitely be a lot of fun!!! Many greetings from Germany "Mr. Cut"

By tb1 02,Sep,23 19:04

By Gntlmn 25,Jul,23 15:49
Thank you!

By surprise 20,Jul,23 16:15
Chair and man are matching good. Traces of live as a beauty.

By Gntlmn 16,Jul,23 22:03

By Gntlmn 16,Jul,23 22:02
Ich sitze auf einem Stuhl...die Sitzfläche ist kaum sichtbar.

By surprise 15,Jul,23 17:37
oh my god, *now* I understand! I have rhymed

By surprise 15,Jul,23 17:03
Sorry, I don't understand the joke. I know chair and hair, but where is a chair here? *looking helpless*

By stefan123 15,Jul,23 06:48
looks really great

By Gntlmn 13,Jul,23 18:30
Stuhl reimt sich auf Englisch auf Haare... Ich dachte, du machst ein lustiges Gedicht

By surprise 13,Jul,23 17:03
no, this is not funny, i am completely serious

By Gntlmn 12,Jul,23 15:57
Thank you

By pussyboy 12,Jul,23 15:23
Glorious stiff hairy cock 👅😋

By Gntlmn 10,Jul,23 21:08
hahahaha so lustig

By surprise 09,Jul,23 16:53
playing with your curly hair

By Silverfur 08,Jul,23 01:25
A great way to start the day

By BirdDog 27,Jun,23 23:17

By Gntlmn 18,Jun,23 02:19
Well, I'll take you up on that

By Gntlmn 16,Jun,23 15:24
SO hoT! You're a fortunate guy!

By barharbor 16,Jun,23 07:06
You have a fan and she has a place for your stiff rod.

By Gntlmn 15,Jun,23 23:02
SO glad she likes it

By barharbor 15,Jun,23 14:08
My horny mature wife loves this shot of your hard-on and your tight nuts. She loves the thought of massaging your tight sack as your swollen cock head and the throbbing shaft are deep in her throat. She also added this photo to her collection of "Cocks that turn her on". We save our favorites section for her collection.

By johnwish 30,May,23 14:27
Thank you.It's a beauty.

By Gntlmn 13,May,23 10:14
Thank you!

By johnwish 13,May,23 09:48
Nice thick erect cock.

By AusBoy95 03,May,23 07:52
Ready for service

By Gntlmn 30,Apr,23 09:34
I would fill your sacred gate of life so full of cum, it would dribble down your calves, making your shoes squish as you walked

By Gntlmn 22,Apr,23 09:21
Thank you

By Frenum 22,Apr,23 01:45
Now that's an erection

By Murmur6153 20,Apr,23 00:00
This is such a nice shot

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