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By kopdude 07,Oct,23 09:35
Rub it on my face sir.

By kopdude 07,Oct,23 09:34
Handsome guy!

By anonymous 06,Oct,23 09:21
I want to pretend we're making babies

By Rocksalt 25,Sep,23 18:57
Whoop, whoop, HOT GUY ALERT!!!

By stefan123 25,Sep,23 14:02
great dick and balls

By Minnbtm 24,Sep,23 15:46
Very sexy guy!!

By HelmetHead 28,Jul,23 05:52
A perfect 6 inches, nice big head!

By HelmetHead 28,Jul,23 05:50
Very nice set of testicles!

By HelmetHead 28,Jul,23 05:49
Great erection angle! Mine is just above horizontal, I'm jealous!

By jelusic 28,Jul,23 04:18
Your young spermmmmmmmm,

By jelusic 28,Jul,23 04:17
Young,cut penis,mmmmm,16 cm,

By jelusic 28,Jul,23 04:16
Stiff,cut penis,mmmmmmm

By Rocksalt 27,Jul,23 00:17
So sexy

By Hotcutboy 24,Jul,23 18:08
Hot mate

By mjbud77 24,Jul,23 10:51
Perfect cock!

By Blueveinlover 24,Jul,23 06:29
Wow, you are one handsome dude, way too skinny but that will change as you get old and lazy, thanks for sharing your delightful pictures

By justforfunpa 23,Jul,23 23:50
Just wanted to say that you have some very nice pics, man! Thanks for sharing.

By Nawmie54 23,Jul,23 19:00
Great erection

By Nawmie54 23,Jul,23 18:59
nice load!

By Nawmie54 23,Jul,23 18:59
Delicious balls 😋

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