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By Walddo 28,Feb,24 21:33

By Walddo 28,Feb,24 21:32

By Luvanicecock 22,Feb,24 13:04
Wow! That is very nice

By 2bye1 28,Jan,24 12:07
what a sexy yummy unit could spends hours with that in my mouth

By slipper 14,Jan,24 23:22
I'd like the one on the left, please!

By slipper 03,Jan,24 23:14
WoW! Already an "empty" looking sack. Are they just that small, and/or drawn up inside your groin. (btw, both are the case for me most of the time any more)

By slipper 03,Jan,24 23:13
Simply... ... F A N T A S T I C !!!

By Felixxxx 24,Dec,23 04:31

By Sidold 18,Nov,23 05:30
You two together

By waterboy1011 17,Nov,23 23:10
I'll suck you to orgasm tiny and you won't be thinking about how big or small you dick is when you're looking down and your cock is pumping so much semen into my hungry mouth. I'll swallow you and then milk you for every drop. Then I'll jerk off and cum all over your limp dick.

By realwanker 13,Nov,23 04:21

By Miz1o1 29,Oct,23 22:22
Delicious looking cock mmm

By slipper 21,Oct,23 13:51
WoW! So BIG (for you)!!!

By Cockstroker 25,Jul,23 00:44

By joe7702 14,Jul,23 14:48
like engorged helmit

By redhead 07,Jul,23 02:50
Nice ... makes your little clitty look so cute and teeny

By redhead 20,Jun,23 06:16
mmm a little sexy sea anenome

By cockbot3000 05,Jun,23 11:06
i want to lick all over your smooth sexyness

By cockbot3000 05,Jun,23 11:02
would love to suckle on that for you

By nyakos 21,Feb,23 06:36

By redhead 07,Feb,23 22:56
I like your sweet little cocklette

By redhead 18,Jan,23 04:56
I'd love to massage your lovely breasts with my warm cock

By surferharry 03,Jan,23 21:23
Cute clitty

By kon6838 02,Jan,23 01:14

By alanhuk 28,Dec,22 02:24
Love your cock

By portman 19,Nov,22 05:03
Deserves attention

By slipper 14,Oct,22 14:44
And, I'll love it when my sack looks just like that all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

By slipper 14,Oct,22 14:43
O M G !!! Your "package" could not be any better (except for that extra... you know what)!

By slipper 14,Oct,22 14:40
I now have a whole new appreciation of that fantastic, empty-looking sack!!!

By Joeyballs 12,Oct,22 04:17
Fuck yea your tiny lil dick makes me like king

By luke55 04,Oct,22 05:58
nice and sexy

By Orbie 17,Aug,22 05:53
Hmmm ... love it

By medir 18,Jun,22 12:01
Beautiful dick

By anonymous 15,May,22 14:35
I'd love to see you in the same position but fully erect

By anonymous 26,Feb,22 10:55
love to blow your beautiful tiny little dick.

By littleun 30,Jan,22 16:58
nice little dicklet!

By anonymous 12,Jan,22 12:19
I love how it looks. I want to look like that.

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