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By Sparkplug 28,Mar,24 08:57
Id love to join you anytime

By Sparkplug 28,Mar,24 08:55
Beautiful 😍

By Sparkplug 28,Mar,24 08:51
Perfect view

By Sparkplug 28,Mar,24 08:46
Beautiful view 🤩

By Sparkplug 28,Mar,24 08:45
Ill gladly help

By Quebec34 27,Mar,24 22:11
Wow, beautiful cock mister!

By ILuvCock 31,Jan,24 22:52
Sexy stud

By waterboy1011 18,Jan,24 20:52
I usually prefer a cut cock but I would suck the fuck out of your dick and take your cum down my throat.

By foreskinlover52 23,Sep,23 12:52

By cyclist 31,Aug,23 00:49
Great and inviting.

By JackinKing 28,Aug,23 19:32
Lookin good buddy!

By MA_B39 27,Aug,23 13:32
Thank you! I love how yours looks too.

By PoloFields 27,Aug,23 13:28
that's one impressive cock

By dodgybod 21,Aug,23 02:39
Mmm very tasty

By manne 21,Aug,23 02:28
looks very good your cock and balls

By dickingaround 04,Jul,23 02:36
You have a great dick

By JackinKing 24,Jun,23 09:36
Nice boned up cock!

By greenkey 09,Jun,23 20:18
So sexy and ready 😋

By greenkey 09,Jun,23 20:17
I want to ride it😍

By ILuvCock 27,Apr,23 00:25
I want you!!

By edalguy 14,Apr,23 07:45
Damn sexy man, you have a great body

By edalguy 14,Apr,23 07:45
Looks delicious!

By edalguy 14,Apr,23 07:44
Wow, beautiful furry body, damn!

By smallfrenum 04,Apr,23 09:18
love your ring i have one too

By pkaboo3 03,Apr,23 23:20
Very nice

By jizzbits 31,Mar,23 11:43
Amazing boner

By jizzbits 31,Mar,23 11:43
Nice shot buddy

By kokongen 31,Mar,23 00:22
Looking really good, man! Cock and body, wow

By kokongen 20,Mar,23 14:38
Nice cock and body man!

By greenkey 19,Mar,23 18:31
so good to riding 😌

By Jere 18,Mar,23 04:07
Great body and cock

By anonymous 17,Mar,23 20:55
Can i suck it

By anonymous 17,Mar,23 20:54
Nice dick

By stefan123 16,Mar,23 15:09

By 3fdfd 16,Mar,23 12:35
Very attractive uncircumcised cock

By 3fdfd 16,Mar,23 12:34
You are looking good !

By jizzbits 13,Mar,23 11:32
Damn you’re in great shape

By GeniusPat 10,Mar,23 22:35
Très Très beau

By massco 07,Mar,23 07:52
Very nice cock and piercing.

By MA_B39 02,Mar,23 17:30
I would love to be feeling your mouth first and afterwards if you want I could let you feel how hard my cock is in your ass

By Trekkk 02,Mar,23 15:51
Great looking cock

By MA_B39 02,Mar,23 11:40
Je te remercie beaucoup pour le beau compliment. Si tu en as envie, envoie moi un message et on peux jaser ensemble et puis je voudrais bien que l’on se montre d’autres photos de nos belles queues

By balapolisson 02,Mar,23 05:09
Mmmm! qu'elle est appétissante!

By balapolisson 02,Mar,23 05:08
des roustons imposants qu'on a envie de faire rouler dans la main!

By balapolisson 02,Mar,23 05:01
quelle belle queue avec un glans superbe!

By balapolisson 02,Mar,23 04:59
how beautiful!

By princea 27,Feb,23 02:53

By pont1 24,Feb,23 16:00
Wow that’s a really sexy pic 🥵

By pont1 24,Feb,23 15:59
Sexy cock 🥵

By Iluvmycock 23,Feb,23 01:10
Mm yummy. Time for a tounge tease

By Luvanicecock 22,Feb,23 14:39
You have a very attractive penis

By jizzbits 22,Feb,23 07:38
I just want to lick my way into that little hole

By jizzbits 22,Feb,23 07:38
You know it,

By stefan123 22,Feb,23 06:59
stunningly beautiful

By stefan123 22,Feb,23 06:58
just sexy

By MA_B39 20,Feb,23 22:34
And I'm sure that you would love to feel how stiff and tasteful it is ;-)

By Rachel_G 20,Feb,23 22:21
Just big like my toy

By MA_B39 20,Feb,23 20:08
I'm sure that if there was a picture with both of our shafts in the same frame would make it even more of a work of art!

By jizzbits 19,Feb,23 19:16
I think I’m going to start cock climbing 🤪

By jizzbits 19,Feb,23 19:15
A work of art right here.

By palsss 18,Feb,23 14:24
MMM so hot

By stefan123 18,Feb,23 07:52
very sexy

By stefan123 18,Feb,23 07:52

By PITBULL 16,Feb,23 16:38
great body and cock

By thermal 15,Feb,23 03:33
Great underside view of your superb erection.

By Kristof77 14,Feb,23 07:28
Great cock!

By retero 13,Feb,23 02:57
sweet cock

By decatur212 13,Feb,23 02:41
You’re very hot man and that’s a nice body. Thank you for being sexy.

By decatur212 13,Feb,23 02:41
Oh yeah that’s a great photo. Nice view perfect cock and that’s nuts. Makes my mouth water.

By Dick88 11,Feb,23 03:32
Very cool, I like the piercing there

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