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By Injury55 14,Feb,24 17:05
Fuckin HOT dude..🤤✨💦

By LittleAngel 06,Feb,24 19:01

By BubbleButt 19,Jan,24 10:31
Yes sir mmmmmmm

By yngdong 18,Jan,24 17:48
You truly have a way with words thank you

By MA_B39 17,Jan,24 19:38
Thatís one of those penis that are just so beautiful to look at and appreciate everything about it staring with how smooth the balls look going towards the shaft that looks just amazingly hot and gorgeous the way youíve got it fully erected and itís so hard that we can see a few veins popping out on the entire length of the shaft. And letís not forget about the shape of the head hiding just under your foreskin.
Iím sorry for being so explicit and detailed about this photo, but this is one penis that I wish that mine was more like yours

By yngdong 10,Jan,24 18:50
Sit on it

By BubbleButt 04,Jan,24 22:04

By TheDane 20,Oct,23 03:57
I'm ready to get down on my knees

By yngdong 19,Oct,23 12:06

By Gingerscape 18,Oct,23 09:44
Now that is a set of balls to be worshipped.

By yngdong 13,Oct,23 11:05
Mmm all yours cutie

By katieroot 13,Oct,23 00:03
Gorgeous Dick iwanna stick it in my hole

By LittleAngel 24,Sep,23 04:04
Hmu dude

By yngdong 11,Sep,23 12:44
Thanks my friend

By yngdong 06,Sep,23 08:32
Mmm fuck yes milk my big cock into that hairy cunt

By AHairyHole 06,Sep,23 08:19
empty your balls into my hole

By soulpioneer 25,Aug,23 16:32
hot stud muffin

By yngdong 24,Aug,23 09:27
Iím ready

By novasucker 24,Aug,23 07:32
I'd love to worship, suck a load from your hot thick cock

By Ze_boss 24,Aug,23 05:20
Lean over the washing machine, spread your buttocks, I'm coming

By yngdong 10,Aug,23 09:17
I was hoping youíd ask! Would love to be used by u

By Fucktoy 10,Aug,23 04:05
Sexy fit body and gorgeous cock can we play with it😛

By yngdong 08,Aug,23 08:39
Always ready

By cheltenham 07,Aug,23 21:10
Looking good my boy, ready for action as usual.

By Blueveinlover 04,Aug,23 06:35
Poor thing looks so sad, see the tear roll down like that makes me want to take it in my mouth and comfort it...

By freddy2011 03,Aug,23 15:01

By yngdong 03,Aug,23 11:05
Mmm baby Iím gonna get you pregnant

By SissySandyBlue 02,Aug,23 11:31
take me like a slut and i will empty your balls

By yngdong 09,May,23 15:44
Itís all yours baby leaking for you

By CDsophie 09,May,23 15:43
love to lick that all up

By Tom1_1991 03,May,23 15:22
showing off your big cock like this

By kokongen 02,May,23 21:04
Great cock and body! Enjoy it 👌

By yngdong 01,May,23 12:05
Yes letís play!!

By Fucktoy 01,May,23 03:51
Sexy body and nice cock can we play with you😜

By MilaBoobs 23,Apr,23 20:44
mmmmm big cock

By MilaBoobs 23,Apr,23 20:44
that is a big cock mmmm

By cruz69696969 22,Apr,23 06:39
super hot

By yngdong 18,Apr,23 10:48
Thanks sig!

By sigma30 18,Apr,23 10:46
tasty hot

By CDsophie 14,Apr,23 14:52
love to lick that

By FunSized 04,Apr,23 21:33
May I put it in my mouth please!

By Ingot 28,Mar,23 11:19
wow i might slide that in my mouth

By Ingot 28,Mar,23 11:18
wish i could share you with a tranny
i would def watch

maybe a "tranny cuckold?"

By yngdong 28,Mar,23 11:17
Thanks! Really enjoy watching you face fuck trannys on your page

By Ingot 28,Mar,23 11:14
that is a sweet dick

By 123daSilva4 23,Mar,23 14:09
Awesome Cock

By yngdong 23,Mar,23 09:45
Mmm that made my cock hard

By cheltenham 23,Mar,23 06:04
That's my boy

By Gary5 22,Mar,23 09:19
I love that precum, and glans

By Gary5 22,Mar,23 08:14
I love this

By hawtforcok 22,Mar,23 01:19
Well hello there!!!

By Welshbloke 21,Mar,23 17:13
that is amazing fella,, horny as,,

By soulpioneer 21,Mar,23 16:17
love it all, will take it all

By yngdong 21,Mar,23 13:30
Like those veins?

By soulpioneer 20,Mar,23 16:03
fuck yeah

By yngdong 20,Mar,23 14:05
Thank you

By Nawmie54 20,Mar,23 14:00
looking great mate

By freddy2011 20,Mar,23 03:53

By soulpioneer 08,Mar,23 16:27
Suck it, then sit on it

By gaz330i 08,Mar,23 15:33
Suck a beautiful cock Iíd love to clean that up

By Ze_boss 02,Mar,23 12:21
You turn me on man, one day I'll destroy your little manhole

By yngdong 02,Mar,23 12:08
Me leaking for you

By yngdong 02,Mar,23 12:08
Thanks love how the vein pops in this one

By MA_B39 02,Mar,23 11:56
Definitely one of my favourite pics of your beautiful looking shaft.

By Ze_boss 01,Mar,23 18:28
How did I miss this ? I love

By yngdong 28,Feb,23 09:29
Thanks big guy

By rustybones44 28,Feb,23 09:16
Very impressive

By yngdong 24,Feb,23 16:22
You bet I would that does sound hot man take a look at the video on my page that was a load I edged for 2 hours

By Jimjim 24,Feb,23 16:22
Wow thinking about that has me so horny. I'm thinking about how hot it would be to give you an edging hand job nice and slow until you begged me to let you cum. I know you would be dripping like crazy and would eventually shoot a lot.

By yngdong 24,Feb,23 16:16
So hot love the friction on the tip sometimes I get so close I leak cum just like in that pic

By Jimjim 24,Feb,23 16:14
Edging must be so nice with the foreskin sliding back and forth over that throbbing head! Probably drives you crazy 🤪

By yngdong 24,Feb,23 16:02
After a long day of edging I was ready to blow!

By Jimjim 24,Feb,23 15:59
Wow that head is so swollen!

By JoMoSubOralBttm 19,Feb,23 08:05
Gorgeous big balls! Would love to drain them in my mouth!

By yeehawboyy 11,Feb,23 22:47
sooo fucking hot, would love to help clean that up

By yngdong 10,Feb,23 11:07
The load I shot after that was massive!

By MA_B39 10,Feb,23 11:06
Hopefully you did have someone to take care of that leak.

By justforfunpa 09,Feb,23 19:47
Yeah man! Absolutely! This pic is nice. Precum is very indicative that youíre having a good time with that cock of yours.

By yngdong 09,Feb,23 15:49
Thanks bud glad you like it

By justforfunpa 09,Feb,23 15:35
Fuckkkkkk man! Nice precum. Nice content! Looking good. :-)

By yngdong 09,Feb,23 13:24
Thatís babe looks like it would fit nicely in your tight hole

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