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By darumanoasi 26,Apr,24 19:04

By candyman_69 19,Apr,24 09:02

By royal 18,Apr,24 19:00
I appreciate your opinion! It feels really good to jerk off with my fingers between the piercings

By candyman_69 15,Apr,24 12:39
your cock (with the piercings) looks very hot

By Scooby69 15,Apr,24 02:22
Good lad looking forward to seeing it!! Always hot seeing what you do to that dick

By royal 15,Apr,24 01:56
ill for sure keep piercing a ladder! thanks mate!

By Scooby69 15,Apr,24 01:50
That is freaking hot dude! Looks great man 🔥🔥

By billiboy 12,Apr,24 02:13

By NuclearLullaby 03,Apr,24 02:09
Nicely done

By royal 19,Mar,24 15:16
interested to have some girls kick my cock and balls without mercy!

By malecall4 16,Mar,24 14:05
you already look like you are, you have sexy feet too

By malecall4 16,Mar,24 14:04
so many Girls would be curious to see the monster

By royal 21,Feb,24 23:27
many thanks mate! you are correct, a few small slices at a time. just the tip here took 3 or four cuts over a few months.

Id hope to split my head in half although the top of the glans seems to be more sensitive than the bottom!

By massco 21,Feb,24 09:56
Great looking split head. How long did it take you to get to that point? I assume you made small cuts to get to that point?

By littleun 08,Feb,24 16:11

By Timpeter 07,Feb,24 23:25

By Timpeter 07,Feb,24 23:24
Wow nice process sir

By royal 07,Feb,24 23:06
hah, good one!

I do enjoy woodworking

By royal 07,Feb,24 23:05
glad you asked! years of sounding my urethra, then having the passion for slowly self snipping it open.

each session was long and lots of time healing, then breaking the scar by masturbating too hard..

its been enjoyable in many ways!

By royal 07,Feb,24 23:01
soft 3.75", hard 7" (just about), urethra slit 2"

By Timpeter 05,Feb,24 02:08
How long is dat cock?

By Timpeter 05,Feb,24 02:05
Or was that a liability at your SawMillJob

By Timpeter 05,Feb,24 02:04
What happened tha5 a birth defect?

By littleun 24,Jan,24 21:20

By vorhaut-weg 10,Jan,24 20:37

By anonymous 02,Jan,24 03:19

By forcbt 26,Dec,23 15:29

By vorhaut-weg 01,Dec,23 23:40
the tip of my tongue wants into your hole

By royal 01,Dec,23 19:54
mostly show it off at urinals to others however I should go to more saunas, your right!

the thought of a mate that wants to blow my cut cock head is truly hot

By vorhaut-weg 30,Nov,23 22:03
your cut-opened cock looks so fucking should show it at nudist beaches and saunas too!
I'd lick and blow it there

By royal 30,Nov,23 13:40
your in for a treat! hope you'd also bind and torment my cock

By vorhaut-weg 29,Nov,23 23:25
I'd lick it, suck it, blow it....for hours...

By royal 29,Nov,23 21:24
youd be the ideal guy to put my cock through it and Id definitely shoot all over your face with pleasure

By royal 29,Nov,23 21:23
Im ready to put my cock through this again

By royal 29,Nov,23 21:22
wonder what you would do to my cock if we were in
Person !

By Scooby69 26,Nov,23 14:06
You know!!! So freaking perfect dude all that thing needs now is sucking over and over until you shoot your load 😈😈😈

By vorhaut-weg 24,Nov,23 22:33
fucking hot!

By KyleSA 24,Nov,23 16:17

By KyleSA 24,Nov,23 16:13
is it bad that i want to lick it as it is there?

By royal 24,Nov,23 10:55
I could use your firm grip!

By manne 24,Nov,23 10:50
I would like to have my hand there too

By cbt123 23,Nov,23 06:12

By Orgasmatronic 17,Nov,23 00:34
Mmmmmm sexy dick

By Scooby69 17,Nov,23 00:24
That is freaking sexy dude!!!

By royal 16,Nov,23 22:08
love the tip! My foreskin swelled up around them after a while which made it hard to remove them but it was pleasurable and painful and hot

By royal 16,Nov,23 22:04
Id love to add some metal through it sometime ! What do you think ?

By Markmeato 15,Nov,23 12:47
Putting a plastic card underneath the stapeled area and stapling through it might help in removing the staples. You can go between the card and the wooden board with a screw driver to pull the staples out. It will hurt anyway.

By creamer 13,Nov,23 01:16
You look perfect without a cock

By creamer 13,Nov,23 01:15
Nice thick labia

By Apa_Sound 10,Nov,23 13:44
I love your cock....

By creamer 10,Nov,23 04:38
Yes, you should decorate your foreskin with several piercing rings. Then you could hang weights on it later.

By Scooby69 08,Nov,23 16:38
Sexy hot guy!

By royal 07,Nov,23 01:31
I keep thinking that as well! I should invest in several small piercing rings so I can shove them through the holes .... fall asleep and wake up to deal with a very pierced manhood!

By creamer 03,Nov,23 02:45
Good job! You can use the new holes for a foreskin piercing.

By slipper 02,Nov,23 19:02

By Scooby69 01,Nov,23 15:46
Insanely hot dude damn you look so freaking good laying there like that!

By mywusch 01,Nov,23 06:39

By royal 01,Nov,23 03:33
it was unreal staple gunning my softest member

By Scooby69 01,Nov,23 03:31
Sexxxxxxy hot stud!! Can just imagine pleasuring that body alll over

By Scooby69 01,Nov,23 03:30
Nice!!! Bet that was awesome to do you sexxxxxxy fucker 😈😈

By Scooby69 01,Nov,23 03:29
Smoking hot dick literally smoking!!!

By royal 01,Nov,23 03:19
It was perfect shooting the staples in but brutal pulling them out! Will do this again soon and hope to pin down my balls

By greatct 01,Nov,23 02:52
Hot Treament

By royal 03,Oct,23 14:51
feels really amazing slapping my man pussy where my balls and cock should be!

By creamer 21,Sep,23 18:00
It is necessary to finally remove this useless long foreskin

By creamer 21,Sep,23 17:41
Yes, you're right. The foreskin has to go

By creamer 21,Sep,23 17:39
Kill that foreskin to make your cock look perfect

By creamer 21,Sep,23 17:36
Our cocks could have fun together

By creamer 21,Sep,23 17:32
Mr. Pussy! You are the best!

By NuclearLullaby 21,Sep,23 15:11
I say go for it! It will be sooo worth it!You'll be glad you did!

By royal 21,Sep,23 14:29
just hiding it in my ass!

By anonymous 21,Sep,23 12:46
If your penis were circumcised, then your cock would look much better. Anyone could immediately see your open glans

By creamer 21,Sep,23 12:35
Cock with an empty skin sac

By candyman_69 21,Sep,23 12:16

where is your horny cock ???

By royal 21,Sep,23 11:47
would be nice to be perfect!

By creamer 21,Sep,23 10:30
You look perfect without your cock

By royal 20,Sep,23 23:20
this was still the most enjoyable and severe session !

By royal 20,Sep,23 22:46
felt so good fucking myself and loosing my penis...could be the next mod

By creamer 20,Sep,23 04:06
Lost penis

By candyman_69 12,Sep,23 13:03

By candyman_69 12,Sep,23 13:01
beautiful glans

By Mature 31,Aug,23 12:58

By royal 29,Aug,23 18:04
your meat would def stretch it even more!

By greatct 25,Aug,23 00:37
Nice, did you both enjoy the sensation?

By hytiger 24,Aug,23 03:34

By mywusch 23,Aug,23 05:46

By royal 22,Aug,23 21:23
balls are now mush but thanks for the compliment mate!

By Timtriple 19,Aug,23 05:41
Oh,my God!

By royal 14,Aug,23 14:49
for sure mate! would be hot docking your PA in me

By royal 14,Aug,23 11:10
it was truly the most enjoyable kicking I've had !

By Timtriple 14,Aug,23 10:37
Wow, I am jealous!!!!

By Timtriple 14,Aug,23 10:36
Beautiful piece of Flesh!

By Timtriple 14,Aug,23 10:35

By JackinKing 26,Jul,23 08:58
Nice boned up cock man! It must be loving the ball torture

By JackinKing 26,Jul,23 08:56
Nice big balls buddy! I love a man in a wife beater

By JackinKing 26,Jul,23 08:53
Smoke break? Nice lean body man!

By hangon 11,Jun,23 02:09
Thats a split☝️

By forcbt 08,Jun,23 00:57

By forcbt 08,Jun,23 00:56

By slipper 15,Apr,23 13:44

By royal 15,Apr,23 02:38
your suggestion is very imaginative and makes me so hardt! would be a mess but id go through with it

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