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By pyung 10,Apr,24 16:10
my my

By Just4Fun69 06,Mar,24 10:12

By jelusic 18,Feb,24 07:41

By Prepucio4Daddy 07,Feb,24 10:30
Nice shot !

By malecall4 17,May,23 12:49
your circumcision is really tight, I like how your scar looks

By malecall4 17,May,23 12:43
Wow, what a beast! I like that you have a scar showing where the foreskin was circumcised. I like your thick curly hair too

By greenii03 04,Mar,23 14:14
i would love to lick up all of that hot cum load and then suck your cock with it in my mouth mmmm yumm!!!!!

By german_guy 04,Mar,23 13:05 to join

By jackstar 04,Mar,23 08:23
HOT stuff!!

By jackstar 04,Mar,23 08:22
Looks like fun!!

By redlazzer 17,Jan,23 14:25
love that view

By steve3095 13,Jan,23 18:06
Stick it into him.

By cfan2 23,Dec,22 13:59
So damn delicious!!!!!!

By dura2000 06,Aug,22 14:42
Guys must love your cock when they first see it.

By jusskiin 14,Jan,22 11:16
I wouldn't know where to start, but I'd love to enjoy it all

By anonymous 06,Jan,22 03:16
really fabulous...obrigado.

By Likemhairy 05,Jan,22 16:23
so HOT

By Ze_boss 05,Jan,22 13:04
go on

By random91 05,Jan,22 07:01
What a lucky ass getting fucked by you

By Prepucio4Daddy 21,Sep,21 08:29
All Greased Up And Sliding In !

By anonymous 20,Sep,21 14:57
For some strange reason I have the uncontrollable urge to eat a banana

By mountainman2 05,Sep,21 16:33
You have a monster cock, damn

By anonymous 10,Apr,21 03:30

By Handle 04,Apr,21 08:51
Such a beautiful cock you have!

By anonymous 26,Oct,20 11:27
i love bananas, particularly YOURS!

By Cumlover50 26,Oct,20 07:46
Nice pic

By TheDane 26,Oct,20 02:09
Let it slide to the bottom and drain the balls

By TheDane 26,Oct,20 02:05
Delicious! I like to drain your balls😋

By TheDane 24,Oct,20 08:55
Would like to meet you at a toilet😉 And go from there stuffed with your cum😋

By anonymous 25,Sep,20 21:03

By anonymous 25,Sep,20 21:03

By tendertim2016 04,Jul,20 07:44

By Hispanick 19,May,20 00:05
Yum! Delicioso!

By 3fdfd 10,May,20 06:32

By anonymous 09,May,20 00:12
Always a good idea to spend your time like this.

By Vita 08,May,20 23:11
deeeeper !!!!

By Yando 05,May,20 03:01

By Yando 05,May,20 03:01

By Yando 05,May,20 03:01

By novasucker 04,May,20 06:47
Would worship, suck and swallow cum from your thick cock

By HardinLA 03,May,20 11:11
Damn! Nice

By Handle 26,Apr,20 17:45
Good looking cock you have!

By 2pierced 05,Feb,20 02:13
Can I join in?

By 2pierced 05,Feb,20 02:12
My ass wants to be next!

By 2pierced 05,Feb,20 02:11
Looks so very delicious!

By hawtforcok 21,Jan,20 21:57

By anonymous 03,Dec,19 10:24
Teso de pentelhada

By Yando 01,Dec,19 06:04

By Yando 01,Dec,19 05:59

By curiousguy47 19,Sep,19 07:08
Id make love to hat with my mouth 😍🍆👅👅👅👅

By anonymous 18,Sep,19 22:54
Wonderful hairy bush

By anonymous 18,Sep,19 19:36
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By anonymous 18,Sep,19 17:53
Nice big hairy cock hanging there.

By anonymous 18,Sep,19 17:42
beautiful huge cock!

By anonymous 17,Sep,19 10:00
Wow could you put your cock in my mouth so I can make it hard for you. I would like to feel your hair in my face this way I'll know your cock is all the way down my throat so I don't miss a drop of your cum. You have such a manly cock I would rather suck you instead of fucking my wife right now.
California Bob

By anonymous 17,Sep,19 05:30
That's a big and neatly circumcised cock,full balls and a wild forest of natural bush

By anonymous 17,Sep,19 05:29
Nice creamy load and big circumcised cock lying there satisfied...

By cumnut89 16,Sep,19 16:45
Mouthwatering cock... big, hairy with loaded balls!!

By cumnut89 16,Sep,19 16:44
BIG, hairy cock!!

By pont1 16,Sep,19 14:45
Yeah Id take it balls deep as hard as you could give it 😏

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