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By anonymous 11,Jan,23 03:21
That's a big cock

By bbcs4bbt 05,Jun,22 19:44
Id love to see you with all your natural fur!

By anonymous 15,Sep,21 20:30
Damn... I totally want to be sucking you right now as you grab my by the back of my head/hair and pull me deeper as you throat fucked me... mmm

By anonymous 05,Jan,21 20:35
Great length.

By bootyfull 03,Jan,21 00:50
Very nice

By Hotcutboy 02,Jan,21 10:08
Such a great dick

By anonymous 31,Dec,20 13:33
Great body and cock ! Nice hairy legs , yum !

By GEORGIE10 31,Dec,20 11:48
Now that is a a gorgeous dick

By northernlad 31,Dec,20 02:01
omg, what a stud!

By stefan123 30,Dec,20 07:49
thatís one awesome dick

By freddy2011 30,Dec,20 07:28
just beautyful and super hot

By johndoe 30,Dec,20 06:02

By cfan2 22,Aug,20 07:49
Gorgeous, BIG cock!!

By soulpioneer 08,Aug,20 18:19
beautiful penis stud

By anonymous 08,Aug,20 17:49
hot pic!!

By msnMARC 18,Jul,20 10:45
I know your straight, so hope you don't mind a guy commenting and admiring your photos. You have an absolutely beautiful cock!
love your hairy legs as well.
your women are very lucky

By anonymous 29,Mar,20 10:08
That is one enormous tool..long and straight with nicely flared helmet, neat circ scar and manscaped bush to enhance the length,

By sergio 24,Mar,20 19:47
So fucking sexy!

By Buck1970 24,Mar,20 14:37
Good looking big cock.

By nick2 24,Mar,20 11:58

By anonymous 24,Mar,20 09:07

By german_guy 24,Mar,20 07:45
damn hot

By jnewt 23,Mar,20 10:43
Very sexy big long cock!

By anonymous 23,Mar,20 07:51
Beautiful! Hairy legs are so hot too! And what a perfect manhood meat! Wish I could see your whole body! Wow

By anonymous 22,Mar,20 18:08

fuck YEAAA ... im feeling that helmet head!

By Hornythickguy 22,Mar,20 09:08
Hot cut cock bro

By anonymous 21,Mar,20 17:23

By PITBULL 21,Mar,20 16:54
gorgeous cock and hot hairy legs

By edalguy 21,Mar,20 10:12
Amazing big dick, love the sexy hair!

By edalguy 21,Mar,20 10:11
Love to suck it clean, mmmm

By edalguy 21,Mar,20 10:10
Nice big dick, love the pubes and your sexy hairy legs

By Red__Arrow 21,Mar,20 04:24
Nice fat cock

By stefan123 20,Mar,20 08:06

By freddy2011 20,Mar,20 07:32
Just a awesome body and cock - hot

By northernlad 20,Mar,20 04:10
Fuck, that's going straight into the wank bank...gorgeous.

By anonymous 20,Mar,20 03:28
Wow, super hairy legs

By anonymous 11,Mar,20 18:27
So impressive!

By dicklick4u 13,Jan,20 15:56
mmmmmmm i want to suck it

By dicklick4u 13,Jan,20 15:55
i'd love to get that dick in me

By anonymous 11,Jan,20 15:48
very nice dick

By 5inchuncut 03,Jan,20 23:18
Hot as flames

By Ambrose 03,Jan,20 17:16
Your dick is too hot

By freddy2011 31,Dec,19 06:46
ultra hot cock and sexy body ...

By kopdude 30,Dec,19 22:55
Wow, what an amazing cock. Gets me hard just looking at you.

By rixterva 30,Dec,19 21:49
What a hot cock head!

By winger70 24,Dec,19 01:10

By winger70 24,Dec,19 01:10

By camcock1 04,Nov,19 19:35


By anonymous 01,Nov,19 22:51
Nice package and nice pubes love that

By sergio 29,Oct,19 19:27
Or a tight ass to fuck!

By qqqq1234 29,Oct,19 19:19
need another hand?

By Bmaz13 21,Oct,19 14:52
Love a good two-hander

By anonymous 21,Oct,19 09:36
Oooooh, cum covered balls! doesnt' get any better than this

By mywusch 10,Oct,19 11:09
hot cock

By anonymous 10,Oct,19 08:32
Love the fur! Woof!

By anonymous 09,Oct,19 00:19
Nice package love your pubes

By northernlad 08,Oct,19 18:06
Millions would pay to get a taste of that

By RussinPa 07,Oct,19 17:48
Nice cock with just the right amount of pubes.

By anonymous 07,Oct,19 11:27
That's a massive big? The biggest when you were in school? It's neatly and tightly circumcised with nicemanscaped bush and treasure trail

By anonymous 07,Oct,19 11:24
I would love you to force that down my throat until you unload in the back of my throat

By alanhuk 07,Oct,19 03:59
stunning cock!!! nice trim btw

By willijack27 06,Oct,19 21:41
Quite an impressive cock.

By dickmann 06,Oct,19 06:21
I uncut and need to suck cut dick You like?

By dickmann 06,Oct,19 06:20
please fuck my mouth and you cum better!!! shure!!! You like?

By dickmann 06,Oct,19 06:19
you need help to cum?

By GEORGIE10 05,Oct,19 16:48
How about a blowjob from a dude

By anonymous 05,Oct,19 16:10
You have a great body setting off a great cock.

By northernlad 26,Sep,19 18:17
Man that's such a beauty!

By freddy2011 25,Sep,19 18:43
Adonis ...

By stiffpoles 24,Sep,19 20:01
horny ass pic here papi! Love it!

By cumnut89 24,Sep,19 09:51
BIG, mouthwatering cock--sexy pubes!!

By dicklick4u 24,Sep,19 01:10
mmmmmmmm cum fuck me

By anonymous 23,Sep,19 14:02
Sure would look good shaved bald and smooth. I would love to be the one shaving it all off.

By vodzard 23,Sep,19 13:54
i bet. nice dick.

By Hotcutboy 22,Sep,19 13:48
Amazing cock bro

By PITBULL 22,Sep,19 13:28

By PITBULL 22,Sep,19 13:27 cock and body

By jelusic 22,Sep,19 11:36

By anonymous 22,Sep,19 09:39
i cant think of anything i wouldnt give to be that fleslight right now...fuck what a dick man

By Keen18 22,Sep,19 09:22
Just incredible!!!!!

By soulpioneer 21,Sep,19 03:18

By skot 20,Sep,19 19:06

By 3fdfd 20,Sep,19 18:04
Nice big cock

By soulpioneer 21,Jun,19 02:13

By BootyBandit 18,May,19 18:00
thanks. She's cute, would be fun.

By freddy2011 13,May,19 11:32

By freddy2011 13,May,19 11:32

By Dude_ 26,Apr,19 15:17
Damn dude.. The thinks I would do that cock of yours

By LaRosa 19,Apr,19 12:26

By anonymous 18,Apr,19 10:43
You've got a great cock!

By BootyBandit 13,Apr,19 18:29

By BootyBandit 13,Apr,19 18:29

By binman101 29,Mar,19 13:54
Very suckable cock Mmmmm

By anonymous 16,Feb,19 21:08
its so nice I had to stare at it something to dream about tonight thanks

By BootyBandit 16,Feb,19 19:57

By anonymous 12,Feb,19 14:34
Would be your boyhole slave

By BubbleButt 10,Feb,19 23:42
Yummy what a hung hunk

By johns_nuts 31,Jan,19 16:12
Perfect dick mate!

By camcock1 18,Nov,18 15:54

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