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By darumanoasi 19,Jun,24 21:11

By Rudolf69 02,May,24 04:19
very inviting

By Rudolf69 02,May,24 04:16
a beautiful big cock and super ringed

By vorhaut-weg 06,Sep,23 19:23

By vorhaut-weg 23,Jul,23 23:27
fucking hot pierced cock!

By Felixxxx 08,Mar,23 04:58

By vorhaut-weg 30,Jan,23 05:36
fucking hot PA-reverse

By vorhaut-weg 07,Jan,23 01:16
verdammt geil!

By vorhaut-weg 07,Jan,23 00:58
so geil!

By catfish_bones 29,Nov,22 18:17
way ta go,, pierced cocks rock

By Timtriple 14,Sep,22 03:36
I love the Ring !!! At this Location it is fucking mega exciting..

By Bobby09 14,Sep,22 03:17
Gorgeous hole. My fist would fit perfectly in there

By 2pierced 14,Sep,22 01:54
PERFECTION, great pierced and ringed cock!

By 2pierced 14,Sep,22 01:52
WOW, what a wonderful body, cock, and absolutely awesome piercings!

By Jseagull0403 30,Aug,22 14:29
That needs a good licking

By catfish_bones 22,Jun,22 05:42
I did it my Reverse PA is in and doin fine

By metalix 11,Jun,22 02:32

By catfish_bones 15,May,22 20:37
cool, I have the badass one in 8mm, but I'm so stretched now it just falls out.

By toshi60 15,May,22 18:53
yeah. but the other cheep one.

By toshi60 15,May,22 18:51

By catfish_bones 14,May,22 03:30
is that a piss thru , by badassworkroom ?

By catfish_bones 14,May,22 03:27
I want to do that next

By RickyW2009 06,May,22 10:35
Beautiful piercings, reverse PA

By candyman_69 06,May,22 10:32
do you want to feel my pierced cock there?

By candyman_69 06,May,22 10:30
hot boy

By candyman_69 06,May,22 10:27

By candyman_69 06,May,22 10:27
your cock looks amazing !!

By mywusch 04,May,22 02:42
hot cock, hot body, nice piercings

By Timtriple 30,Apr,22 01:48
I love a hole on the upside of the head..mmhh

By Olddude 28,Apr,22 07:01
Great reverse PA!!!!!!!!!!

By 2pierced 28,Apr,22 03:46
Wonderful pierced cock!

By baldeagle1 04,Mar,22 17:35
so hot

By mywusch 21,Feb,22 07:43

By mywusch 21,Feb,22 07:42

By metalix 28,Dec,21 03:09

By anonymous 07,Dec,21 06:56
Great shot, sexy cock and pa.

By candyman_69 11,Nov,21 11:28
and pierced nipple !!!

By candyman_69 11,Nov,21 11:25
your cock looks soooo hot.

By alanhuk 11,Nov,21 11:20
Superb view. hot piercings!!!

By alanhuk 11,Nov,21 11:17
Wow yes. Stunning!!

By 2pierced 06,Nov,21 04:45
Wonderful view of a terrific pierced cock!

By 2pierced 23,Oct,21 04:58
Looks wonderful!

By alanhuk 07,Oct,21 02:27
Hot view

By alanhuk 07,Oct,21 02:26
Stunning. Cockrings and piercings!!!

By alanhuk 07,Oct,21 02:14
Stunning the reverse PA

By anonymous 04,Jan,21 06:17

By Olddude 07,Jul,20 07:23
Awesome reversed PA!!!!

By alanhuk 07,Jul,20 06:34
Stunning looking cock with PA

By darumanoasi 13,Jun,20 10:32

By toshi60 09,Jun,20 13:36

By toshi60 09,Jun,20 13:33
Firstly, I pierced the PA, but the hole was shallow and it broke. Next is Apadlavia. I abandoned this because the position of the hole below was not good. The remaining one is RPA.

By toshi60 09,Jun,20 13:26

By NickAus 05,Jun,20 21:24
VERY hot. Love your nipple piercings. The RPA is amazing too. Iím seriously tempted to get a PA but RPA is a level up again. Did you start with a PA?

By mywusch 05,Jun,20 09:33
very, very sexy

By mywusch 05,Jun,20 09:33
hot, love being fucked with pierced cocks

By candyman_69 05,Jun,20 06:36
your hot cock looks great.

By anonymous 05,Jun,20 03:26
Thatís so hot!

By mywusch 21,May,20 10:45

By 2pierced 20,Apr,20 02:59
Awesome erect, pierced, and ringed cock!

By anonymous 26,Mar,20 11:02
god almighty, i'd love to have that beauty banging hell out of tonsils

By anonymous 26,Mar,20 11:01
that's beautiful

By RickyW2009 25,Mar,20 04:18
Very, very sexy

By candyman_69 25,Mar,20 02:44
looks great.

By anonymous 23,Mar,20 18:45
Love the piercing

By 2pierced 23,Mar,20 04:01
Absolutely wonderful set of piercings!

By 2pierced 23,Mar,20 03:57
AWESOME pierced cock!

By slick81 21,Mar,20 03:02
Impressive piercing

By anonymous 20,Mar,20 08:10
Looks great.

By 2pierced 18,Mar,20 02:29
Very nicely done!

By anonymous 17,Mar,20 20:11
Great Reverse PA

By 2pierced 10,Mar,20 02:37
Very nicely done!

By candyman_69 03,Mar,20 12:53
perfect cock

By Olddude 29,Feb,20 06:38

By mywusch 28,Feb,20 10:05

By mywusch 28,Feb,20 10:05

By anonymous 28,Feb,20 09:06
Very nice piercing and cock

By toshi60 28,Feb,20 04:40

By 2pierced 28,Feb,20 03:22
Wonderful pierced cock!

By 2pierced 17,Jan,20 02:57
Open for business and pleasure!

By stefan123 31,Dec,19 07:26

By stefan123 31,Dec,19 07:25
fucking hot

By stefan123 31,Dec,19 07:23
nice asshole

By metalix 20,Dec,19 02:29

By trevor503 19,Dec,19 20:07
Wish I could rub my piercing against yours

By anonymous 02,Dec,19 03:46
Reverse pa looks great.

By SUPERMAN 01,Dec,19 19:17

By mywusch 01,Dec,19 09:19

By 2pierced 01,Dec,19 03:43
Terrific pierced cock!

By mywusch 27,Nov,19 11:42

By mywusch 27,Nov,19 11:41
wow, very hot open hole, like your piercing

By RickyW2009 26,Nov,19 04:02

By 2pierced 26,Nov,19 02:03
Wonderful pierced cock!

By Homer33 25,Nov,19 11:27
Awesome reverse PA.

By anonymous 25,Nov,19 06:11

By anonymous 25,Nov,19 06:10
Looks great.

By Jonnie 08,Sep,17 06:25
Nice loose hole

By Jonnie 08,Sep,17 06:24
Love the ring ... both of them!

By anonymous 26,Jan,17 20:06
very good abuse the anus

By anonymous 26,Jan,17 19:51
looks big go all in for the fun of it

By anonymous 21,Jan,17 09:52
very good you can take it up the ass

By 2pierced 21,Jan,17 02:46
WOW, what a wonderful sight!

By cumn4u 20,Jan,17 21:39
mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes!!!

By anonymous 20,Jan,17 12:15
Love it! Beautiful stretched hole

By anonymous 14,Nov,16 14:31
so good hun what you done to the dick

By anonymous 14,Nov,16 08:30
yes i think so beautiful

By anonymous 14,Nov,16 08:29
my god yes the anus so big. i love the decoration hun

By anonymous 10,Nov,16 05:14
An open hole which is hungry.

By anonymous 10,Nov,16 03:42

By anonymous 10,Nov,16 03:41

By paipan4460 09,Nov,16 15:50

By 2pierced 09,Nov,16 01:39
Looks terrific!!

By aass 05,Jun,16 06:13
Sweet looks big pussy mmmmmm

By paipan4460 04,Jun,16 20:06

By candyman_69 04,Jun,16 01:05
your ass looks very welcoming.

By candyman_69 04,Jun,16 01:02
beautiful pierced cock

By candyman_69 04,Jun,16 01:00
oh my god, your piercing looks very good !!!

By routemaster 02,Jun,16 21:57

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