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By notnow 22,Feb,24 23:18
ive only ever seen one other foreskin this Long before and that was on an Indian guy I was shagging , great pic

By Felixxxx 16,Feb,24 23:38

By Newforeskin 16,Feb,24 12:38
Oh my! Someday that will be in my hand!

By Newforeskin 16,Feb,24 12:37
I want you to do that to me!

By Felixxxx 15,Feb,24 23:20

By Newforeskin 15,Feb,24 08:12
Would love to meet that! Dock and cum!

By slipper 01,Jan,24 14:29
Where'd it all go?

By slipper 01,Jan,24 14:26

By Vita 01,Jan,24 14:08
so lovely again !

By stefan123 28,Dec,23 07:24
nice close-up

By slipper 27,Dec,23 13:52
OUR mutual pleasure!

By Newforeskin 27,Dec,23 07:58
Oh to dock with you!!!!

By slipper 22,Dec,23 13:16
Said the Raven, "Nevermore."

By slipper 22,Dec,23 13:14
Old pic... the poor fella just ain't what he used to be.

By slipper 19,Dec,23 18:37
Thank YOU so much!!! I know you don't care for the slip of skin on the end, so you could remove mine if it would please you.

By littleun 19,Dec,23 16:37

By Luvanicecock 19,Nov,23 13:01
Very hot

By slipper 16,Nov,23 21:36

By slow2cum 16,Nov,23 16:25

By Flowo 29,Oct,23 04:29
That's just the way it is. Mine doesn't always do what it's supposed to either.

By slipper 28,Oct,23 19:36
Ah yes, the shame of non-performance...

By slipper 27,Oct,23 13:47
You may have it!

By MoeJoe 27,Oct,23 03:24
Love this dead floppy penis !

By slipper 24,Oct,23 00:12

By Flowo 15,Oct,23 15:19
He looks dull and hangs his head.

By Vita 04,Oct,23 23:40
looks really lovely !!

By forcbt 29,Sep,23 01:04

By slipper 26,Sep,23 21:23

By thicknsmooth 26,Sep,23 20:54
I love to do this to my dick! I can get 4 turns out of mine

By slipper 19,Sep,23 23:39
Good question. I'll have to see if I have original pix with the metadata. If so, I'll let you know. But, it wasn't a slow even process of deterioration. It all happened after I became impotent a few years ago, then fully non-orgasmic a while later.

By small-is-beautifull 19,Sep,23 19:04
please, how many years are between both pictures?

By chris51 13,Sep,23 12:05
I love it!

By slipper 10,Sep,23 16:18
Thank YOU!

By Timpeter 20,Aug,23 02:16
With shavedBullBallS

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