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Do you masturbate more than once a day? NO

Ever give anal sex as other person gives oral? NO

Do you love to have sex with a woman and a man at the same time? YES

Would you let your partner pee in your bum while having intercourse? NO

A thick cock is better then a long cock? YES

Have you ever let a dude suck your cock (even though you are straight and/or committed)? YES

would you like your partner to participate on this site with you? YES

Would you let your partner piss in your mouth? NO

Can you like cocks without being attracted to men? YES

Would you be willing to meet and fuck? NO

Do you get turned on by watching your own nude pictures/videos? NO

Would you have your asshole fucked just to experience it? NO

Have you ever curled up and cummed on your own face? YES

which one is more exciting: cumshot (yes) or squirt (no)? YES

Have you ever been truly Deep Throated? YES

Do you like your spouse/partner swallowing another mans spunk? NO

Short or long matters? YES

Would you let a stranger masterbate you? YES

When sucking you like the taste of cum ? YES

Is an uncut cock more fun to suck a cut one? YES

Have you ever received or been in a double penetration? NO

Do straight men - look at other mens cocks in the shower? YES

Would you rather fuck a mouth (yes) or fuck an ass (no)? YES

Do you like to eat your own cream pie after fucking? YES

Would you suck a dick if you knew nobody would ever find out? YES

Have you given a blowjob to get one in return? NO

Ever pulled you cock out while driving and jerked it? YES

Do you like to lick your own pre cum and cum? YES

do men enjoy masturbating with other men on skype? YES

Would you meet another curious guy just to give eachother a handjob? YES

Have you ever sucked a dick? YES

Is uncircumcised dicks liked as much as circumcised ones? YES

do you fantasize about your first sex with a man? YES

Have you masturbared to pictures of your own cock? YES

Are small dicks a turn on? NO

Straight guys, do you enjoy looking at others men's hard cocks at this site? YES

Would you rather Recieve (YES) oral sex or Perform (NO) oral sex? NO

Have you ever been woken up with a blowjob? NO

Would you like to be the middle person in a spit roast? Gay/hetro/any? YES

Have you ever tasted your own precum? YES

Would you let complete strangers fuck your wife while you're recording it? NO

Have you ever stuck your tongue inside of an asshole? NO

Would you receive anal in a MFM threesome? YES

Guys, do you like to have your nips stroked, kissed, licked, bitten? YES

have you ever had car sex? YES

If I have a tiny dick am I man enough for a woman? NO

Do you want to servie a big thick cock, Yes? Or a little cock, No? YES

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

Have you ever inserted foreign objects into your anus ( asshole)? NO

Does size really matter? YES

Have you ever ejaculated in the swimming pool~? NO

does cocksize effect how horny u get from a tribute? YES

Waxing dick or no? NO

Would you play with or let someone play with you of the same same sex during a threesome with both sexes involved? YES

Are men better at eating/sucking pussy than women? YES

Would you like to see your partner have sex with another person? YES

Does anyone else have a craving to try cock but has no other interest in men...purely for cock? YES

Have you ever drink your partner pee ? NO

Men, do you like ladies seeing and/or licking your asshole? YES

Do you like to compare your penis with others? YES

I like to get fuck by a hard cock and get fill full of sperm 🤩🌈? NO

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? YES

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? YES

Opinion: Are most men bi-curious and like to look at a nice cock? YES

Any men have a desire to play with a cock but have no interest in the rest of a males body? YES

do you like to watch a guy getting fuck by another guy? YES

Would you like to get fucked in the mouth and ass at same time? NO

Would you suck a cock for 10 dollars? NO

Have you ever edged for over an hour? YES

Have you ever tried Sounding? NO

Do you think you are obsessed with cock pictures? YES

Would you like to run a nudist club/resort? NO

Do you like being watched during sex? YES

Do you have an orgasm more than once per day (either self or partner assistance)? NO

Have you ever received cock in Ass? NO

Have you been or would you go to a Glory Hole to give or receive? YES

Boys, would you lick/fuck feet? Can be M or F x? NO

Do you enjoy sharing a bath or similar naked with friends? YES

Would you like to suck a different cock every week? YES

Have you ever been caught having sex in public? YES

Do you enjoy jerking off in the car? YES

Have you ever been to a glory home? NO

Straight guys would you shoot your load on to another guys cock? YES

Men have you ever been cottaging? NO

Does penis size matter? YES

Have you ever had a spur of the moment same sex encounter with someone who propositioned you as you walked past them? NO

would like to french kiss a girl after CUMMING in her mouth ? YES

do you think men with shaved legs are sexy? NO

when you're wanking, do you imagine that your mouth is full of CUM ? YES

Have you ever wanted to fuck your Mother-in-law in all her holes 🤩? NO

How do you like balls, shaved ( Yes) or hairy ( No)? NO

Do you like having your ass eaten and fingered? YES