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would you masturbate in public if you could? YES

Do you like having long lasting erections (over an hour) without ejaculating? YES

Have you ever had sex in public? NO

If you saw a pic of someone on this site that you know (friend, neighbour, work colleague, family member etc.), would you mention anything about it to them? NO

Is sex better with romance (yes) or with no strings attached (no)? YES

Have you masturbated while driving? YES

Do you like little bit of hair on your man's chest? NO

Would you eat another mans come out of your partners pussy? NO

After cumming on a friends cock would you lick clean it? NO

Would you be willing to watch and be watched privately on cam? YES

do you like BBW? YES

Ever drive a car naked, yes or no? YES

Do you prefer virgins (girl/guy) over more experienced person? NO

Have you ever received money in exchange for sex? NO

Does anyone here feel that it is smart to disclose your identity??? NO

Shaved vs Hairy pubes? NO

Do you pee in the shower? YES

Have you ever been able to have a hands free orgasm alone without anal or prostate stimulation? YES

Have u ever got stuck while having sex? NO

ever let a stranger masturbate with you? NO

would you taste anoter man's semen on a pussy? NO