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Do you like to have something in your ass (Yes), don't like anal play(No)? YES

Would you have sex in public? YES

Do you like to piss in pussy? NO

When your getting fuck do you want him to cum in your Asshole? YES

I was checking cock pics and my cock got hard does it means i'm gay? YES

Are You Afraid People You Know Will Find You Naked Online? YES

Is a penis more attractive than a vagina ? NO

do you prefer cumming on a pussy and admire your load on it (YES) or cumming inside and see nothing (NO) ? NO

Boys, would you lick/fuck feet? Can be M or F x? YES

Have you fantasized about someone who knows you irl finding your pics on here and reaching out for some fun? NO

Do you like public nudity enough to go out and wave at cars naked? NO

Have you ever had or thought about a nice Warm load in you ass creampie? NO

Do you enjoy sharing a bath or similar naked with friends? YES

For men and women, would you like to see your male sexual partner take multiple women? NO

Does being a cuckold turn you on? YES

Would you let an old bate buddy from high-school give you head if he offered to do it again? YES

would you like to CUM a lot more (being able to fill a little glass) even if it overflows from your partner ? YES

Would you like to suck a different cock every week? NO

Would you let a massage therapist give you a spicy massage? YES

would you like to take a bath or a shower of warm CUM ? NO

Have you ever been caught having sex in public? NO

Men and women: Do you play with your nipples while masturbating? NO

Would u like to watch strangers cumcover your wife/gf? NO

Do you sleep in the nude? NO

Would you have a sexual relationship with your male cousin if he wanted that too? NO

Have you ever exercised in the nude? YES

guys would u like to watch ur wife receiva a bukkake? NO

Do you prefer to suck shaved balls (yes) or hairy balls (no) ? YES

Who still wanks over their married partner of 20 years? Male and female replies please? NO

Have you ever been to a glory home? NO

Would you drink a coffee with some cum in it ? YES

Men have you ever been cottaging? NO

Does penis size matter? YES

Would you like to be fuck by a long cock or a fat cock? NO

Do you prefer the genital Area hairy (yes) or shaved (no)? NO

Would you like to participate in a blow banggangbanged? YES

would like to french kiss a girl after CUMMING in her mouth ? NO

Anyone else want to get naked with another guy and just wank and pleasure yourself? YES

Is there any friends of your partner that you would like to have sex with? NO

Do you regularly shave your ass and asshole? YES

Do you love precum? YES

Has your mouth or Asshole been fuck 🤪 🌈? YES

Have you ever had a strap-on/dildo made of your erect dick? NO

Would you let your Boss fuck you? NO

Guys, would you like to use someone else's cum as lube to jerk off? YES

do you think men with painted nails are sexy? NO

Do you like someone to sit on your face or sit your ass on someone else's face? YES

Have you ever tongue fucked an asshole? NO

Do you finger your ass hole during masturbation? YES

How do you like balls, shaved ( Yes) or hairy ( No)? YES

Any married guys ever have one night stand cock fun? NO

do you like the smell of CUM? YES

Do you like having your ass eaten and fingered? YES

Have you ever been "tea bagged" ; )? YES

Would you like one or more men standing over you jacking off while you're lying down masturbating? YES

Have you ever been fucked with a strap on? NO