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do you finger your ass hole? YES

Do you like play with anal toys? YES

Men do you milk your prostrate? YES

Are small real tits better than big fake ones? YES

Do you get aroused, bending over and displaying your ass? YES

Have you ever gotten cum in your eye? YES

Have you ever acted on an impulse and had a sexual encounter with someone you literally just met? YES

If you knew a family member was watching you have sex while hiding, would you keep going? YES

Do you enjoy CBT? NO

Do you think you are obsessed with cock pictures? NO

Do you like being watched during sex? YES

Are you comfortable being naked with friends? YES

Do you prefer to be naked? YES

Do you look at this website more than 3 times a day? YES

do you walk around your house or back yard nude? YES

Have you been or would you go to a Glory Hole to give or receive? NO

do you prefer cumming on a pussy and admire your load on it (YES) or cumming inside and see nothing (NO) ? NO

Best toy for a hands free orgasm a Prostate massager or Dildo? YES

Have you ever exercised in the nude? YES

Who still wanks over their married partner of 20 years? Male and female replies please? YES

Have you ever fucked a creampie? YES

Men/Women Did you like your first taste of pussy? YES

Does penis size matter? YES

Do you prefer the genital Area hairy (yes) or shaved (no)? NO

Do panties turn you on? YES

Do you love precum? YES