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Have you ever had a bi threesome with another person the same sex as you? NO

Can a public toilet turn you on, being there? NO

Are men better at eating/sucking pussy than women? NO

If you masterbate with a stranger online and your spouse dosnt know is it cheating? NO

did you ever eat your own cum in front of a woman? YES

I want to get fuck in my mouth and my asshole at the same time. 🌈 would you? YES

Would you like to see your partner have sex with another person? YES

Would you kiss your girlfriend with a mouthful of your cum? NO

Have you ever done a guy and girl at the same time? NO

Men do you milk your prostrate? YES

Have you ever got caught masterbateing by a family member..😛? YES

Do you think a long foreskin is hot? NO

do you save/download people's images on here? NO

Do you think having a bigger head is more important big balls? YES

Do you like cum in your ass M/F? NO

Do u have a "crush" here? NO

I am always naked when I come to chat or open this site. Are you? NO

Straight/Curious guys - if you could arrange a secret wank/suck session would you do it? YES

does the race of your sexual partner matter to you? NO

would you like someone elses' cum in your hand to stroke your cock ? NO

Are small real tits better than big fake ones? YES

If you were caught with your cock out your 👖 by a family member would you be embarrassed? YES

Do you wish you could shoot your cum further than you do? NO

Does anyone else have a craving to try cock but has no other interest in men...purely for cock? NO

did you ever ask your wife to insert a dildo up your ass? YES

Has your asshole ever been fuck by a friend? NO

Do you enjoy the smell of your partner's pussy/dick after a few days without showering? YES

Do you like showing your ass more than your dick? NO

Would you enjoy being the opposite gender? NO

It's hot flashing outside? NO

Have you ever drink your partner pee ? NO

Do you like your ball sack pulled on? YES

Do you wear sexy panties every day? NO

Do you like small penis humiliation? NO

Have you ever wanted to try Fisting? NO

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? YES

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? NO

As a gay man, I love the visual delights of male asses, nude or in tight short/briefs etc. Do you? NO

Would you like to get fucked in the mouth and ass at same time? NO

Are you concerned your parents, siblings and friends will find out you're on this site? NO

DO you like bareback up your ass? NO

Do you get aroused, bending over and displaying your ass? NO

Have you ever gotten cum in your eye? NO

Have you ever acted on an impulse and had a sexual encounter with someone you literally just met? YES


Do you like to have sex where other people can watch? YES

Have you ever tried Sounding? NO

Do you ever masturbate outside ? NO

Do you like being fucked in your ass? YES

Would you like to run a nudist club/resort? NO

Do you like being watched during sex? YES

Can your penis be found on google? NO

Do you like sniffing panties while you masturbate? YES

Do you have an orgasm more than once per day (either self or partner assistance)? YES

If I save cock pictures on my favorite page does it makes my gay.? YES

When your getting fuck do you want him to cum in your Asshole? NO

have your ever wanted to get fuck in the asshole by friends? YES

Would you like to suck a different cock every week? YES

Do you like the taste of Sperm? NO