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Would you fuck me ? YES

Do you think we should have the ability to add a comment to our answers to allow us to clarify our answer to a question with some added context and be a bit more specific than just yes or no? YES

Do you need a mild whipping to get a hard-on ? NO

Would you let me watch you ejaculate in my partner? YES

Which you prefer? Yes: Cut | No: Uncut? YES

would you tell your wife/gf that you want to taste another man's cum? YES

Man should be try anal sex at least one time? YES

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Would you have sex with your aunt? She is your mom's twin sister? NO

Have you ever masturbated in a public place ? YES

Yes i like nude pics sent to me? YES

have you ever been ass fuck? NO

Have you ever ejaculated in the swimming pool~? YES

Did you ever masturbate at school? YES

Do you like to compare penis size? NO

Have you ever put something from the refrigerator or freezer up your ass? YES

Do big cocks turn you on more than little cocks? NO

If a person has a great dick do you care what they look like? NO

Do you rather be cum on (yes) or pee on (NO)? NO

Would you fuck your sister inlaw? YES

In your life, did you have more sexual intercurses with women than with men ?? YES

Have you ever eaten someone else's cum? YES

Would you eat your own cum from a pussy? YES

have you ever fucked someone else wife? YES

Woud you take a homeless person to live together in your home until they get on their feet ? YES

have you ever cum by thinking of someone close to you? YES

will you swallow sperm? YES

Do you like getting your asshole fuck? YES

did you ever eat your own cum in front of a woman? YES

I want to get fuck in my mouth and my asshole at the same time. 🌈 would you? YES

Would you like to see your partner have sex with another person? YES

Would you kiss your girlfriend with a mouthful of your cum? YES

do you save/download people's images on here? YES

Do you think having a bigger head is more important big balls? NO

Would you fuck man? YES

I like to get fuck by a hard cock and get fill full of sperm 🤩🌈? YES

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? NO

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? NO

Would you like to be gangbanged? YES

Have you ever been caught fucking someone close to you..😁? YES

Do you enjoy frotting? YES

Do you look at this website more than 3 times a day? YES

do you walk around your house or back yard nude? YES

do you prefer cumming on a pussy and admire your load on it (YES) or cumming inside and see nothing (NO) ? YES

For men, would you like to see your female sexual partner take multiple cocks? YES

Have you ever had or thought about a nice Warm load in you ass creampie? YES

would you suck your own cock and swallow if you could? YES

Would you let a massage therapist give you a spicy massage? YES

would you like to take a bath or a shower of warm CUM ? YES

Do you enjoy a mouthful of cum? YES