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Would you fuck me ? YES

how do you call your cock...''it'' or ''he/him'' ? YES

would you fuck your sister ass and cunt? NO

Would you suck my dick? YES

would you fuck a girl with a condom filled by her man's cum (no empty, your cock sliding in his semen)? NO

After getting ass fucked do you like to do an ATM finish? NO

If someone of a gender you're not attracted to likes/comments on your pics, does it bother you? NO

Should SYD create a live webcam room where people can get naked and have fun in a group? YES

Would you help another guy do his Prince Albert piercing? NO

During sex should cum be shot deep inside the pussy?? YES

Has your mother ever made you hard? NO

Should at least 1 nude picture be required on a member page? YES

Has having a tight foreskin affected your sexual experieces negatively? NO

Do you care for face pics? NO

would you let me watch you pee ? YES

Does it make gay/bi a straight guy if he enjoys anal play with himself? NO

Have ever jerked off to your own penis pics on the site ? YES

Would you fuck your step sibling? YES

Do you show off in public (yes) or just in private (no)? NO

Have you ever shaved someone elses genitals? YES

Do you like play with butt plugs or dildos? YES

Are quick cummers a turn on? NO

Do you think we should have the ability to add a comment to our answers to allow us to clarify our answer to a question with some added context and be a bit more specific than just yes or no? NO

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex? YES

Have you ever flashed your cock or masturbated in public? YES

Loud moaning during male ejaculation , do you like it.? YES

have you ever fucked an inflatable doll ? YES

Would you watch while I fuck your wife or husband? YES

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

would you like to circle jerk and cum on a table with other men ? YES

If you had to choose one for the rest of your life: TOP [yes] BOTTOM [no? YES

Have you ever ejaculated in a jaccuzi? YES

Do you need a mild whipping to get a hard-on ? NO

Have you ever inserted foreign objects into your anus ( asshole)? YES

Would you let me watch you ejaculate in my partner? YES

Do you like eating cum? NO

Circumcised guys 1- answer yes if you wouldn't change or no if you would rather have a full foreskin? YES

Do you like dick piercings? YES

Does size really matter? NO

Have you ever made a video of you masturbating and shared it and would you do it again? YES

would you tell your wife/gf that you want to taste another man's cum? NO

Are you naturist ? NO

do you like ballbusting? YES

Have you ever sucked cock or gotten you cock sucked in a car? YES

Does it make me weird, if I like big cocks to fuck or suck. An watch the same one fuck my girlfriend? NO

Do straight guys like compliments on your dick from gay guys? YES

Man should be try anal sex at least one time? YES

the best place in a CREAMPIE BUKKAKE is when the pussy is well filled of cum and very gooey (YES) or when you are the first the blow you load in (NO) ? NO

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Do guys wear cock rings in public to make bulge look bigger? YES

Do guys armpits turn you on? NO

Should it be legal to be nude? YES

Have you ever masturbated in a public place ? YES

Do you like getting your nudes exposed/shared? YES

Yes i like nude pics sent to me? YES

Do women like a curved cock? YES

have you ever been ass fuck? YES

Have you ever cum in your own mouth? NO

Have you ever ejaculated in the swimming pool~? YES

Did you ever masturbate at school? NO

would you let your friends fuck your sister? NO

Do you like being called daddy? YES

Have you ever met up with other members on the site? YES

Do you like to compare penis size? YES

Do you like someone to keep sucking your dick even after you have come? YES

Have you ever put something from the refrigerator or freezer up your ass? NO

Do you like to cum on your naked body/face when masturbating? YES

Do you like pubes or no pubes better? NO

You cum on your hand, hands masturbating do you lick/ suck it off Yes or No? NO

Do big cocks turn you on more than little cocks? NO

Have you ever masturbated at the beach ? YES

would you lick a pussy with another man's cum on it ? NO

do you finger your ass hole? YES

does cocksize effect how horny u get from a tribute? YES

Should they approve/remove questions of the day faster? NO

Do you rather be cum on (yes) or pee on (NO)? YES

Would you eat a visibly dirty ass? NO

In your life, did you have more sexual intercurses with women than with men ?? YES

Have you ever eaten someone else's cum? YES

Would you eat your own cum from a pussy? NO

have you ever fucked someone else wife? YES

Should public nudity be legal everywhere? After all, we all have the same parts and everyone has seen everything anyway? YES

Can a public toilet turn you on, being there? NO

Are you ok with hairy pussy? NO

Woud you take a homeless person to live together in your home until they get on their feet ? NO

Are men better at eating/sucking pussy than women? YES

have you ever cum by thinking of someone close to you? YES

Could you have a sexual intercourse with a transexual person ? YES

Would you spend a day naked at the lake if other people were nearby? YES

Would you like to just be in the same room as another couple and play without touching? NO

Do you like getting your asshole fuck? YES

If you masterbate with a stranger online and your spouse dosnt know is it cheating? NO

did you ever eat your own cum in front of a woman? NO

Would you like to see your partner have sex with another person? YES

Would you kiss your girlfriend with a mouthful of your cum? NO

Have you ever done a guy and girl at the same time? YES

Men do you milk your prostrate? YES

Have you ever got caught masterbateing by a family member..😛? NO

do you save/download people's images on here? YES

Do you think having a bigger head is more important big balls? YES

Would you fuck man? YES

Do you like cum in your ass M/F? NO

Do u have a "crush" here? YES

I am always naked when I come to chat or open this site. Are you? YES

Do your balls draw up in your stomach when you cum real hard? YES

Straight/Curious guys - if you could arrange a secret wank/suck session would you do it? YES

does the race of your sexual partner matter to you? NO

would you like someone elses' cum in your hand to stroke your cock ? YES

Would you do an ATM ; )? YES

Are small real tits better than big fake ones? YES

If you were caught with your cock out your 👖 by a family member would you be embarrassed? YES

Do you wish you could shoot your cum further than you do? YES

Should your partner be taller than you are? NO

Does anyone else have a craving to try cock but has no other interest in men...purely for cock? NO

Has your asshole ever been fuck by a friend? YES

your cum is yellowish (YES) or totally white (NO)? NO

Do you enjoy the smell of your partner's pussy/dick after a few days without showering? YES

Do you like showing your ass more than your dick? NO

Would you enjoy being the opposite gender? YES

Do you like your ball sack pulled on? YES

Have you sent an unsolicited dick pic? YES

Do your nut draw up in your crotch when you cum real hard? YES

Do you shave your genitals daily? NO

Men, do you like ladies seeing and/or licking your asshole? YES

Do you like shaved cock? YES

Do you like to compare your penis with others? YES

Would you be ok if your friends found your nudes here / other places? YES

I like to get fuck by a hard cock and get fill full of sperm 🤩🌈? YES

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? NO

Have you, or would you like to be anal fisted? NO

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? NO

Did you taste cum? YES

Would you send a dick pic to a woman if she asked you for a pic? YES

Do you like to go without underwear? YES

Opinion: Are most men bi-curious and like to look at a nice cock? YES

Any men have a desire to play with a cock but have no interest in the rest of a males body? YES

do you like to watch a guy getting fuck by another guy? YES

Would you like to get fucked in the mouth and ass at same time? YES

Are you concerned your parents, siblings and friends will find out you're on this site? NO

Have you ever used an anonymous glory hole? NO

Would you care if family found your nudes? YES

Would you suck a cock for 10 dollars? YES

Should everybody experience anal sex at least one time in their life? YES

Have you ever let a man fuck you raw (without a condom) and let him cum in your ass? YES

Would you like to be gangbanged? YES

DO you like bareback up your ass? NO

Do you get aroused, bending over and displaying your ass? YES

Have you ever gotten cum in your eye? NO

Have you ever used a fucking machine? NO

Would you ever be naked in public? YES

Have you ever edged for over an hour? YES


Do you ever masturbate outside ? YES

Do you like being fucked in your ass? NO

If you knew a family member was watching you have sex while hiding, would you keep going? YES

Do you enjoy CBT? NO

Do you think you are obsessed with cock pictures? NO

Do you like being watched during sex? YES

Can your penis be found on google? NO

Are you comfortable being naked with friends? YES

Do you like sniffing panties while you masturbate? YES

Do you prefer to be naked? YES

Do you have an orgasm more than once per day (either self or partner assistance)? YES

would you fuck a pussy very full of cum (bukkaked) ? YES

do you walk around your house or back yard nude? YES

Do you enjoy hiking nude? YES

Have you ever received cock in Ass? YES

Do you enjoy being watched while you masturbate? YES

Men moobs, love or hate yours? YES

Do you wear panties under your clothes? NO

Do you like to have something in your ass (Yes), don't like anal play(No)? YES

Would you have sex in public? YES

So the ladies enjoy cumming on guys faces during rough face fuck? YES

Do you like to piss in pussy? NO

When your getting fuck do you want him to cum in your Asshole? NO

Have you been or would you go to a Glory Hole to give or receive? YES

do you prefer cumming on a pussy and admire your load on it (YES) or cumming inside and see nothing (NO) ? NO

Boys, would you lick/fuck feet? Can be M or F x? NO

Do you enjoy interracial porn? NO

Have you fantasized about someone who knows you irl finding your pics on here and reaching out for some fun? NO

Do you like public nudity enough to go out and wave at cars naked? YES

For men, would you like to see your female sexual partner take multiple cocks? NO

Do you enjoy sharing a bath or similar naked with friends? YES

Would eat an anal creampie? NO

For men and women, would you like to see your male sexual partner take multiple women? YES

Does being a cuckold turn you on? NO

would you like to CUM a lot more (being able to fill a little glass) even if it overflows from your partner ? YES

would you suck your own cock and swallow if you could? YES

Would you like to suck a different cock every week? YES

Cum tastes good? YES

Ladies, does reaching into his pants and getting covered in precum turn you? YES

Would you let a massage therapist give you a spicy massage? YES

Would u like to watch strangers cumcover your wife/gf? YES

Do you sleep in the nude? YES

Best toy for a hands free orgasm a Prostate massager or Dildo? YES

Have you ever exercised in the nude? YES

Do you prefer to suck shaved balls (yes) or hairy balls (no) ? YES

Do you enjoy a mouthful of cum? NO

Have you ever fucked a creampie? YES

Have you ever been to a glory home? NO

would you like to be several men cumming at the same time on a pussy with fire friendly (SEMEN on each other cock)? YES

Would you drink a coffee with some cum in it ? NO

Men--Do you still get hard when thinking of your first cock experience? NO

Straight guys would you shoot your load on to another guys cock? YES

Does penis size matter? YES

Would you like to be fuck by a long cock or a fat cock? YES

Have you ever had a spur of the moment same sex encounter with someone who propositioned you as you walked past them? NO

Would you like to participate in a blow banggangbanged? YES

Are male Asshole make good to fuck holes..🌈? YES

would like to french kiss a girl after CUMMING in her mouth ? NO

Is there any friends of your partner that you would like to have sex with? YES

Has your mouth or Asshole been fuck 🤪 🌈? YES

Have you ever been fac fucked? NO

Guys, would you like to use someone else's cum as lube to jerk off? NO

Have you ever let a woman use a stap on on you? NO

Would you record a porno if paid the right price? YES

Do you like using a dildo in your ass? YES

Curious guys, do you think you will ever play with a cock? YES

Do you like the taste of Sperm? NO

do you think men with shaved legs are sexy? YES

Have you ever tongue fucked an asshole? YES

Does body count matter to you? NO

Will you suck a big dick with your girlfriend/wife? YES

How do you like balls, shaved ( Yes) or hairy ( No)? YES

Does anyone else like to have your cock pulled stretched and bit and chewed on? NO

do you like the smell of CUM? NO

Would you like one or more men standing over you jacking off while you're lying down masturbating? NO

Have you said "NO" to someone who you really wanted to have sex with? NO

As a man have you participated in Golden Shower play as receiver or giver? NO

Have you ever been fucked with a strap on? NO

Would you suck uncut cocks make em cum.♥️🌈? YES

Has anyone ever been attracted to a friend in school that you dreamed of sucking his dick? NO

you prefer eat your own CUM than another guy's one ? NO

Did you ever masturbate in a public toilet? NO

Would you like to be a cum dump for a dozen or so breeders? NO