MA_B39's answers to questions of the day

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Do you like "furry"/"anthro" art? NO

Straight guys; would you cum on your womans tits & lick it off? NO

Do you men regularly shave your entire pubes or trim very short (yes) or leave your pubes natural (no). Just wondering what the stats are on shaved or very short trimmed pubes on men vs natural pubes? YES

Would you have sex with your daughter/son? NO

Would you receive anal in a MFM threesome? YES

Do you enjoy anal toys? NO

Have you ever exposed someone's nudes against their will? NO

Have you ever had sex outside before? YES

Who is like me love anal sex all day if could every day? NO

Is being caught naked in embarrassing situations a turn on yes or no? YES

straight guys : even if you're into girls, are you a cum fetish (like to see other men cumming, fantasize about tasting cum, etc.) ? NO

Guys, have you ever, or would you ever be double penetrated? NO

Do you like to slide your tongue into your partner's anus? YES

Does it make gay/bi a straight guy if he enjoys anal play with himself? NO

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex? YES

Loud moaning during male ejaculation , do you like it.? YES

Does size really matter? NO

Have you ever done a guy and girl at the same time? YES

Men do you milk your prostrate? YES

Do you think a long foreskin is hot? YES

do you save/download people's images on here? NO

Do you think having a bigger head is more important big balls? YES

Would you fuck man? YES

would you fuck a guy who has has a pussy instead of a dick? YES

I am always naked when I come to chat or open this site. Are you? YES

Do your balls draw up in your stomach when you cum real hard? NO

Straight/Curious guys - if you could arrange a secret wank/suck session would you do it? YES

does the race of your sexual partner matter to you? NO

Would you do an ATM ; )? NO

Do you wish you could shoot your cum further than you do? NO

Should your partner be taller than you are? YES

Does anyone else have a craving to try cock but has no other interest in men...purely for cock? YES

did you ever ask your wife to insert a dildo up your ass? YES

Has your asshole ever been fuck by a friend? YES

Do you enjoy the smell of your partner's pussy/dick after a few days without showering? NO

Do you like showing your ass more than your dick? NO

Would you enjoy being the opposite gender? YES

If you could would you suck your own cum of your cock.😁🌈? YES

Have you ever drink your partner pee ? NO

Do you like your ball sack pulled on? YES

Have you sent an unsolicited dick pic? NO

Do you wear sexy panties every day? NO

Do you shave your genitals daily? YES

Have you ever tried or practice anal stretching? NO

Men, do you like ladies seeing and/or licking your asshole? YES

Do you like shaved cock? YES

Do you like to compare your penis with others? YES

Have you ever wanted to try Fisting? NO

Would you be ok if your friends found your nudes here / other places? YES

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? YES

Did you taste cum? YES

Would you send a dick pic to a woman if she asked you for a pic? YES

Would you like to, or have u already experienced anal gaping? YES

Have you ever used an anonymous glory hole? YES

Have you ever gotten cum in your eye? NO

Would you like to run a nudist club/resort? YES

Do you enjoy being watched while you masturbate? YES

Do you wear panties under your clothes? NO

Do you like to have something in your ass (Yes), don't like anal play(No)? NO

Would you have sex in public? YES

If invited, would you participate in an orgy? YES

I was checking cock pics and my cock got hard does it means i'm gay? YES

When questioned directly, or just in casual conversation, are you honest about your sexual quirks and fantasies, or are you reserved or modest about them? YES

would you like to CUM a lot more (being able to fill a little glass) even if it overflows from your partner ? NO

Have you ever been to a glory home? YES

Would you like to participate in a blow banggangbanged? YES