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Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone more for their personality than their looks? YES

Have you ever shoved something up your ass ? YES

Would you tongue fuck an ass and eat out an anal cream pie (male or female)? NO

Are you into sph (small penis humiliation)? NO

Do you enjoy giving or receiving bph (big penis humiliation)? NO

If there were a convention of people on Syd/syc would you attend? YES

Did you ever jizz in your pants or underwear? NO

Would you ever share your wife for a MFM threesome? YES

Would you have sex with your daughter/son? YES

Do you enjoy looking at vintage porn? NO

Am I gay if I like to see cocks? NO

Do you enjoy getting compliments on your pictures? YES

Do you like the feeling of cheating your partner? NO

straight guys : even if you're into girls, are you a cum fetish (like to see other men cumming, fantasize about tasting cum, etc.) ? YES

If I have a tiny dick am I man enough for a woman? NO

After getting ass fucked do you like to do an ATM finish? NO

If someone of a gender you're not attracted to likes/comments on your pics, does it bother you? NO

Should at least 1 nude picture be required on a member page? YES

would you let me watch you pee ? NO

Have ever jerked off to your own penis pics on the site ? YES

Do you show off in public (yes) or just in private (no)? NO

Have you ever shaved someone elses genitals? NO

Do you like play with butt plugs or dildos? NO

Would you expose your sisters nudes if you had them? YES

Do you like other men you find hot being sluts for your own cock? YES

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex? NO

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

Do you like eating cum? YES

Have you ever sucked cock or gotten you cock sucked in a car? YES

Man should be try anal sex at least one time? YES

would you let your friends fuck your sister? YES

Do you like being called daddy? YES

Have you ever met up with other members on the site? NO

Have you ever put something from the refrigerator or freezer up your ass? NO

Do you like pierced cocks? NO

You cum on your hand, hands masturbating do you lick/ suck it off Yes or No? YES

Do big cocks turn you on more than little cocks? YES

Have you ever masturbated at the beach ? NO

Do you live alone ? NO

If a person has a great dick do you care what they look like? NO

Do you want your friends to fuck your wife? YES

Do you like to give/receive anal cream pie? YES

Would you fuck your sister inlaw? YES

Have you ever eaten someone else's cum? NO

Would you eat your own cum from a pussy? YES