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Like a brutal BDSM play more than ordenary sex? NO

do you find the perineum a turn on espescially during orgasam? YES

Have you ever being Rim before getting Fuck? YES

Straight guys, do you enjoy looking at others men's hard cocks at this site? YES

Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone more for their personality than their looks? YES

Have you ever shoved something up your ass ? YES

Would you tongue fuck an ass and eat out an anal cream pie (male or female)? NO

Do you enjoy cleaning out your rectum and colon in preparation for anal play. (male or female)? YES

If you found out that friends or family found your photos, would that excite you? NO

Is there such a thing as an ugly dick? YES

Straight guys would you fuck a guy in the ass if he paid you? YES

Have you ever tasted your own precum? YES

Have you ever stuck your tongue inside of an asshole? YES

I get hard when people think I have a good ass to fuck do you? YES

Guys, have you ever, or would you ever be double penetrated? NO

Would you like getting "caught" jerking off in your car and watched by another guy? YES

Does it hurt to take it in the ass for the first time? YES

Have you ever flashed your cock or masturbated in public? YES

Loud moaning during male ejaculation , do you like it.? YES

do you like ballbusting? NO

Do straight guys like compliments on your dick from gay guys? YES

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Do you like your own cock? YES

Have you ever masturbated at the beach ? YES

do you finger your ass hole? YES

Have you ever used an anonymous glory hole? NO