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Did you ever drink someone else's piss? NO

do you like a girl or girls jacking you off while one or both clothed??? NO

Does the sight of a shapely male ass, either nude or in tight shorts/suits, etc. turn you on? YES

Does feeling that your cock isn't porn-quality enough hinder your performance? NO

Did you ever had a double anal penetration? NO

Guys only: If a guy simply came up to you and asked for a blowjob would you give him one knowing he was clean? YES

Do you like to lick arses of men? NO

Have you ever tried a "Naked Man" move on someone you were not in a relationship already? YES

Do you use toys / vibrators etc. with your partner? NO

Have you ever experienced getting your toe(s) or foot sucked while being fucked or fucking? NO

have you ever swallowed your own cum ? NO

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? NO

Have you ever had sex on webcam? NO

If I like to see dicks a make me gay? YES

Do you like to tuck your nuts up inside yourself for an orgasam? YES

Have you ever had a guy fuck your feet and cum on them? NO

Do you enjoy having something (a finger, toy) in your ass while fucking or being fucked? YES

Have you had an orgasm in a room where all parties in said room were unaware that you came? NO

Ever had someone just ask you to suck their dick? YES

Do u eat your cum if u do than is it everytime you do? NO

would you like to be fuck in the asshloe just to try it even if makes you gay? YES

When you were younger did you fuck your older neighbor? NO

Have you ever eaten ass? NO

Being pegged can just be as good as receiving a real dick -- yes or no? YES

Are you disappointed if the pics you post here don't get as many views as you'd hoped? NO

Ever suck someone to find out later you knew him? NO

Have you ever try or still sometimes doing selfsuck ? NO

Would you suck your own dick or eat your pussy, if you could? NO

For women : Does getting fucked back and forth between ass and pussy turn you on? NO

Straight boys... do you mind getting checked out by another guy? NO

Do you think the percentage of men who are turned on by dix and ballz is much higher than most people will admit? YES

Have you ever tasted your own cum? NO

Can your balls retract out of your sack into your body? NO

MMF threesome, the woman comes in to see two big cocked guys stroking the other's cock. They both suck each other hard to get ready to fuck her. Turn on (yes) or Turn off (no)? NO

Would you suck/fuck a big sized cock that doesn't look visually pleasing to you? (Ugly penis)? YES

Do you like having your asshole licked with people watching? NO

Have you let someone piss in your mouth and swallowed it? NO

Do you prefer outdoor pics? NO

If you saw a man with his zipper down and no underwear. Would it turn you on? NO

Do you wish your wife/GF would fuck you with a strap on regularly? NO

does it bother you if a white girl also likes and takes BBC? NO

Have you ever been caught wanking by your parents,brother or sister ? NO

Does a beard make a man sexier? YES

If your partner asked you to let someone the same geder as you watch you having sex would you agree? YES

Do you like to get fucked in the ass? YES

Did you ever masterbate with friends growing up? YES

do you talk with your wife/husband about your cuckold fantasies? NO

Would you like to be gang banged (Male or female)? NO

If you are a gay man, do you mind if ladies get a kick out of seeing your pics? NO

Would you let a user on here fuck your partner? YES

have you ever put your ass pussy to hole in glory hole? NO

Would you like to watch your wife suck cock at a Glory Hole? NO

Do you have a circumfetish? NO

Is penis size really important to you? YES

Did you ever get an orgasm in a fitting-room? YES

Straight guys, do you find it exciting when men watch you stroke your hard cock on cam? YES

As a straight man, do you like it if a gay man says that you are hot? YES

would you prefer to fuck a pussy with other men cum (yes) or use regular lube (no) ? NO

Have you ever watched a family member have sex? NO

Have you ever sucked more than one dick at a time ? NO

If an unknown woman put her pussy to the Gloryhole, would you fuck her? NO

Are Speedos hot ? NO

Should members falsely representing themselves with pics off the internet be banned? NO

Is it gay to enjoy objects up your asshole? NO

are you a bukkake fan ? NO

Have you ever had your genital area waxed? NO

Do you like 69 during foreplay, male or female? NO

would you confront your mum if you find her in this site or any other adult video chat site? NO

Have you ever been "face fucked" (male or female)? NO

Have you been anally penetrated? (By others or with a toy)? YES

would you love some tribute of your pics? NO

Which is best the Edging (yes) or the Orgasm (no)? NO

If asked to would you give a blowjob and swallow? NO

Would you have a friend that you video sext and trade nudes with? YES

Do you like showing your nude body? YES

Have you ever secretly wanked with a family member in the same room who is unaware? NO

even straight, you would taste another man's CUM ? YES

Do you like to masturbate on webcam? NO

Do you prefer cocks with foreskin (intact)? NO

MMF threesome : would you let the other guy cum first to slide your cock in her creampied pussy ? NO

Is uncircumcised dicks liked as much as circumcised ones? NO

Should all men try another cock at least once? YES

Have you seen anyone you know on here? NO

after fuck, cumming on her (pussy, belly, face...) is better than cumming inside her? NO

Is your shaft thicker than your cock head [Yes], or your head thicker than your shaft [No]? NO

Do you think it is enjoyable too tie your balls up and jerkoff? NO

Do you like black cock ? YES

Wearing briefs = a larger bulge? NO

Have you tried a gloryhole? NO

do you think SYD should have a live cam 2 cam section ? NO

Is it okay to have sex with a family member? NO

Would you have full on sex with a 50+ year old man? NO

ever let a stranger masturbate with you? NO

Have you ever been woken up with a blowjob? NO

Am I gay if I like to see cocks? NO

Straight guys, have you ever had your cock sucked at a Gloryhole? YES

Guys, do you like to have your nips stroked, kissed, licked, bitten? NO

If your friend just ask you to show your dick to him would you think he is gay? YES