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If you have chance to do a 3 some did you chose someone you know or stranger? YES

Curved cock or straight cock? YES

Are you in a relation ship ? (Married, or pretty serious relations)? YES

is it cool if you only want to get sucked but not suck at a glory hole? YES

Do you like to masturbate in front of a mirror? YES

Have you ever had an orgy? YES

During a cuckold, do you use a condom, yes or no? NO

Would you ever ingage in group sex with multiple partners, everyone is bareback and the only way to finish is a creampie, ejaculating inside her vagina or ass? YES

Do you find pregnant women more sexually attractive? YES

Did you ever taste your own precum while masterbating? YES

Do you like to lick arses of men? NO

Are you disappointed if the pics you post here don't get as many views as you'd hoped? NO

Have you ever touched the genitalia of another person of the same sex? YES

Have you ever cum/orgasmed in a shower that did not have separate stalls? YES