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Do you and your partner masturbate in front of each other? NO

Ever jerk off to your old pics posted here? YES

Have you ever flashed a stranger in public? YES

Does your cock stay rock hard as your getting fucked? YES

ever got a blow job at the park? YES

Do you have or would you like have an online friend for masterbation fun? YES

does all dicks of all sizes make u hard and horny? NO

do you like to suck cock with other people watching? NO

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? NO

am i gay if i suck cock everyday? NO

Have you ever sucked an anonymous cock at a gloryhole? YES

Are you more turned on by body odor (yes) or do you rather prefer fresh showered (no)? NO

If you saw a man with his zipper down and no underwear. Would it turn you on? NO

Have you ever flashed the head of your cock to one of your friends? NO

Are Speedos hot ? NO

even if you're straight, would you like to taste another man's cum ? NO

have you eaten another mans cum from a woman pussy or tits? NO

do you like taking pics of your cock at the beach? YES

is incest okay if both people consent? NO

Straight guys, do like sharing pictures of your hard cock with others, both men and women? YES

Do you eat your own creampie from your wife's pussy after fucking her? NO

Have you ever cum on your own face and swallowed your load? NO

Do you enjoy giving or receiving bph (big penis humiliation)? NO

Have you ever wanted to try Fisting? YES

Do women like pegging guys? NO