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Have you ever drove naked through town? YES

Would any str8 mature man actually like to try sucking a cock to see how that feel to do? NO

Men prefer masturbation to fucking a woman? NO

Would you be the one sucking cock at a glory hole? YES

Is a small cock head a turn off? NO

do you taste your precum during a long wank session ? YES

Have you ever masturbated while driving? YES

would you finish a guy off with your mouth after he fucks your bottom bareback? YES

Do you enjoy the visual delights of sex, i.e. being seen nude, as much as the sex itself? YES

Have you been to a gloryhole? YES

Do you masturbate more than 5 times a week? YES

pubic hair on women.... yes or no? NO

Have you ever been recognized from one of these websites? NO

Fat cocks give more satisfaction than long cocks? NO

Would you suck someones cock you met on SYD? YES

do you like to torture your cock? NO

have you visited a nudist beach or colony? YES

Would you let a stranger masterbate you? YES

A vaginal fuck is much more pleasurable than an anal fuck? YES

do u like to watch couples? YES

Ever masturbate while driving? YES

Do you like to do 69er's Yes or No? YES

Ever masturbated in a public shower? YES

do you prefer a cut cock over an uncut one? YES

If you're in a relationship. Does your partner know you're on this site? YES

Dou you love being fucked in public places? YES

Does it make you horny knowing people are looking at your pictures? YES

Is it wrong to want to fuck your wifes sister or best friend? NO

Would you let your partner have sex with someone of the same sex, without considering it cheating? YES

Would you let your best friend fuck your wife? YES

Do you and your partner masturbate in front of each other? YES

Have you ever shown or part shown your cock/pussy in public? YES

If your gal asked you to suck a cock and drink the cum so she could watch would you do it just for her pleasure? YES

is there some gayness on you? YES

Do you like to swallow cum? YES

Have you ever had sex with a stranger at a nude beach? YES

Have you told your spouse about everyone youve ever had sex with? YES

Have you EVER caused a woman to gush or squirt? YES

Would you/have you let your partner piss in your mouth? NO

When sucking you like the taste of cum ? YES

On the same note as the other day, however, would you eat someone elses cum oozing from a pussy? YES

Do you think sex with two people at the same time is more fun than sex with just one? YES

Was your first fuck up to your expections of it? YES

Would it turn you on to have a group of people watch you suck cock? YES

Would you let your partner use a dildo on you? YES

Has sex and/or porn completely taken over your life? NO

Do you prefer ass-fucking over pussy-fucking? NO

Is an uncut cock more fun to suck a cut one? NO

Have you ever received or been in a double penetration? YES

Would you grant your spouse their greatest sexual fantasy even if you were uncomfortable with it? YES

Astroglide over Vaseline? YES

Do you REALLY find assholes )*( attractive and or a turn on? YES

Ever gone ass to mouth? YES

Would you rather suck a cock (yes) or get fucked in the ass (no)? NO

Guys, Girls & Shemales. Have you ever sucked off a total stranger? YES

Have You ever been recognized by Your internet pics in Your real-life? NO

Do you like a guy with natural grown pube ? YES

Would you allow a man and a woman to give you oral sex at the same time? YES

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? YES

Do you like hairy women ? NO

Shaved dicks/pussies are more sexy than hairy? YES

Are you turned on by smoothly shaved or waxed pussies and/or cocks? YES

Do you prefer veiny or smooth dicks? YES

Given a choice, would you rather suck (yes) or be sucked (no)? YES

If you have chance to do a 3 some did you chose someone you know or stranger? YES

Do you have or would you like have an online friend for masterbation fun? YES

Are you in a relation ship ? (Married, or pretty serious relations)? YES

During a cuckold, do you use a condom, yes or no? YES

Would you ever ingage in group sex with multiple partners, everyone is bareback and the only way to finish is a creampie, ejaculating inside her vagina or ass? YES

Did you ever drink someone else's piss? NO

Do you use toys / vibrators etc. with your partner? YES

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? YES

Do you enjoy having something (a finger, toy) in your ass while fucking or being fucked? YES

When you were younger did you fuck your older neighbor? YES

Have you ever cum/orgasmed in a shower that did not have separate stalls? YES

Would you suck your own dick or eat your pussy, if you could? YES

Do you like to play or see pumped penis? YES

would you let a woman use her toys/strapons on you? YES

If you saw a man with his zipper down and no underwear. Would it turn you on? NO

Have you ever been caught wanking by your parents,brother or sister ? YES

you prefer : CUM on her tits (yes) or on her pussy (no)? YES

Would you participate in a devil's threesome? (MMF)? YES

Did you ever get an orgasm in a fitting-room? YES

Do you ever think about your friends/co-workers being nude, masterbating, or having sex? YES

Have you ever masturbated while someone else played with your ass? YES

Have you ever sucked more than one dick at a time ? YES

Are Speedos hot ? NO

do you like masturbate? YES

Do you masturbate to orgasm while on this site? YES

Would you like to be fist fucked vaginally or anally? YES

I truly love BALLZ! Do you enjoy playing with and sucking on BALLZ? YES

I absutely LOVE to drive TOTALLY NUDE! Would you drive completely nude? (Either highway or in town or both)? YES

Have you ever been to a glory hole and sucked an anonymous cock? YES

Would you get fucked by someone in the ass with a strapon? YES

Have you seen anyone you know on here? NO

Do you like black cock ? YES

do you fantasize about your first sex with a man? NO

Do women like to watch themselves masturbating? YES

Would you like to suck BLACK COCK ? Like chocolaty lolypop? YES

Do you want multiple sexual partners even if in a relationship? YES

Have you tried a gloryhole? YES

do you think SYD should have a live cam 2 cam section ? YES

Have you ever sucked more than one cock at the same time? YES

Ever hooked up with anyone you met on site? NO


Is it ok to let your kids explore their bodies? YES

Have you ever sucked more then one cock at a time? YES

Do you like to be rimmed? YES

Man/woman: of same sex, would you rather suck/lick (YES) or get sucked/licked (NO)? NO

Do you pee in the shower? YES

Have you ever been able to have a hands free orgasm alone without anal or prostate stimulation? YES

Would you do ass to mouth after being fucked in your ass ( male or female)? YES

Have u ever got stuck while having sex? NO

ever let a stranger masturbate with you? YES

Are you pee shy? NO

Did you ever cum while driving?(with or without help)? YES

would you taste anoter man's semen on a pussy? YES

Are small dicks a turn on? YES

Have you ever had an orgasm from ONLY oral sex? YES

Have you ever being Rim before getting Fuck? YES

Would you walk around naked in front of strangers, or jerk off in front of strangers in public? YES

are sexually dominant women more fun? YES

do you like limp dick? YES

Would you every consider of thinking getting false Tits and putting them on? YES

Would you tongue fuck an ass and eat out an anal cream pie (male or female)? YES

Is it OK for a guy to use bigger dildos than a female? YES

Spit for lube? YES

Have you ever been caught wanking? YES

Do you think that all men should experience something up their ass? YES

Do you enjoy sexting(sex talk by messages)? YES

Would you ever share your wife for a MFM threesome? YES

Would you suck off a guy who has one testicle? YES

Would u drink cum as a beverage in ur normal day life if u could? NO

have you ever had car sex? YES

If I have a tiny dick am I man enough for a woman? YES

Should at least 1 nude picture be required on a member page? YES

How many have had a threesome? YES

Do you show off in public (yes) or just in private (no)? YES

Have you ever shaved someone elses genitals? YES

Do you like play with butt plugs or dildos? YES

Would you watch while I fuck your wife or husband? YES

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

Do you need a mild whipping to get a hard-on ? NO

Have you ever made a video of you masturbating and shared it and would you do it again? YES

do you like ballbusting? YES

Have you ever sucked cock or gotten you cock sucked in a car? YES

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Should it be legal to be nude? YES

Have you ever masturbated in a public place ? YES

would you let your friends fuck your sister? YES

Do you like pubes or no pubes better? YES

You cum on your hand, hands masturbating do you lick/ suck it off Yes or No? YES

Do big cocks turn you on more than little cocks? YES

would you lick a pussy with another man's cum on it ? YES

do you finger your ass hole? YES

Can a public toilet turn you on, being there? NO

Would you play with or let someone play with you of the same same sex during a threesome with both sexes involved? YES

Do you ever just go for it? Just reach over and pull it out of his pants without saying a word? YES

have you ever cum by thinking of someone close to you? YES

Would you like to just be in the same room as another couple and play without touching? YES

If you masterbate with a stranger online and your spouse dosnt know is it cheating? NO

I want to get fuck in my mouth and my asshole at the same time. 🌈 would you? YES

Would you like to see your partner have sex with another person? YES

Would you kiss your girlfriend with a mouthful of your cum? YES

Have you ever done a guy and girl at the same time? YES

Have you ever got caught masterbateing by a family member..😛? YES

do you save/download people's images on here? NO

Would you fuck man? YES

Do you like cum in your ass M/F? YES

I am always naked when I come to chat or open this site. Are you? NO

Are small real tits better than big fake ones? YES

Should your partner be taller than you are? YES

It's hot flashing outside? YES

Do you wear sexy panties every day? NO

Have you ever wanted to try Fisting? YES

Would you be ok if your friends found your nudes here / other places? YES

I like to get fuck by a hard cock and get fill full of sperm 🤩🌈? YES

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? NO

Do you like to go without underwear? YES

Would you like to, or have u already experienced anal gaping? YES

do you like to watch a guy getting fuck by another guy? NO

Are you concerned your parents, siblings and friends will find out you're on this site? NO

Have you ever used an anonymous glory hole? YES

Have you ever let a man fuck you raw (without a condom) and let him cum in your ass? YES

Would you like to be gangbanged? YES

Have you ever gotten cum in your eye? YES

Have you ever used a fucking machine? YES

Have you ever acted on an impulse and had a sexual encounter with someone you literally just met? YES

Do you think you are obsessed with cock pictures? NO

Have you sucked more than 12 cocks? YES

Are you comfortable being naked with friends? YES

Have you been or would you go to a Glory Hole to give or receive? YES

Are You Afraid People You Know Will Find You Naked Online? NO

Do you enjoy sharing a bath or similar naked with friends? YES

Would you like to suck a different cock every week? YES

Would you let a massage therapist give you a spicy massage? YES

Would you like to kiss your woman after she has just blow another man? YES

Do you prefer to suck shaved balls (yes) or hairy balls (no) ? YES

Does penis size matter? NO

Do you prefer the genital Area hairy (yes) or shaved (no)? NO

Have you ever had a spur of the moment same sex encounter with someone who propositioned you as you walked past them? YES

Would you like to participate in a blow banggangbanged? YES

Do you love precum? YES