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If you could, would you reach out and meet someone here just for sex? YES

If you saw a pic of someone on this site that you know (friend, neighbour, work colleague, family member etc.), would you mention anything about it to them? NO

Do you like to suck cock? YES

have you ever been sucked by a stranger? YES

Do you like to eat​ creampies? YES

would you let two Black men fuck you at the same time? YES

Would you accept money to let someone sleep with You? YES

Would you eat your own cum? NO

Would you let a shemale fuck you hard? YES

Does sexual attraction to shemales mean you are gay? NO

Is your penis longer than 4,6 inch? YES

does going to a glory hole totally excite you? YES

would you like to watch ur wife fucking other man in front of you...?? YES

Would you let your wife cuckold you? YES

Have you ever been gang fucked? NO

Was your first sexual experience with a guy. ( yes ) or a girl. (no)? NO

Does getting fucked by a shemale make you gay? NO

Have you ever participated in an orgy? NO

Do YOU find it a turn-off, if your sexual partner enjoys both Male & Female? YES

Do you like sph and cuckolding? YES

Have you ever been truly Deep Throated? NO

Do you love to lick and kiss balls? NO

If you are married is it ok to have some masturbating friends on the side? NO

Do you like to swallow your own cum in your partner's mouth? YES

Have you ever sucked the cock that just came in you ass? NO

If a Hot woman asked your to play with her boyfriends cock would you? YES

Did you ever tried sex with a man? YES

Do you prefer group sex/threesomes to one-to-ones? YES

would you tell your spouse or significant other that you have same sex fantasizes? NO

Do you like your spouse/partner swallowing another mans spunk? YES

Should the penis head be fatter than the penis shaft? YES

Do you prefer being fucked with more than one cock? YES

Boy Or Girl, Do You Like Being Used As Anal Sex Toy ? YES

Do you want to watch your wife get fucked? YES

Have you been fucked by a shemale? NO

Have you ever spied on your friend while he/she takes a shower? NO

Do you like swallowing cum? NO

Would you slide your rock hard cock through a glory hole and not care who is sucking you off? NO

Have you ever had sex in a public toilet? NO

Have you ever drove naked through town? NO

Short or long matters? YES

Would you be the one sucking cock at a glory hole? YES

Is a small cock head a turn off? NO

would you finish a guy off with your mouth after he fucks your bottom bareback? NO

Do you enjoy the visual delights of sex, i.e. being seen nude, as much as the sex itself? YES

Have you been to a gloryhole? NO

Fat cocks give more satisfaction than long cocks? NO

Would you suck someones cock you met on SYD? YES

do you like to torture your cock? NO

Would you let a stranger masterbate you? YES

if a man would you like to butt fuck another male? NO

A vaginal fuck is much more pleasurable than an anal fuck? YES

do u like to watch couples? YES

Ever masturbate while driving? NO

Do you like to finger your ass while jerking off? NO

Do you like to do 69er's Yes or No? NO

would you let a much bigger cock fuck your wife or girlfriend? YES

do you prefer a cut cock over an uncut one? YES

If you're in a relationship. Does your partner know you're on this site? YES

Dou you love being fucked in public places? NO

Does it make you horny knowing people are looking at your pictures? YES

Is it wrong to want to fuck your wifes sister or best friend? NO

Would you let your partner have sex with someone of the same sex, without considering it cheating? YES

Would you let your best friend fuck your wife? YES

Do you masturbate to other members? YES

Have you told your spouse about everyone youve ever had sex with? NO

If I fantasize about sucking a nice cock, does that make me gay? NO

Would you eat your own cum oozing from a pussy? NO

Would assfisting turn you on? NO

When having sex, do you like to talk dirty? YES

Would it turn you on to have a group of people watch you suck cock? NO

Would you let your partner use a dildo on you? YES

If you're a guy and with a dildo in you ass it make you gay? NO

Do you prefer ass-fucking over pussy-fucking? NO

If you were recieving oral from a stranger and found out part way through it was a member of the same sex, would you let them finish (yes) or stop(no)? YES

would you love to have a tight cock ring ? YES

Do you wish you had been a professional porn star? YES

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? YES

is cool to just want sex with men down low but don't want to be gay in daily life? YES

Do you like hairy women ? NO

Shaved dicks/pussies are more sexy than hairy? YES

Is participating on this site while in a relationship cheating? NO

Do you like fucking your ass as you jerk your cock? NO

Have you ever spied on your friends while they were masturbating, without them knowing? NO

Do you like small cocks...??? NO

Would you let another male trim and shave your cock and balls silky smooth ? YES

Ever jerk off to your old pics posted here? YES

Have you ever flashed a stranger in public? NO

Have you ever been pressured & convinced into giving a straight man a blowjob before in your life? YES

Does your cock stay rock hard as your getting fucked? YES

Is it the size of a cock that turns you on (yes) or a man's attitude that makes him sexy (no)? YES

Are you turned on by smoothly shaved or waxed pussies and/or cocks? YES

Do you prefer veiny or smooth dicks? YES

Have you given a blowjob to get one in return? NO

Do you like fit partner (yes) or chubby one (no)? YES

ever got a blow job at the park? NO

Strap guys - would you rather have a guy cum in your mouth or your ass? NO

Do you masturbate while watching video of yourself masturbating? YES

Do tattoos/piercings turn you on? NO

Do you like to lick your own pre cum and cum? YES

do you like to suck a cock and get ass fucked at the same time? YES

Given a choice, would you rather suck (yes) or be sucked (no)? YES

If you are gay and see a pic of a HOT DICK or ASS and then check the sender's profile and they say they're straight, do you still write a compliment (yes) or not (no)? YES

Have you ever had any type of sexual experiances with a family member? YES

If you have chance to do a 3 some did you chose someone you know or stranger? YES

Curved cock or straight cock? NO

is it cool if you only want to get sucked but not suck at a glory hole? NO

was your first time bareback? YES

do you like to suck cock with other people watching? NO

During a cuckold, do you use a condom, yes or no? YES

Did you ever had a double anal penetration? NO

guys, if you serviced a straight male friend at a glory hole, would you let him know or not? NO

Did you ever taste your own precum while masterbating? YES

Do you like to lick arses of men? NO

Do you use toys / vibrators etc. with your partner? NO

have you ever swallowed your own cum ? YES

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? NO

Have you ever had sex on webcam? YES

Do you like to tuck your nuts up inside yourself for an orgasam? NO

Do you enjoy having something (a finger, toy) in your ass while fucking or being fucked? YES

Ever had someone just ask you to suck their dick? YES

Do u eat your cum if u do than is it everytime you do? YES

Have you ever eaten ass? NO

do you like to cum ON (not in) her pussy ? NO

does it bother you if a white girl also likes and takes BBC? NO

Have you met and fucked anyone off here? NO

Have you ever been caught wanking by your parents,brother or sister ? YES

Have you ever used a fleshlight? NO

When sucking cock, would you prefer it to be shaved? YES

Does a beard make a man sexier? NO

Do you like to get fucked in the ass? YES

Would you like to be gang banged (Male or female)? YES

Would you participate in a devil's threesome? (MMF)? YES

Does it make you gay if you only like the penis on a male, nothing else attracts you? NO

Is penis size really important to you? YES

Do you ever think about your friends/co-workers being nude, masterbating, or having sex? YES

Straight guys, do you find it exciting when men watch you stroke your hard cock on cam? NO

As a straight man, do you like it if a gay man says that you are hot? YES

would you prefer to fuck a pussy with other men cum (yes) or use regular lube (no) ? NO

Is it gay to enjoy objects up your asshole? NO

Who wants a cum tribute? YES

Do most guys secretly want to watch their gf/wife fuck a stranger? YES

even if you're straight, would you like to taste another man's cum ? YES

Would you fuck your ass if you had 100% successful chance of a hands free orgasm? YES

Would you suck cock for her in a mmf because she has a fantsy about it? YES

Straight guys, would you take part in a gay porn movie if paid mega bucks to do so? YES

Do you like loose pussy/ass? YES

straight [Yes] or bisexual [No? NO

MMF threesome : would you let the other guy cum first to slide your cock in her creampied pussy ? YES

Have you ever sucked a dick? YES

Should all boys have to get foreskin circumcised? NO

Have you seen anyone you know on here? NO

Do you like black cock ? YES

Would you like to suck BLACK COCK ? Like chocolaty lolypop? YES

Have you masturbared to pictures of your own cock? YES

Have you ever sucked more than one cock at the same time? NO

straight guys : excited to see other men cumming ? YES

Have you ever sucked more then one cock at a time? NO

Ever watch your wife getting fucked? YES

Are small dicks a turn on? NO

Is your cock thicker towards your base (yes) or towards your cock head (no)? NO

are sexually dominant women more fun? YES

Do you prefer foreskin over cut cocks? YES

would you like to fuck a sissy slut? YES

Do you think that all men should experience something up their ass? YES

If you had to choose one for the rest of your life: TOP [yes] BOTTOM [no? NO

Do you like your own cock? YES

In your life, did you have more sexual intercurses with women than with men ?? YES

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? NO

Any men have a desire to play with a cock but have no interest in the rest of a males body? YES

If you knew a family member was watching you have sex while hiding, would you keep going? YES

To the ladies, do you like sucking cock after you cum on it? YES