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Do you like to masturbate outside? NO

have you ever dick flashed a neighbor? NO

Would you let your woman finger your ass while she sucks your dick? NO

do you like to look into your partners eyes while fucking them? NO

Would you let your spouse/partner appear in a hardcore porn movie? NO

Does getting fucked by a shemale make you gay? NO

Have you ever participated in an orgy? NO

Have you ever been truly Deep Throated? NO

Do well shaped and pretty (female!) feet turn you on? NO

Do you love to lick and kiss balls? NO

Do you like your spouse/partner swallowing another mans spunk? NO

Have you ever masturbated while driving? NO

If you're in a relationship. Does your partner know you're on this site? NO

would you let your wife wank a stranger off? NO

As a Male that's never had an actual cock in him. Does the idea still get you hard? NO

When having sex, do you like to talk dirty? NO

Would you let your partner use a dildo on you? NO

Do straight men - look at other mens cocks in the shower? NO

Guys--is your cock hard when you're getting fucked? NO

True or False: Sucking a dick does not make you gay (it's just sex). Being gay is defined by the degree of your attraction to the same sex? NO

Do you like a guy with natural grown pube ? NO

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? NO

Does your cock stay rock hard as your getting fucked? NO

ever got a blow job at the park? NO

Curved cock or straight cock? NO

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? NO

Have you ever had sex on webcam? NO

Are you dominant and enjoy spanking others into submission? NO

Have you ever cum/orgasmed in a shower that did not have separate stalls? NO

Do you ever have touched your bestfriend while sleeping? NO

Power play? Men who would like to be dominated select "YES"; women who would like to be the dom select "NO.? NO

Are pumped cocks sexy? NO

would you like to jerk off with other men semen ? NO

have you ever put your ass pussy to hole in glory hole? NO

Have you ever watched a family member have sex? NO

Do you enjoy having sex next to the hotel window? NO

do you like masturbate? NO

Have you ever watched another couple have sex in person? NO

If you are ask to cum on camera you do it yes/no? NO

Is it hot if guys wear panties? NO

Would you ever watch porn with your dad? NO

Do women like to watch themselves masturbating? NO

Would you like to suck BLACK COCK ? Like chocolaty lolypop? NO

would you be more excited if another guy cums on your cock in a straight bukkake ? NO

do you prefer dick over pussy? NO

Would you rather Recieve (YES) oral sex or Perform (NO) oral sex? NO


Should SYD create a live webcam room where people can get naked and have fun in a group? NO

Do you like eating cum? NO

Yes i like nude pics sent to me? YES

Do you like to cum on your naked body/face when masturbating? NO

Do big cocks turn you on more than little cocks? NO

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? NO

Do you look at this website more than 3 times a day? NO

I was checking cock pics and my cock got hard does it means i'm gay? NO

have your ever wanted to get fuck in the asshole by friends? NO

Have you ever had or thought about a nice Warm load in you ass creampie? NO

For men and women, would you like to see your male sexual partner take multiple women? NO

Would you like to suck a different cock every week? NO

To the ladies, do you like sucking cock after you cum on it? NO

Have you ever let a woman use a stap on on you? NO

Does body count matter to you? NO