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Have you posted your dick/cunt on other web sites? YES

would you like to be gang fucked? YES

uncut men have bigger and harder erections than cut men? YES

Do sexy crossdressers get you off? YES

Is having an uncut dick a turnoff? YES

do you have a sex toy? YES

Guys, do you compare cocks with a friend or another guy just for being curious? YES

Have you ever taken two dicks up your ass at the same time? YES

who likes masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating? YES

Do you like to masturbate outside? YES

Have you ever had your arse fucked? YES

Was your first sexual experience with a guy. ( yes ) or a girl. (no)? YES

uncut cock is nicer to look when soft? YES

Have you ever pissed urine into your own mouth ? NO

Have you sucked cock or fucked in a glory hole booth? YES