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Have you ever sucked off a straiht neighbor? NO

Have you ever sucked off a buddies father? YES

Would you enjoy to eat out a hot woman (and her ass too)? NO

Would you let other guy/girl have sex with your partner? YES

(men) Have you ever came while soft? YES

Have you ever curled up and cummed on your own face? NO

Have you posted your dick/cunt on other web sites? NO

Do you like a slow wet hands free blow job? YES

Have you ever taken two dicks up your ass at the same time? NO

who likes masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating? YES

Does pain play a role in your pleasure? NO

Has this website expanded your sexuality? YES

Was your first sexual experience with a guy. ( yes ) or a girl. (no)? YES

Does your cock going from someone's ass directly to their mouth turn you on? NO

Do YOU find it a turn-off, if your sexual partner enjoys both Male & Female? YES

Do you have any fucked up fetishes, that you'd rather not talk about for anyone? YES

Do you like small cocks in lingerie? YES

Do well shaped and pretty (female!) feet turn you on? NO

Do you prefer being fucked with more than one cock? NO

Have you ever drove naked through town? YES

Is a butt fuck more enjoyable with a 'pencil' dick? NO

Do you masturbate more than 5 times a week? YES

Fat cocks give more satisfaction than long cocks? YES

would you let your wife wank a stranger off? YES

Has sex and/or porn completely taken over your life? YES

Do you prefer ass-fucking over pussy-fucking? YES

Men: ever put on women's panties to masturbate? NO

Do you wish you had been a professional porn star? NO

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? YES

Did you ever drink someone else's piss? YES

have you ever masturbated in a public toilet (uni, work etc also count)? YES

Have you ever had someone finger you or jerked you off until you came in public? YES

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? YES

Have you ever had sex on webcam? NO

If I like to see dicks a make me gay? YES

Ever had someone just ask you to suck their dick? YES

Have you ever jerked off looking at pics of your OWN junk? YES

If you saw a man with his zipper down and no underwear. Would it turn you on? YES

Have you ever used a strap-on to fuck someone? YES

Are you big enough to satisfy your partner? NO

Does a beard make a man sexier? YES

If your partner asked you to let someone the same geder as you watch you having sex would you agree? YES

Do you like to get fucked in the ass? YES

do you talk with your wife/husband about your cuckold fantasies? YES

Have you ever faked an orgasm or had someone fake one? NO

Have you ever looked at your straight friendís penis while at a urinal? YES

Is it gay to suck and be assfucked without kisses etc? YES

Would you meet another curious guy just to give eachother a handjob? YES

Have you ever given road head, or received road head? YES

circumcised? YES

Have you ever watched another couple have sex in person? YES

do you like taking pics of your cock at the beach? YES

If you knew you were going to have anal sex, male or female, would you prepare for it by cleaning yourself out? YES

Do you like seeing men spreading their cheeks and exposing their assholes? YES

Have you ever been "face fucked" (male or female)? YES

Have you been anally penetrated? (By others or with a toy)? YES

If you got penile cancer and the only way to save your life was to have it amputated, would you? YES

even straight, you would taste another man's CUM ? YES

If you like strap on does that make you gay? YES

Do you prefer cocks with foreskin (intact)? YES

Have you ever been to a glory hole and sucked an anonymous cock? YES

Is uncircumcised dicks liked as much as circumcised ones? YES

Have you seen anyone you know on here? NO

Do Straight guys like to watch themself Jerkin off in front of a Mirror? YES

do you fantasize about your first sex with a man? YES

If you are gay, do you mind getting compliments on your dick and ass from ladies and straight guys? YES

do you think SYD should have a live cam 2 cam section ? NO

Have you ever had trouble in bed due to your dick's girth? NO

straight guys : excited to see other men cumming ? YES

Should Pic of the Month identify who voted "hot" or "not"? NO

Do you like to be rimmed? YES

Man/woman: of same sex, would you rather suck/lick (YES) or get sucked/licked (NO)? YES

would you be more excited if another guy cums on your cock in a straight bukkake ? YES

Do you pee in the shower? YES

ever let a stranger masturbate with you? YES

Are you pee shy? NO

Are small dicks a turn on? YES

Straight guys, do you enjoy looking at others men's hard cocks at this site? YES

Would you selfsuck your dick and swallow your own load if you could? YES

Would you tongue fuck an ass and eat out an anal cream pie (male or female)? NO

Do you think it's strange for a straight guy to perform autofellatio? NO

Do you enjoy getting compliments on your pictures? YES

Should it be legal to be nude? YES

Have you ever met up with other members on the site? NO

Do you like to cum on your naked body/face when masturbating? YES

Do you live alone ? YES

Do you like play with anal toys? YES

Have you ever eaten someone else's cum? YES

Woud you take a homeless person to live together in your home until they get on their feet ? YES

It's hot flashing outside? YES

If you could would you suck your own cum of your cock.😁🌈? YES

Are You Afraid People You Know Will Find You Naked Online? NO

have your ever wanted to get fuck in the asshole by friends? YES

would you suck your own cock and swallow if you could? YES