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Are you into small penis humiliation? NO

Do you masturbate in the mirror ? YES

do you watch porn of yourself masterbaiting? NO

are you gay? NO

Would you dye your pubic hair? YES

would you let two Black men fuck you at the same time? NO

Would you like to get caught masturbating by a neighbor or family member? YES

A thick cock is better then a long cock? YES

BUSH (yes) or SHAVED (no) ? NO

if you could would you suck your own cock or lick your own cunt? YES

Are you a nudist, i.e. not just for sex? YES

Have you ever been spit roasted? NO

Have you ever let a dude suck your cock (even though you are straight and/or committed)? NO

If you found out that a guest in your house had a page on here, would you tell them or not? NO

Have you ever masturbated outside when you know somebody is watching? YES

Have you ever purposely cum in your underwear? YES

would you like your partner to participate on this site with you? YES

Would you like members to meet up with you in a safe confidential place? YES

Have you ever sniffed your own underwear and been aroused? NO

If you was an actor, would you accept a role requiring you to appear nude on stage? YES

Do you like to be tied up? YES

Will you eat your own creampie​? NO

Do you ever wish to be reborn as the opposite sex? YES

Would you accept a polyamorous relationship? YES

Would you fuck a chubby guy? NO

Would you do porn if you knew your parents would find out? YES

would you suck dick infront of wife/gf? NO

Have you ever come in your own mouth? NO

Can you like cocks without being attracted to men? YES

While masturbating can you make yourself cum in a minute or less? YES

Would you eat your own cum? NO

have you ever been fisted in the ass or cunt? NO

Never tried cock before...should I give it a go? YES

Have you ever masturbated pretty much nonstop for 24 hours? NO

Would u masturbate infront hundreds of fully dressed people? YES

Would You Masturbate Next To Someone Sleeping? YES

does anal insertion feel physically good for everyone? NO

Do you get turned on by watching your own nude pictures/videos? YES

Do you like to have your arse smacked while being taken from behind? YES

would you let a stranger eat your pussy? NO

Does pain get you aroused? YES

Would you take two cocks in your ass or pussy? NO

do you like your feet to be licked? YES

Have you ever reached orgasm in a place of worship such as a church or mosque? NO

Have you ever sucked off a straiht neighbor? NO

Does sexual attraction to shemales mean you are gay? NO

Would you perform oral sex on your partners anus? NO

Do you feel more confident in your body image since showing yourself off on this site? YES

would you let a man pee in your mouth while your sucking his cock? NO

Have you ever been recognized while being nude on a webcam? NO

Do you like to have your balls licked during oral sex? YES

Would you like to see your partner having sex with someone else? YES

Would you raffel your self at a gay bar? YES

Do you like a lady to piss on you? NO

Would you date a transsexual? YES

does going to a glory hole totally excite you? YES

Would you like to eat your own cum in your partner's mouth after a blowjob? NO

Do you finger your own asshole? NO

Do you sometimes get so excited you don't play safe? YES

Do you lie about your penis size to your current partner? NO

Have you masturbated at work? YES

Is 5-6 inches enough to satisfy you? NO

Do you like men in panties? YES

Would you be "gay for pay"? NO

Do you like your asshole licked? NO

Do you like being watched having sex, especially if there are several people in the audience? YES

Have you ever had sex at a gay bathhouse? NO

Is making ads for casual encounters considered slutty? NO

did you get anyone pregnant? YES

Would you eat the cum out of a condom that just came out of an ass or pussy? NO

do you masturbate more often than fucking your wife ? NO

Would your partner clean your dick with their mouth after you have just fucked them? YES

would you like to watch ur wife fucking other man in front of you...?? YES

Do you like jerking off and cumming as you suck another guys cock? NO

Have you ever sucked off a buddies father? NO

Do you like being pounded in the ass? NO

Do you think that small dicks are useless in bed? NO

do you like to show off naked in public places? YES

Do You Like Water sports? NO

Have you ever tried to enlarge your Cock with a penis pump? YES

Have you ever been gang fucked? NO

Has any woman, but not a prostitute, ever approached you looking for just sex? YES

Are you on this site to hook up? YES

have you ever flashed anyone before? YES

Would you enjoy to eat out a hot woman (and her ass too)? YES

Would you let other guy/girl have sex with your partner? YES

Do guys prefer shaved pussy or hairy pussy? YES

Have you ever had or given a footjob? YES

When you get your cock sucked or pussy licked, do you like a finger or two up your ass? YES

Are soft cocks sexier then hard cocks,? NO

Can a guy being a virgin be a turn-on? YES

(men) Have you ever came while soft? YES

Have you ever curled up and cummed on your own face? NO

Have you posted your dick/cunt on other web sites? YES

would you like to be gang fucked? YES

Im straight but let guys suck me off ONLY, am i straight? YES

uncut men have bigger and harder erections than cut men? NO

Do sexy crossdressers get you off? YES

Do you like a slow wet hands free blow job? YES

do you have a sex toy? YES

Guys, do you compare cocks with a friend or another guy just for being curious? YES

who likes masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating? NO

Does pain play a role in your pleasure? NO

which one is more exciting: cumshot (yes) or squirt (no)? YES

Has this website expanded your sexuality? YES

Do you like to masturbate outside? YES

Would you let your woman finger your ass while she sucks your dick? YES

Do you like to see nasty personal fights in the forum? NO

Have you ever had your arse fucked? NO

Do you think 6.5inches is big for a cock? YES

Do you have foot fetish? YES

did you have a jerk off buddy growing up? YES

Do you prefer a pretty face than a well shaped body? NO

Was your first sexual experience with a guy. ( yes ) or a girl. (no)? NO

Do you find yourself being more turned on by seeing a nice big cock than a pussy? NO

Have you ever pissed urine into your own mouth ? NO

Is a hairy cock hotter than a shaved cock? NO

Have you ever pissed on someone else? NO

Have you sucked cock or fucked in a glory hole booth? YES

do you like to look into your partners eyes while fucking them? YES

Would you let your spouse/partner appear in a hardcore porn movie? YES

Does getting fucked by a shemale make you gay? NO

Have you ever participated in an orgy? NO

Do YOU find it a turn-off, if your sexual partner enjoys both Male & Female? NO

Do you like sph and cuckolding? YES

Have you ever been truly Deep Throated? YES

Can a big dick force you to turn bisexual/bicurious from straight ? YES

Do you like small cocks in lingerie? YES

If you are married is it ok to have some masturbating friends on the side? NO

Do you like to swallow your own cum in your partner's mouth? NO

Do you like women pissing on your cock? NO

Have you ever sucked the cock that just came in you ass? NO

If a Hot woman asked your to play with her boyfriends cock would you? NO

Did you ever tried sex with a man? NO

Do you prefer group sex/threesomes to one-to-ones? NO

would you tell your spouse or significant other that you have same sex fantasizes? NO

Would you fuck a drag queen? NO

Do you enjoy the games offered on this site? YES

Should the penis head be fatter than the penis shaft? YES

Would you suck a limp dick just for your pleasure? NO

Do you prefer being fucked with more than one cock? NO

Boy Or Girl, Do You Like Being Used As Anal Sex Toy ? NO

Do you want to watch your wife get fucked? YES

Would you consider leaving a significant other due to lack of sex? NO

Guys only: Do you precum (at all)? YES

Do you ever see cocks like the ones on here in public places like pools, gym. Sports events? YES

Do you like swallowing cum? NO

Straight men only: do you like your asshole licked, fingered, and probed? NO

Would you slide your rock hard cock through a glory hole and not care who is sucking you off? YES

Have you ever had sex in a public toilet? YES

Have you ever drove naked through town? NO

Would any str8 mature man actually like to try sucking a cock to see how that feel to do? NO

Men prefer masturbation to fucking a woman? NO

Would you be the one sucking cock at a glory hole? NO

Is a small cock head a turn off? NO

do you taste your precum during a long wank session ? NO

Have you ever masturbated while driving? YES

Do you enjoy the visual delights of sex, i.e. being seen nude, as much as the sex itself? YES

Have you been to a gloryhole? NO

Do you masturbate more than 5 times a week? YES

pubic hair on women.... yes or no? NO

Fat cocks give more satisfaction than long cocks? YES

Would you suck someones cock you met on SYD? NO

have you visited a nudist beach or colony? NO

Would you let a stranger masterbate you? YES

if a man would you like to butt fuck another male? NO

A vaginal fuck is much more pleasurable than an anal fuck? YES

Do you get a lot of pre cum? NO

do u like to watch couples? YES

Ever masturbate while driving? NO

Do you like to finger your ass while jerking off? NO

Do you like to do 69er's Yes or No? YES

Ever masturbated in a public shower? YES

If you're in a relationship. Does your partner know you're on this site? YES

Is it wrong to want to fuck your wifes sister or best friend? NO

Would you let your partner have sex with someone of the same sex, without considering it cheating? NO

Would you let your best friend fuck your wife? YES

Have you ever caught a friend or family member staring at your bulge? NO

Have you ever shown or part shown your cock/pussy in public? YES

If your gal asked you to suck a cock and drink the cum so she could watch would you do it just for her pleasure? NO

is there some gayness on you? YES

Do you sometimes feel guilty when you jerk off with other on SYD ? NO

Do you masturbate to other members? YES

Would you go to a swingers club with your partner and swap? YES

Do you like to swallow cum? NO

Have you ever had sex with a stranger at a nude beach? NO

Does edging form part of your solo play? NO

If I fantasize about sucking a nice cock, does that make me gay? NO

If you got rock hard in a public place, would you sneak into a bathroom and Jerk It Off? YES

Would you eat your own cum oozing from a pussy? NO

As a Male that's never had an actual cock in him. Does the idea still get you hard? YES

Have you EVER caused a woman to gush or squirt? YES

Do you think sex with two people at the same time is more fun than sex with just one? NO

Would it turn you on to have a group of people watch you suck cock? NO

If you're a guy and with a dildo in you ass it make you gay? NO

Do you prefer ass-fucking over pussy-fucking? NO

Is an uncut cock more fun to suck a cut one? YES

Have you ever received or been in a double penetration? NO

Do straight men - look at other mens cocks in the shower? YES

Would you grant your spouse their greatest sexual fantasy even if you were uncomfortable with it? YES

Do you REALLY find assholes )*( attractive and or a turn on? NO

Ever gone ass to mouth? NO

Would you rather suck a cock (yes) or get fucked in the ass (no)? YES

If you were recieving oral from a stranger and found out part way through it was a member of the same sex, would you let them finish (yes) or stop(no)? YES

Would you rather fuck a mouth (yes) or fuck an ass (no)? NO

would you love to have a tight cock ring ? YES

Would you allow a man and a woman to give you oral sex at the same time? YES

Do you wish you had been a professional porn star? NO

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? YES

is body hair sexy on a guy? (as in full body: legs, arms, chest, stomach and back... not just a lil hairy)? NO

is cool to just want sex with men down low but don't want to be gay in daily life? YES

Do you like hairy women ? NO

Shaved dicks/pussies are more sexy than hairy? YES

Is participating on this site while in a relationship cheating? NO

Do you participate in unprotected sex with strangers? YES

Have you ever spied on your friends while they were masturbating, without them knowing? NO

have you ever had a fling witb an in law? NO

Have you ever worn a buttplug or sex-toy while in a store or restaurant? NO

Ever jerk off to your old pics posted here? NO

Have you ever wanted to meet a woman, and play the childhood game of "show me yours, and I'll show you mine," without going any farther than simply flashing each other? YES

Have you ever been pressured & convinced into giving a straight man a blowjob before in your life? NO

Does your cock stay rock hard as your getting fucked? YES

Straight guys would you eat the cum of another man!? NO

Would you suck a dick if you knew nobody would ever find out? YES

Have you given a blowjob to get one in return? NO

if masturbating infront of each other, do you like only to watch and show (yes), or you want to give and receive a helping hand (no)? YES

ever got a blow job at the park? YES

Do you masturbate while watching video of yourself masturbating? YES

do you like porn and nude pics? YES

do men enjoy masturbating with other men on skype? NO

Have you ever had any type of sexual experiances with a family member? NO

If you have chance to do a 3 some did you chose someone you know or stranger? YES

Curved cock or straight cock? YES

do you ever fantasize about a 3some where you get to play with a member of the same sex? YES

was your first time bareback? YES

Would you ever ingage in group sex with multiple partners, everyone is bareback and the only way to finish is a creampie, ejaculating inside her vagina or ass? YES

Do you find pregnant women more sexually attractive? NO

Do you prefer big balls (yes), a big cock (no), or both (can't answer this)??? NO

Does feeling that your cock isn't porn-quality enough hinder your performance? NO

Did you ever had a double anal penetration? NO

guys, if you serviced a straight male friend at a glory hole, would you let him know or not? NO

Did you ever taste your own precum while masterbating? NO

Have you ever tried a "Naked Man" move on someone you were not in a relationship already? YES

Have you ever experienced getting your toe(s) or foot sucked while being fucked or fucking? YES

have you ever swallowed your own cum ? NO

Have you had sex in a public bathroom? YES

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? NO

Do you enjoy having something (a finger, toy) in your ass while fucking or being fucked? YES

Ever had someone just ask you to suck their dick? NO

would you like to be fuck in the asshloe just to try it even if makes you gay? NO

Have you ever eaten ass? NO

Being pegged can just be as good as receiving a real dick -- yes or no? NO

Have you ever touched the genitalia of another person of the same sex? YES

Have you ever been caught try too take a picture for this site?(in public or family member)? NO

Have you ever cum/orgasmed in a shower that did not have separate stalls? YES

Do you ever have touched your bestfriend while sleeping? NO

Straight boys... do you mind getting checked out by another guy? NO

Would you masterbate with one of your close friends? YES

Straight men: do you wonder what it would be like to have a thick, hard cock in your mouth? YES

Are you more turned on by body odor (yes) or do you rather prefer fresh showered (no)? NO

does it bother you if a white girl also likes and takes BBC? NO

Have you ever eaten out an asshole? NO

Have you ever used a fleshlight? NO

If your partner asked you to let someone the same geder as you watch you having sex would you agree? YES

Do you like to get fucked in the ass? NO

Did you ever masterbate with friends growing up? NO

Would you like to be gang banged (Male or female)? YES

Would you participate in a devil's threesome? (MMF)? YES

Should uncut guys wear their foreskin retracted? NO

would you like to jerk off with other men semen ? YES

have you ever put your ass pussy to hole in glory hole? NO

Do you have a circumfetish? NO

Is penis size really important to you? NO

Do you ever think about your friends/co-workers being nude, masterbating, or having sex? YES

Have you ever sucked more than one dick at a time ? NO

If an unknown woman put her pussy to the Gloryhole, would you fuck her? YES

Should members falsely representing themselves with pics off the internet be banned? YES

Is it gay to enjoy objects up your asshole? NO

Have you ever masterbated with friends as an adult? YES

What do you like better; shaved BALLZ (yes) , or hairy BALLZ (no)? YES

Are straight guys lying when they say they would not want a guy to suck their dick? YES

If you're a white male, would you like a Black man to fuck you? NO

Do most guys secretly want to watch their gf/wife fuck a stranger? YES

Straight guys, do you like watching other guy masturbating on video or webcam? YES

Do you like 69 during foreplay, male or female? YES

Do you keep your foreskin retracted 24x7? NO

Do you enjoy having sex next to the hotel window? YES

even if you're straight, would you like to taste another man's cum ? NO

Ever had gay sex with a female watching? NO

Would you rather suck a big hard dick big soft hanging dick? YES

Would you fuck your ass if you had 100% successful chance of a hands free orgasm? YES

Would you meet another curious guy just to give eachother a handjob? NO

Have you been in the centre of a circle jerk and had lots of guys cum over you? NO

being a straight.Would You Have Sex With A Beautiful Sexy Teen Boy? NO

Do you masturbate to orgasm while on this site? YES

Any straight guys open to frotting or measuring cocks? YES

Do you like to gently squeeze your balls or have them squeezed? YES

Straight guys, would you take part in a gay porn movie if paid mega bucks to do so? YES

circumcised? NO

I truly love BALLZ! Do you enjoy playing with and sucking on BALLZ? NO

would you like to fuck a cum dripping pussy ? YES

Have you ever watched another couple have sex in person? YES

is incest okay if both people consent? YES

Do you like small tits? YES

Do you like seeing men spreading their cheeks and exposing their assholes? NO

Do you like loose pussy/ass? NO

Have you ever been "face fucked" (male or female)? NO

Would you tribute my pussy? YES

even straight, you would taste another man's CUM ? YES

Do you like to masturbate on webcam? YES

Do your parents know you show yourself off on this and/or other sex sites? NO

MMF threesome : would you let the other guy cum first to slide your cock in her creampied pussy ? YES

Have you ever been to a glory hole and sucked an anonymous cock? NO

Have you ever sucked a dick? NO

Do you eat your own creampie from your wife's pussy after fucking her? YES

Have you seen anyone you know on here? NO

after fuck, cumming on her (pussy, belly, face...) is better than cumming inside her? NO

Like a brutal BDSM play more than ordenary sex? NO

Do you think it is enjoyable too tie your balls up and jerkoff? NO

Have you masturbared to pictures of your own cock? YES

do you think SYD should have a live cam 2 cam section ? YES

Ever hooked up with anyone you met on site? NO

Do you like to be rimmed? NO

Do you pee in the shower? YES

Do you think some of the things people claim to be true in "True or Lie" are actually fantasies? YES

Do you enjoy having you balls played with? YES

Straight guys, do you enjoy looking at others men's hard cocks at this site? YES

are sexually dominant women more fun? YES

Are you into twinks? YES

Would you explore extreme kinks if the person asking was hot enough? YES

Do you like chubby guys? YES

Were you ever caught sucking your own penis? (At any age or point in time)? NO

Would you rather Recieve (YES) oral sex or Perform (NO) oral sex? YES

have you ever posted a photo or video of yourself having sex with a family member? NO

Is it OK for a guy to use bigger dildos than a female? NO

Do young girls like to be fuck by older men? YES

do you like to sniff the pussy and enjoy the smell before licking or tongue fucking? YES

Do you like to be "face fucked" ( male or female)? YES

Should there be a category for transsexuals in Showitoff? YES

Do you like to drink your own piss? NO

Are you into sph (small penis humiliation)? NO


Do you think it's strange for a straight guy to perform autofellatio? NO

Is it normal for guys to wear panties sometimes? YES

Are you an exhibitionist (Yes) or a voyeur (No)? YES

Do you think that all men should experience something up their ass? YES

Should we add as a possible answer on every question of the day and all poll questions, ""question does not make sense'''? YES

Straight guys; would you cum on your womans tits & lick it off? YES

would you fuck and share your daughter with anyone? NO

Do you enjoy sexting(sex talk by messages)? YES

Did you ever jizz in your pants or underwear? YES

Do you find extreme penis modifications to be intriguing? NO

am i gay if i lick a straight mans balls? NO

Would you like to be the middle person in a spit roast? Gay/hetro/any? YES

Do you like having sex in public bathrooms? YES

Can a 100% straight man claim that title if he's never tried anything with a guy? YES

Have you ever tasted your own precum? YES

Am I gay if I like to see cocks? NO

Would you expose someone if asked to? NO

Do you enjoy getting compliments on your pictures? YES

Do women really enjoy cunnilingus (yes) or just put up with it (no)? YES

If your best friend asked you to fuck him in the ass and cum would you? NO

Have you every used someone's cum as lube for masturbation ? NO

Do you have/want to have multiple sexual partners (yes) or just one (no)? NO

Have you ever exposed someone's nudes against their will? NO

Who is like me love anal sex all day if could every day? NO

Have you ever eaten fruit (grapes, cherries...strawberrys) out of a pussy? YES

Is being caught naked in embarrassing situations a turn on yes or no? YES

If I have a tiny dick am I man enough for a woman? YES

Do you love your mother enough to fuck her and share her with friends? NO

would you fuck a girl with a condom filled by her man's cum (no empty, your cock sliding in his semen)? NO

If someone of a gender you're not attracted to likes/comments on your pics, does it bother you? NO

During sex should cum be shot deep inside the pussy?? YES

Should at least 1 nude picture be required on a member page? YES

Has having a tight foreskin affected your sexual experieces negatively? NO

How many have had a threesome? YES

would you let me watch you pee ? NO

Have ever jerked off to your own penis pics on the site ? NO

Would you fuck your step sibling? YES

Have you ever shaved someone elses genitals? YES

Would you expose your sisters nudes if you had them? YES

Do you prefer bareback (yes) or safe sex (no)? YES

Do you look at who visited your profile? NO

Ever jerk to your own pics ? NO

Have you ever ejaculated in a jaccuzi? YES

Does size really matter? NO

Are you naturist ? YES

the best place in a CREAMPIE BUKKAKE is when the pussy is well filled of cum and very gooey (YES) or when you are the first the blow you load in (NO) ? NO

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Should it be legal to be nude? YES

Do you like your own cock? YES

Have you ever masturbated in a public place ? YES

Do you like getting your nudes exposed/shared? YES

have you ever been ass fuck? NO

Have you ever ejaculated in the swimming pool~? NO

would you let your friends fuck your sister? YES

Do you like being called daddy? YES

Do you like pierced cocks? NO

Do you ever just go for it? Just reach over and pull it out of his pants without saying a word? YES

have you ever cum by thinking of someone close to you? YES

Could you have a sexual intercourse with a transexual person ? YES

Would you spend a day naked at the lake if other people were nearby? YES

did you ever eat your own cum in front of a woman? NO

Would you like to see your partner have sex with another person? YES

Have you ever done a guy and girl at the same time? NO

Have you ever got caught masterbateing by a family member..😛? YES

Do you think a long foreskin is hot? NO

do you save/download people's images on here? NO

Do you think having a bigger head is more important big balls? YES

Do you like cum in your ass M/F? NO

I am always naked when I come to chat or open this site. Are you? NO

Do your balls draw up in your stomach when you cum real hard? YES

Are small real tits better than big fake ones? YES

If you were caught with your cock out your 👖 by a family member would you be embarrassed? NO

Does anyone else have a craving to try cock but has no other interest in men...purely for cock? YES

Has your asshole ever been fuck by a friend? NO

Do you enjoy the smell of your partner's pussy/dick after a few days without showering? NO

If you could would you suck your own cum of your cock.😁🌈? YES

Do you like your ball sack pulled on? YES

Have you sent an unsolicited dick pic? NO

Do your nut draw up in your crotch when you cum real hard? YES

Have you ever wanted to try Fisting? YES

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? NO

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? YES

Would you send a dick pic to a woman if she asked you for a pic? YES

As a gay man, I love the visual delights of male asses, nude or in tight short/briefs etc. Do you? NO

Would you like to get fucked in the mouth and ass at same time? YES