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Have u ever had a mutual masturbation session? NO

Would you have a no holds barred fuck session with a friend and their partner? NO

Do you find that precum tastes delicious? YES

do you like the fantasy, of watching your partner getting gangbanged? YES

do you secretly want to bareback a bum? YES

is bald pussy better to lick? NO

do you think anal sex is not soo comfortable as vaginal? NO

would you like to see your partner have bisexual oral fun? YES

has anybody driven in a car naked at night? YES

Do you already practice or would like to participate in BDSM? NO

Do you masturbate to chicks with dicks porn? NO

Do you like pierced genitals? YES

Do you tend to be dominant in sex rather than passive/guided? YES

if your asked by an attractive person at a nudist beach/site to masturbate infront of her/him, would u do it? YES

have you ever participated in a gangbang (more than 4 people fucking at once)? NO

Are you content with the size of your penis? YES

Do you eat your own cum? YES

Do you ever slip your hand under your desk and masturbate at work? NO

Have you ever mastrubated while looking at your own pictures? NO

ever fantasized about having sex with your mom/dad or siblings? NO

Do you like online role play with a man? NO

Do you have scars on your body that you are ashamed of? YES

Do you like heavily tattoed bodies? YES

Do you like smoking cigars? YES

If you like women, do you prefer good boobs over good ass? NO

do u like to b naked in front of people? YES

Do you think speedos are hot ? NO

Do you prefer mutual oral sex over penetration? NO

would let a stranger slap you with his dick? NO

Do you like manga/anime porn? YES

Have you ever seen nudes of a close relative? NO

have you been caught without protection before? YES

Does it excite you to see pictures of feet while you're masturbating? NO

Did u ever masturbate in front of a group of girls? NO

If you could give yourself oral sex would you? YES

have you ever jerk and cum on your own pictures? NO

If you found naked pictures on the net of a straight laced person you knew ( male OR female ) would you tell them about the pictures you found? YES

Have you ever been nude in public? YES

When matubating and fantasizing, do your fantasies get naughtier over the years? YES

Do like to get your balls licked? YES

Would you stop a woman from sucking you if you found she was a he? NO

Have you ever appeared in professional porn films? YES

Have you ever fucked someone because you felt bad for them? YES

Do you like the idea of waking up to someone giving you oral? YES

Have you ever been to a bath house or sex club? YES

If you could take a magic pill and be transformed into the opposite sex permanently, would you take that pill? NO

Would you accept money to let someone sleep with You? YES

Have you ever let a dude suck your cock (even though you are straight and/or committed)? NO

Will you eat your own creampie​? YES

do you like to show off naked in public places? YES

When you get your cock sucked or pussy licked, do you like a finger or two up your ass? NO

Would you fuck a friend? YES

Which do you prefer, smooth, shaved pussy (yes) or big soft tits(no)? YES

Have you ever been truly Deep Throated? YES

Can a big dick force you to turn bisexual/bicurious from straight ? NO