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Are you larger than average? (penis or boobs)? NO

If you could, would you reach out and meet someone here just for sex? YES

Do you swallow cum? YES

Do you like having long lasting erections (over an hour) without ejaculating? YES

would you let a group of men gang bang you? NO

Do you masturbate more than once a day? NO

Have you ever masturbate in front of a webcam? YES

Is sex better with romance (yes) or with no strings attached (no)? YES

Do you prefer thick cocks (YES) or long cocks (NO)? NO

Have you sucked a strangers cock? YES

Do you really think your dick/cunt is beautiful? YES

Have you masturbated while driving? NO

Do you like little bit of hair on your man's chest? YES

Ever tried your own cum? YES

Do you like sucking/licking cocks/pussy with a light smell, not too strong, but not freshly washed? YES

Would you lick your womans pussy juice off of another mans cock ? YES

Would you eat another mans come out of your partners pussy? NO

have you ever been sucked by a stranger? YES

Do you enjoy Analingus as a taker? NO

After cumming on a friends cock would you lick clean it? YES

Would you be willing to watch and be watched privately on cam? YES

do you like BBW? NO

Ever drive a car naked, yes or no? NO

Have you had sex with a 20 year older women ? NO

Do you like licking asshole? YES

Would you have sex with someone else's spouse? YES

Do you like licking the foreskin? YES

Have you fucked someone in your family or spouses family? NO

Has a straight guy ever blown you? NO

Ever give anal sex as other person gives oral? YES

Do u like to c2c with other men? NO

Have you ever had sex with, or kissed somebody who was famous? NO

Have you ever got "suprising" orgasm without touching your cunt/dick? NO

Have you ever hooked up with someone from this site in real life ? NO

Have you ever walk naked on the streets at midnight ? YES

Is body and mind more important than age? YES

Would you let a stranger give you oral? YES

Would you have a no holds barred fuck session with a friend and their partner? YES

Would you eat cum from a freshly fucked ass? YES

Should a guy jack off every morning he wakes up with a hardon? YES

is bald pussy better to lick? YES

Do you like uncut cocks? YES

have you ever participated in a gangbang (more than 4 people fucking at once)? NO

Are you content with the size of your penis? YES

Do you ever slip your hand under your desk and masturbate at work? YES

Do you like drinking pee? YES

Do you like cumming in condoms ? NO

you ever just pull someone's pants down just to give oral? YES

If you like women, do you prefer good boobs over good ass? YES

Are you able to make yourself cum just by anal stimulation (toys, fingers, etc...)? NO

have you ever masturbated while driving to work? NO

Did u ever masturbate in front of a group of girls? NO

Would you let someone pee on you? YES

Have you ever fucked one of your sister's girlfriends? NO

Do you think penis piercings are sexy? NO

Have you ever got nude in public? YES

A thick cock is better then a long cock? NO

Have you ever masturbated outside when you know somebody is watching? NO

Would you love being fucked by strapon? NO

Would u masturbate infront hundreds of fully dressed people? YES

Would you like to be gang banged? YES

Have you ever had sex at a gay bathhouse? NO

Do you like making love to a pregnant woman? NO

Do you like jerking off and cumming as you suck another guys cock? YES

Would you enjoy to eat out a hot woman (and her ass too)? YES

Would you let other guy/girl have sex with your partner? YES

Would you let your best friend fuck your partner? NO

Do you prefer to suck a beautiful teen boy's cock (yes) or a normal look person suck for you?(no)? NO

Have you ever taken two dicks up your ass at the same time? NO

Have you ever had your arse fucked? NO

Do you think 6.5inches is big for a cock? YES

did you have a jerk off buddy growing up? YES

Do you find yourself being more turned on by seeing a nice big cock than a pussy? YES

uncut cock is nicer to look when soft? YES

Is a hairy cock hotter than a shaved cock? NO

Have you ever pissed on someone else? YES

Do you like to play with a man's ass, i.e. touch, kiss, lick, finger, bare or in tight shorts, etc? YES

Do YOU find it a turn-off, if your sexual partner enjoys both Male & Female? NO

Do you have any fucked up fetishes, that you'd rather not talk about for anyone? YES

Do you like small cocks in lingerie? YES

Have you ever sucked the cock that just came in you ass? NO

Did you ever tried sex with a man? YES

Do you prefer group sex/threesomes to one-to-ones? YES

would you tell your spouse or significant other that you have same sex fantasizes? NO

Do you like your spouse/partner swallowing another mans spunk? YES

Would you like to try to take 2 cocks in your pussy or asshole? NO

Do you enjoy the games offered on this site? YES

Would you consider leaving a significant other due to lack of sex? NO

Do you ever see cocks like the ones on here in public places like pools, gym. Sports events? NO

Do you like swallowing cum? YES

Have you ever drove naked through town? NO

Short or long matters? NO

Would any str8 mature man actually like to try sucking a cock to see how that feel to do? YES

Have you ever masturbated while driving? NO

Do you enjoy the visual delights of sex, i.e. being seen nude, as much as the sex itself? YES

Fat cocks give more satisfaction than long cocks? NO

if a man would you like to butt fuck another male? YES

A vaginal fuck is much more pleasurable than an anal fuck? YES

Do you get a lot of pre cum? NO

Ever masturbate while driving? NO

Ever masturbated in a public shower? YES

would you let a much bigger cock fuck your wife or girlfriend? YES

do you prefer a cut cock over an uncut one? NO

If you're in a relationship. Does your partner know you're on this site? YES

Dou you love being fucked in public places? YES

Does it make you horny knowing people are looking at your pictures? YES

Is it wrong to want to fuck your wifes sister or best friend? NO

Would you let your partner have sex with someone of the same sex, without considering it cheating? YES

Do you masturbate to other members? YES

Would you go to a swingers club with your partner and swap? YES

Do you like to swallow cum? YES

Have you ever had sex with a stranger at a nude beach? NO

Have you told your spouse about everyone youve ever had sex with? NO

Does edging form part of your solo play? YES

Do you get erections often during your physical check ups? NO

If I fantasize about sucking a nice cock, does that make me gay? NO

If you got rock hard in a public place, would you sneak into a bathroom and Jerk It Off? YES

Would you eat your own cum oozing from a pussy? NO

As a Male that's never had an actual cock in him. Does the idea still get you hard? YES

Would you/have you let your partner piss in your mouth? YES

When sucking cock...do you like the taste of cum ? YES

On the same note as the other day, however, would you eat someone elses cum oozing from a pussy? YES

Do you think sex with two people at the same time is more fun than sex with just one? YES

Was your first fuck up to your expections of it? YES

Would it turn you on to have a group of people watch you suck cock? YES

Have you ever received or been in a double penetration? NO

Men: ever put on women's panties to masturbate? YES

Guys-- have you ever been the middle of a train (you fucking someone while someone's fucking you)? NO

Do you like to suck balls? YES

Would you allow a man and a woman to give you oral sex at the same time? YES

Have you ever flashed a stranger in public? NO

Is it the size of a cock that turns you on (yes) or a man's attitude that makes him sexy (no)? YES

Do you prefer veiny or smooth dicks? YES

Ever pulled you cock out while driving and jerked it? NO

Has your clothed girlfriend ever jacked you off in front of her female friend or friends??? NO

Do you like fit partner (yes) or chubby one (no)? NO

ever got a blow job at the park? YES

Do you like to fuck/get fucked in front of a crowd? YES

Strap guys - would you rather have a guy cum in your mouth or your ass? YES

Do you like to suck her toes while she's stroking your dick? NO

Are you a grow-er (Yes) or a show-er (No)? NO

Do you masturbate while watching video of yourself masturbating? NO

Do tattoos/piercings turn you on? NO

do you like to suck a cock and get ass fucked at the same time? NO

do you like porn and nude pics? YES

Given a choice, would you rather suck (yes) or be sucked (no)? YES

do men enjoy masturbating with other men on skype? YES

If you are gay and see a pic of a HOT DICK or ASS and then check the sender's profile and they say they're straight, do you still write a compliment (yes) or not (no)? YES

Are you in a relation ship ? (Married, or pretty serious relations)? NO

is it cool if you only want to get sucked but not suck at a glory hole? YES

Have you ever had an orgy? YES

was your first time bareback? NO

Do you perfer cum on hairy pussy (yes) or on shaved pussy (no) ? NO

Do you prefer to masturbate with a dry cock? NO

do you like to suck cock with other people watching? YES

Do you find pregnant women more sexually attractive? NO

Did you ever drink someone else's piss? YES

do you like a girl or girls jacking you off while one or both clothed??? YES

Does the sight of a shapely male ass, either nude or in tight shorts/suits, etc. turn you on? YES

Do you prefer big balls (yes), a big cock (no), or both (can't answer this)??? NO

Have you ever experienced getting your toe(s) or foot sucked while being fucked or fucking? NO

have you ever swallowed your own cum ? YES

Have you ever had someone finger you or jerked you off until you came in public? YES

Have you ever had sex on webcam? NO

Have you ever had a guy fuck your feet and cum on them? NO

Do u eat your cum if u do than is it everytime you do? NO

When you were younger did you fuck your older neighbor? YES

Have you ever eaten ass? NO

Being pegged can just be as good as receiving a real dick -- yes or no? NO

Have you ever touched the genitalia of another person of the same sex? YES

Have you ever been caught try too take a picture for this site?(in public or family member)? NO

Are you dominant and enjoy spanking others into submission? NO

Do you ever have touched your bestfriend while sleeping? YES

Would you secretly agree to a gay, bi, trans, single or multiple partner act. If no one else would ever know? YES

Straight boys... do you mind getting checked out by another guy? NO

Have you ever tasted your own cum? YES

Have you ever sucked an anonymous cock at a gloryhole? YES

Would you suck/fuck a big sized cock that doesn't look visually pleasing to you? (Ugly penis)? YES

Ever fuck somebody close to your family? NO

Would you masterbate with one of your close friends? YES

Do you like having your asshole licked with people watching? NO

Sub (yes) or dom (no)? NO

Has anyone ever used a strap-on to fuck you? NO

am i homosexual if i blow men every day? NO


Have you ever flashed the head of your cock to one of your friends? NO

do you like to cum ON (not in) her pussy ? YES

If your mum and dad knew you were on this site would it embarrass/shame you? NO

Have you ever eaten out an asshole? NO

Have you ever used a fleshlight? NO

you prefer : CUM on her tits (yes) or on her pussy (no)? YES

If your partner asked you to let someone the same geder as you watch you having sex would you agree? YES

Would you participate in a devil's threesome? (MMF)? YES

Would you let a user on here fuck your partner? YES

would you like to jerk off with other men semen ? YES

have you ever put your ass pussy to hole in glory hole? NO

Would you like to watch your wife suck cock at a Glory Hole? YES

Does it make you gay if you only like the penis on a male, nothing else attracts you? NO

Did you ever get an orgasm in a fitting-room? NO

Do you ever think about your friends/co-workers being nude, masterbating, or having sex? YES

Have you ever masturbated while someone else played with your ass? NO

As a straight man, do you like it if a gay man says that you are hot? YES

Do you like gaysex and want to have some cuck? YES

Is it gay to enjoy objects up your asshole? NO

Have you ever made out with a member of the same sex? YES

Are straight guys lying when they say they would not want a guy to suck their dick? YES

If you're a white male, would you like a Black man to fuck you? NO

Do most guys secretly want to watch their gf/wife fuck a stranger? YES

Straight guys, do you like watching other guy masturbating on video or webcam? YES

Have you ever faked an orgasm or had someone fake one? NO

Do you keep your foreskin retracted 24x7? NO

Ever had gay sex with a female watching? NO

Do you prefer shaved balls (Yes) or hairy balls (No)? YES

When you go to a cruising spot, are you there to suck or be sucked? YES

Do you like to gently squeeze your balls or have them squeezed? NO

If you are in a lockdown area, are you visiting this site more often now? NO

would you confront your mum if you find her in this site or any other adult video chat site? NO

Do you like the taste of cum? YES

If you knew you were going to have anal sex, male or female, would you prepare for it by cleaning yourself out? NO

Would you tribute my pussy? YES

Would you have a friend that you video sext and trade nudes with? YES

Are you into fisting? YES

Do you like showing your nude body? YES

If you like strap on does that make you gay? NO

Do you prefer cocks with foreskin (intact)? YES

MMF threesome : would you let the other guy cum first to slide your cock in her creampied pussy ? YES

Have you ever been to a glory hole and sucked an anonymous cock? NO

Have you ever sucked a dick? YES

Should all boys have to get foreskin circumcised? NO

Have you seen anyone you know on here? NO

Have you masturbared to pictures of your own cock? YES

do you think SYD should have a live cam 2 cam section ? YES

wanking : you cum on yourself (yes) or somewhere else (no) ? YES

Do you like cbt? YES

Do you like to be rimmed? NO

Man/woman: of same sex, would you rather suck/lick (YES) or get sucked/licked (NO)? YES

would you be more excited if another guy cums on your cock in a straight bukkake ? NO

Are small dicks a turn on? YES

Would you walk around naked in front of strangers, or jerk off in front of strangers in public? NO

Have you tried fucklicking? NO

Straight guys, do you enjoy looking at others men's hard cocks at this site? YES

do you like limp dick? YES

Would you do ass to mouth (ATM) after being fucked in the ass, male or female? NO

would you like to fuck a sissy slut? YES

Do you like hardcore roleplay? YES

Do you like "furry"/"anthro" art? NO

Have you/Would you broadcast yourself masturbating/having sex in a livestream? YES

Should there be a category for transsexuals in Showitoff? YES

Do you like to drink your own piss? NO


Do you think it's strange for a straight guy to perform autofellatio? NO

Would you fuck me ? YES

would you fuck and share your daughter with anyone? NO

Have you tried sounding? NO

Have you ever tasted your own precum? YES

Do you enjoy looking at vintage porn? YES

Am I gay if I like to see cocks? NO

Have you ever stuck your tongue inside of an asshole? NO

Would you expose someone if asked to? YES

Would u drink cum as a beverage in ur normal day life if u could? NO

Would you receive anal in a MFM threesome? NO

If you want to have anall sex did you prefer small medium or large dick? YES

Do women really enjoy cunnilingus (yes) or just put up with it (no)? YES

If your friend just ask you to show your dick to him would you think he is gay? NO

Do you always cum when sucking off other men? YES

If your best friend asked you to fuck him in the ass and cum would you? YES

Have you every used someone's cum as lube for masturbation ? YES

Do you have/want to have multiple sexual partners (yes) or just one (no)? YES

Have you ever seen your mother cunt? NO

Is being caught naked in embarrassing situations a turn on yes or no? YES

Straight guys, would you consider jerking-off on cam with other men on site like Skye, Whereby, etc. ? YES

Are you turned off by someone who uses tobacco? NO

Do you like to slide your tongue into your partner's anus? NO

Would you suck my dick? YES

Would you like getting "caught" jerking off in your car and watched by another guy? YES

Do you think people create multiple profiles to win photo contests on this site? YES

Should SYD create a live webcam room where people can get naked and have fun in a group? YES

During sex should cum be shot deep inside the pussy?? YES

Has your mother ever made you hard? NO

Should at least 1 nude picture be required on a member page? YES

How many have had a threesome? YES

Have ever jerked off to your own penis pics on the site ? YES

Have you ever shaved someone elses genitals? NO

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex? YES

Have you ever flashed your cock or masturbated in public? YES

Loud moaning during male ejaculation , do you like it.? NO

Do you prefer bareback (yes) or safe sex (no)? NO

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

Ever jerk to your own pics ? NO

If you had to choose one for the rest of your life: TOP [yes] BOTTOM [no? YES

Do you need a mild whipping to get a hard-on ? NO

Have you ever inserted foreign objects into your anus ( asshole)? YES

Which you prefer? Yes: Cut | No: Uncut? NO

Does size really matter? NO

Are you naturist ? YES

would you fuck a guy asshole or a fad girls asshole? YES

do you like ballbusting? NO

Have you ever sucked cock or gotten you cock sucked in a car? YES

Does it make me weird, if I like big cocks to fuck or suck. An watch the same one fuck my girlfriend? NO

Do straight guys like compliments on your dick from gay guys? YES

Man should be try anal sex at least one time? YES

the best place in a CREAMPIE BUKKAKE is when the pussy is well filled of cum and very gooey (YES) or when you are the first the blow you load in (NO) ? NO

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Do you like your own cock? YES

Would you have sex with your aunt? She is your mom's twin sister? NO

Have you ever masturbated in a public place ? YES

Do you like getting your nudes exposed/shared? YES

Do the Admins take to long to change the QOTD? NO

Yes i like nude pics sent to me? YES

have you ever been ass fuck? NO

Have you ever cum in your own mouth? NO

Did you ever masturbate at school? YES

Did you ever jerk off at night in the woods? YES

Do small cocks turn you on morethan big cocks? YES

would you let your friends fuck your sister? NO

Have you ever met up with other members on the site? NO

Do you like someone to keep sucking your dick even after you have come? YES

Do you like to cum on your naked body/face when masturbating? YES

Do you like pubes or no pubes better? NO

Do you like the taste of your own cum? YES

Do you like pierced cocks? NO

You cum on your hand, hands masturbating do you lick/ suck it off Yes or No? NO

Do big cocks turn you on more than little cocks? NO

would you lick a pussy with another man's cum on it ? YES

Do you live alone ? YES

do you finger your ass hole? NO

If a person has a great dick do you care what they look like? NO

Do you rather be cum on (yes) or pee on (NO)? NO

Do you want your friends to fuck your wife? NO

Would you eat a visibly dirty ass? NO

In your life, did you have more sexual intercurses with women than with men ?? NO

Have you ever had a bi threesome with another person the same sex as you? YES

Have you ever eaten someone else's cum? YES

Would you eat your own cum from a pussy? NO

Should public nudity be legal everywhere? After all, we all have the same parts and everyone has seen everything anyway? NO

Do you ever just go for it? Just reach over and pull it out of his pants without saying a word? YES

Could you have a sexual intercourse with a transexual person ? YES

Do you like getting your asshole fuck? NO

did you ever eat your own cum in front of a woman? NO

Would you kiss your girlfriend with a mouthful of your cum? NO

Have you ever done a guy and girl at the same time? YES

Have you ever got caught masterbateing by a family member..😛? NO

do you save/download people's images on here? NO

Do you think having a bigger head is more important big balls? NO

Do u have a "crush" here? YES

I am always naked when I come to chat or open this site. Are you? YES

Do your balls draw up in your stomach when you cum real hard? NO

Straight/Curious guys - if you could arrange a secret wank/suck session would you do it? YES

does the race of your sexual partner matter to you? NO

would you like someone elses' cum in your hand to stroke your cock ? YES

Are small real tits better than big fake ones? YES

Does anyone else have a craving to try cock but has no other interest in men...purely for cock? YES

Would it make you hard if a family member caught you naked? NO

did you ever ask your wife to insert a dildo up your ass? NO

Has your asshole ever been fuck by a friend? NO

your cum is yellowish (YES) or totally white (NO)? NO

Do you enjoy the smell of your partner's pussy/dick after a few days without showering? NO

Do you like showing your ass more than your dick? NO

If you could would you suck your own cum of your cock.😁🌈? YES

Have you ever drink your partner pee ? YES

Have you sent an unsolicited dick pic? YES

Men, do you like ladies seeing and/or licking your asshole? NO

Do you like to compare your penis with others? NO

I like to get fuck by a hard cock and get fill full of sperm 🤩🌈? NO

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? YES

Have you, or would you like to be anal fisted? NO

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? NO

Would you send a dick pic to a woman if she asked you for a pic? YES

Opinion: Are most men bi-curious and like to look at a nice cock? YES

Your girlfriend wants to watch you have sex with a tranny. Would you say yes or no? YES

Would you like to, or have u already experienced anal gaping? NO

Any men have a desire to play with a cock but have no interest in the rest of a males body? YES

do you like to watch a guy getting fuck by another guy? YES

Would you like to get fucked in the mouth and ass at same time? YES

Are you concerned your parents, siblings and friends will find out you're on this site? NO

Would you care if family found your nudes? YES

Have you, will you, do you swallow? YES

Should everybody experience anal sex at least one time in their life? YES

Have you ever been caught fucking someone close to you..😁? NO

Have you ever used a fucking machine? NO

Straight men, do you crave a fat cock down your throat? YES

Would you ever be naked in public? YES

Have you ever acted on an impulse and had a sexual encounter with someone you literally just met? NO

Have you ever edged for over an hour? YES

Do you like tattoos? NO

Do you like to have sex where other people can watch? YES

Have you ever tried Sounding? NO

Do you ever masturbate outside ? YES

Do you prefer to be naked? YES

Do you have an orgasm more than once per day (either self or partner assistance)? NO

would you fuck a pussy very full of cum (bukkaked) ? YES

Do you look at this website more than 3 times a day? NO

Have you ever experienced an anal orgasim? NO

Do you enjoy being watched while you masturbate? NO

Do you wear panties under your clothes? YES

Do you like to have something in your ass (Yes), don't like anal play(No)? NO

Would you have sex in public? YES

If I save cock pictures on my favorite page does it makes my gay.? NO

Do you like to piss in pussy? YES

If invited, would you participate in an orgy? YES

Have you ever been turned on when you were cheated on and thought about being fucked? YES

Have you been or would you go to a Glory Hole to give or receive? YES

I was checking cock pics and my cock got hard does it means i'm gay? NO

Is a penis more attractive than a vagina ? YES

Have you fantasized about someone who knows you irl finding your pics on here and reaching out for some fun? NO

Have you ever had or thought about a nice Warm load in you ass creampie? YES

Would eat an anal creampie? NO

would you like to CUM a lot more (being able to fill a little glass) even if it overflows from your partner ? YES

would you suck your own cock and swallow if you could? YES

Would you like to suck a different cock every week? YES

Would you let a massage therapist give you a spicy massage? YES

Would you like to kiss your woman after she has just blow another man? NO

Men and women: Do you play with your nipples while masturbating? NO

Would you have a sexual relationship with your male cousin if he wanted that too? YES

Have you ever exercised in the nude? NO

Who still wanks over their married partner of 20 years? Male and female replies please? YES

Have you ever fucked a creampie? NO

Do you enjoy jerking off in the car? NO

Straight guys would you shoot your load on to another guys cock? YES

Men have you ever been cottaging? NO

Men/Women Did you like your first taste of pussy? YES

Would you like to be fuck by a long cock or a fat cock? NO

Have you ever had a spur of the moment same sex encounter with someone who propositioned you as you walked past them? YES

Are male Asshole make good to fuck holes..🌈? YES

would like to french kiss a girl after CUMMING in her mouth ? NO

Anyone else want to get naked with another guy and just wank and pleasure yourself? YES

Is there any friends of your partner that you would like to have sex with? NO

Do you regularly shave your ass and asshole? NO

Would you let your Boss fuck you? YES

Have you ever let a woman use a stap on on you? NO

Would you record a porno if paid the right price? YES

Curious guys, do you think you will ever play with a cock? YES

Straight men would you take a cock in your ass or mouth for$10000 if no one would find out? YES

Does body count matter to you? NO

cumshot is the best part of porn? NO

How do you like balls, shaved ( Yes) or hairy ( No)? NO

If you could suck your own dick, would you, and would you also swallow your sperm? YES

Have you ever been "tea bagged" ; )? NO

Do you like to swallow big loads of cum? YES

Would you like one or more men standing over you jacking off while you're lying down masturbating? YES

If you came home and found your wife cunt gaping and cum leaking would you fuck her too? YES

As a man have you participated in Golden Shower play as receiver or giver? YES

Have you ever been fucked with a strap on? NO

Would you suck uncut cocks make em cum.♥️🌈? YES

Would you ever intentionally leave physical copies of your nude pics in a place for others to stumble across? NO

Has anyone ever been attracted to a friend in school that you dreamed of sucking his dick? NO

Did you ever masturbate in a public toilet? YES

Would you like to be a cum dump for a dozen or so breeders? YES

Would you like your sexual partner to pee on your face? YES