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Do you masturbate more than once a day? YES

Have you ever fucked someone with a third or more people watching? NO

Do you enjoy Analingus as a taker? NO

Do you like licking asshole? NO

Do you eat your cum after you masturbate? YES

Do you prefer mutual oral sex over penetration? YES

Did u ever masturbate in front of a group of girls? NO

Would you have a fuck train with more than 3 males? NO

If you could give yourself oral sex would you? YES

Do like to get your balls licked? YES

Do you like the idea of waking up to someone giving you oral? YES

Do men in their late 50's turn you on sexually? YES

Do you like to watch? YES

Do you masturbate at work? YES

Are you into small penis humiliation? NO

Have you ever stripped naked in public places? NO

are you into foreskin play? YES

Would you live in an entirely nudist society? YES

Are you a nudist, i.e. not just for sex? NO

would you like your partner to participate on this site with you? NO

Would you love being fucked by strapon? NO

Will you eat your own creampie​? YES

would you suck dick infront of wife/gf? NO

Have you ever come in your own mouth? YES

Can you like cocks without being attracted to men? YES

Never tried cock before...should I give it a go? YES

Have you ever masturbated pretty much nonstop for 24 hours? NO

Would you be willing to meet and fuck? YES

Would You Masturbate Next To Someone Sleeping? YES

does anal insertion feel physically good for everyone? NO

Do you get turned on by watching your own nude pictures/videos? YES

Do you enjoy oral sex with the same sex? YES

Do you feel more confident in your body image since showing yourself off on this site? YES

Is your penis longer than 4,6 inch? YES

Can you "get off" from GIVING oral to your partner without receiving anything? YES

Would you eat the cum out of a condom that just came out of an ass or pussy? YES

Have you ever tried to enlarge your Cock with a penis pump? NO

Has any woman, but not a prostitute, ever approached you looking for just sex? NO

Are you on this site to hook up? YES

Do you consider c2c with the oppisite sex cheating when your spouse absent? YES

Have you ever had or given a footjob? YES

Would you fuck a friend? NO

Do you like to masturbate outside? YES

have you ever dick flashed a neighbor? NO

Have you ever had your arse fucked? NO

Do you prefer being fucked with more than one cock? NO

Would you slide your rock hard cock through a glory hole and not care who is sucking you off? YES

Have you ever been recognized from one of these websites? NO

Fat cocks give more satisfaction than long cocks? YES

Would you suck someones cock you met on SYD? YES

have you visited a nudist beach or colony? NO

Would you let a stranger masterbate you? YES

A vaginal fuck is much more pleasurable than an anal fuck? YES

do u like to watch couples? YES

Ever masturbate while driving? YES

Does it make you horny knowing people are looking at your pictures? YES

Do you sometimes feel guilty when you jerk off with other on SYD ? NO

Do you masturbate to other members? YES

Do you like to swallow cum? YES

Have you ever had sex with a stranger at a nude beach? NO

Have you told your spouse about everyone youve ever had sex with? NO

Do you get erections often during your physical check ups? NO

If I fantasize about sucking a nice cock, does that make me gay? NO

As a Male that's never had an actual cock in him. Does the idea still get you hard? NO

When having sex, do you like to talk dirty? YES

Have you EVER caused a woman to gush or squirt? YES

Would you/have you let your partner piss in your mouth? YES

When sucking you like the taste of cum ? YES

Would you let your partner use a dildo on you? YES

Do straight men - look at other mens cocks in the shower? YES

Would you grant your spouse their greatest sexual fantasy even if you were uncomfortable with it? NO

Would you rather suck a cock (yes) or get fucked in the ass (no)? YES

Guys, Girls & Shemales. Have you ever sucked off a total stranger? NO

True or False: Sucking a dick does not make you gay (it's just sex). Being gay is defined by the degree of your attraction to the same sex? YES

Would you rather fuck a mouth (yes) or fuck an ass (no)? YES

Have You ever been recognized by Your internet pics in Your real-life? NO

would you love to have a tight cock ring ? YES

Would you allow a man and a woman to give you oral sex at the same time? YES

Do you wish you had been a professional porn star? NO

Shaved dicks/pussies are more sexy than hairy? NO

Do you participate in unprotected sex with strangers? NO

Do you like fucking your ass as you jerk your cock? NO

Have you ever spied on your friends while they were masturbating, without them knowing? NO

have you ever had a fling witb an in law? NO

Have you ever worn a buttplug or sex-toy while in a store or restaurant? NO

Are you turned on by smoothly shaved or waxed pussies and/or cocks? YES

Are you in a relation ship ? (Married, or pretty serious relations)? YES

is it cool if you only want to get sucked but not suck at a glory hole? YES

What cocks are the most fun to play with and suck: uncut (yes) or cut (no)? YES

does all dicks of all sizes make u hard and horny? YES

Do you like to masturbate in front of a mirror? YES

Have you ever had an orgy? NO

was your first time bareback? NO

Would you ever ingage in group sex with multiple partners, everyone is bareback and the only way to finish is a creampie, ejaculating inside her vagina or ass? NO

Did you ever drink someone else's piss? NO

Does the sight of a shapely male ass, either nude or in tight shorts/suits, etc. turn you on? NO

have you ever swallowed your own cum ? YES

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? YES

Have you ever had a guy fuck your feet and cum on them? NO

Have you ever eaten ass? NO

Have you ever sucked an anonymous cock at a gloryhole? NO

Are pumped cocks sexy? YES

Do you like to play or see pumped penis? YES

Have you ever been to a gay bath house or gym or resort, and had sex there? NO

would you let a woman use her toys/strapons on you? YES

Do you prefer outdoor pics? YES

Did you ever masterbate with friends growing up? YES

do you talk with your wife/husband about your cuckold fantasies? NO

Would you participate in a devil's threesome? (MMF)? YES

Should uncut guys wear their foreskin retracted? NO

Would you like to watch your wife suck cock at a Glory Hole? YES

Does it make you gay if you only like the penis on a male, nothing else attracts you? NO

Is bigger better? YES

Did you end any of your past relationships only because of bad sex? NO

Have you ever masturbated while someone else played with your ass? NO

would you prefer to fuck a pussy with other men cum (yes) or use regular lube (no) ? YES

Have you ever sucked more than one dick at a time ? NO

do you think people under 18 are able to consent? NO

Have you ever convinced someone to show you their genitals? YES

Ever had gay sex with a female watching? NO

Do you like the taste of cum? YES

Have you ever watched another couple have sex in person? YES

Do you like small tits? YES

Would you ever watch porn with your dad? NO

would you love some tribute of your pics? YES

I absutely LOVE to drive TOTALLY NUDE! Would you drive completely nude? (Either highway or in town or both)? NO

Would you rather have bad sex (yes) or no sex (no)? YES

Would you do sloppy seconds? YES

Have you ever masturbated or suck another guy and nobody would ever suspect that you have? YES

Would you have a friend that you video sext and trade nudes with? YES

Do you like to masturbate on webcam? YES

Straight guys, have you ever tried to suck or lick your own cock? YES

MMF threesome : would you let the other guy cum first to slide your cock in her creampied pussy ? YES

Like a brutal BDSM play more than ordenary sex? NO

Do you like black cock ? YES

do you fantasize about your first sex with a man? NO


would you be more excited if another guy cums on your cock in a straight bukkake ? YES

Ever watch your wife getting fucked? NO

would you taste anoter man's semen on a pussy? YES

Would you tongue fuck an ass and eat out an anal cream pie (male or female)? NO

Can a 100% straight man claim that title if he's never tried anything with a guy? YES

Do you men regularly shave your entire pubes or trim very short (yes) or leave your pubes natural (no). Just wondering what the stats are on shaved or very short trimmed pubes on men vs natural pubes? YES

Have you ever tasted your own precum? YES

would you fuck your sister ass and cunt? NO

Have you ever stuck your tongue inside of an asshole? NO

Do you like being watched while fucking? YES

I get hard when people think I have a good ass to fuck do you? NO

I like to masturbate to my pics.🔥? YES

If I have a tiny dick am I man enough for a woman? YES

Should at least 1 nude picture be required on a member page? YES

Do you care for face pics? NO

Does it make gay/bi a straight guy if he enjoys anal play with himself? NO

Have you ever shaved someone elses genitals? YES

Do you like play with butt plugs or dildos? YES

Are quick cummers a turn on? YES

Do you think we should have the ability to add a comment to our answers to allow us to clarify our answer to a question with some added context and be a bit more specific than just yes or no? YES

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex? YES

Have you ever flashed your cock or masturbated in public? YES

Do you want to servie a big thick cock, Yes? Or a little cock, No? YES

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

Have you ever made a video of you masturbating and shared it and would you do it again? YES

would you tell your wife/gf that you want to taste another man's cum? NO

Have you ever sucked cock or gotten you cock sucked in a car? NO

Do straight guys like compliments on your dick from gay guys? YES

Do you like to cum on your naked body/face when masturbating? YES

Have you ever masturbated at the beach ? YES

If a person has a great dick do you care what they look like? NO

Have you ever eaten someone else's cum? NO

did you ever eat your own cum in front of a woman? NO

Would you send a dick pic to a woman if she asked you for a pic? YES

Do you look at this website more than 3 times a day? NO

do you walk around your house or back yard nude? YES

Would you let an old bate buddy from high-school give you head if he offered to do it again? NO

Men have you ever been cottaging? YES