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If you could, would you reach out and meet someone here just for sex? YES

Do you enjoy oral sex? YES

Do you like anal sex as a taker? YES

Have you ever had sex in public? NO

would you let a group of men gang bang you? NO

If you got offered a role in a porno movie, would you do it for money? NO

Do you like sucking/licking cocks/pussy with a light smell, not too strong, but not freshly washed? NO

Would you lick your womans pussy juice off of another mans cock ? NO

Would you be willing to watch and be watched privately on cam? NO

Do you like licking the foreskin? NO

Have you fucked someone in your family or spouses family? YES

Have you ever masturbated at work? YES

If you were circumcized at a young age, would you consider restoring your foreskin? NO

Would you get your dick wanked off rather than wank someone else's cock? NO

Have you ever had sex with, or kissed somebody who was famous? YES

Have you ever got "suprising" orgasm without touching your cunt/dick? NO

Men, do you like to masturbate outdoors? YES

do you like the fantasy, of watching your partner getting gangbanged? NO

Do you like pubic hair on your partner? NO

Do you like uncut cocks? NO

Do you masturbate to chicks with dicks porn? NO

Do you like pierced genitals? NO

Do you like to watch your wife fucking another guy? NO

Do you eat your cum after you masturbate? NO

have you ever participated in a gangbang (more than 4 people fucking at once)? NO

Do you eat your own cum? NO

Do you like looking at cut dicks? NO

Do you ever slip your hand under your desk and masturbate at work? NO

Have you ever mastrubated while looking at your own pictures? NO

Do you like drinking pee? NO

Do you like to watch porn? YES

ever fantasized about having sex with your mom/dad or siblings? NO

Do you like cumming in condoms ? NO

you ever just pull someone's pants down just to give oral? NO

Do you like online role play with a man? NO

Do you like heavily tattoed bodies? NO