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Do you like little bit of hair on your man's chest? NO

Have you had sex with a 20 year older women ? NO

Do you like licking the foreskin? NO

Wher you prefer to cum on, Face (Yes) or Mouth (No)? YES

Ever give anal sex as other person gives oral? NO

If u could suck yourself off would u swallow? NO

Have you ever hooked up with someone from this site in real life ? NO

Have u ever had a mutual masturbation session? NO

Do you masturbate to chicks with dicks porn? NO

Are you able to make yourself cum just by anal stimulation (toys, fingers, etc...)? NO

Does it excite you to see pictures of feet while you're masturbating? NO

When matubating and fantasizing, do your fantasies get naughtier over the years? YES

does getting another guy's load over your cock turn you on? YES

Have you ever appeared in professional porn films? NO

Do you like the idea of waking up to someone giving you oral? NO

would you let two Black men fuck you at the same time? YES

If you were invited to a bukkake party as the recipient, would you go? YES


Would you be willing to meet and fuck? YES

Would u masturbate infront hundreds of fully dressed people? NO

Would You Masturbate Next To Someone Sleeping? NO

does anal insertion feel physically good for everyone? NO

Do you enjoy oral sex with the same sex? YES

Would you take two cocks in your ass or pussy? NO

Have you ever sucked off a buddies father? NO

Would you share your partner with a friend? NO

Have you ever pissed on someone else? NO

do you taste your precum during a long wank session ? YES

Do you masturbate more than 5 times a week? NO

If I fantasize about sucking a nice cock, does that make me gay? NO

do you like to suck a cock and get ass fucked at the same time? NO

Given a choice, would you rather suck (yes) or be sucked (no)? NO

do men enjoy masturbating with other men on skype? YES

Have you ever fucked someones toes or had your toes fucked? NO

If your mum and dad knew you were on this site would it embarrass/shame you? YES

Have you ever eaten out an asshole? YES

Have you ever watched another couple have sex in person? NO

wanking : you cum on yourself (yes) or somewhere else (no) ? YES

Have you ever had sex outside before? NO