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Do you masturbate more than once a day? NO

have you ever masterbated in public? NO

Do you prefer huge cock over an athletic body? NO

Have you ever masturbate in front of a webcam? YES

Do you prefer thick cocks (YES) or long cocks (NO)? YES

Do you like licking asshole? NO

Do you like pierced genitals? NO

Do you like to watch your wife fucking another guy? NO

Do you eat your cum after you masturbate? NO

Are you content with the size of your penis? YES

Do you eat your own cum? NO

Do you like smoking cigars? NO

Do you like the idea of waking up to someone giving you oral? NO

did you get anyone pregnant? YES

Do you always keep your dick head outside of foreskin? YES

being a straight.Would You Have Sex With A Beautiful Sexy Teen Boy? YES