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If you could, would you reach out and meet someone here just for sex? YES

Do you prefer a dick that is shaved (yes) or hair (no)? YES

Do you like anal sex as a taker? YES

Do you swallow cum? YES

If you saw a pic of someone on this site that you know (friend, neighbour, work colleague, family member etc.), would you mention anything about it to them? YES

would you let a group of men gang bang you? NO

Do you like to suck cock? YES

Do you masturbate more than once a day? YES

have you ever masterbated in public? YES

Do you prefer huge cock over an athletic body? NO

Have you ever masturbate in front of a webcam? NO

Is sex better with romance (yes) or with no strings attached (no)? YES

Have you sucked a strangers cock? YES

Do you really think your dick/cunt is beautiful? YES

Does size matter? YES

Have you ever fucked someone with a third or more people watching? YES

If you got offered a role in a porno movie, would you do it for money? YES

Ever tried your own cum? YES

Would you lick your womans pussy juice off of another mans cock ? YES

Would you eat another mans come out of your partners pussy? YES

have you ever been sucked by a stranger? YES

After cumming on a friends cock would you lick clean it? YES

Would you be willing to watch and be watched privately on cam? YES

Ever drive a car naked, yes or no? YES

Do you prefer virgins (girl/guy) over more experienced person? NO

If you prefer pussy but are curious about trying cock once, does it make you gay? NO

Have you had sex with a 20 year older women ? YES

Do you like licking asshole? YES

Would you have sex with someone else's spouse? YES

Have you ever received money in exchange for sex? YES

Sex is better with kissing? YES

If asked to mmf would you ? YES

Have you fucked someone in your family or spouses family? YES

Have you ever masturbated at work? YES

If you were circumcized at a young age, would you consider restoring your foreskin? NO

Would you have sex with a friend on a regular basis? YES

Has a straight guy ever blown you? YES

Would you get your dick wanked off rather than wank someone else's cock? YES

Ever give anal sex as other person gives oral? YES

Are you in to piss play? NO

Would you let another man suck you off? YES

Do u like to c2c with other men? YES

Do you wish you could go back in time and have sex with a classmate? YES

Would you like to watch your spouse, friend, partner or significant other performing one or more sexual acts with another person ? NO

Would you engage in all-nude dating? YES

Did you ever have a massage with a happy ending? YES

Prefer chubby (YES) over slim (NO)? YES

have you ever secretly watched or listened to people you know having sex and gotten off to it? YES

Have u ever had a mutual masturbation session? YES

Would you suck a cock after it's been in your asshole? YES

Would you have a no holds barred fuck session with a friend and their partner? YES

Men, do you like to masturbate outdoors? YES

do you secretly want to bareback a bum? YES

do you think anal sex is not soo comfortable as vaginal? NO

would you like to see your partner have bisexual oral fun? YES

Do you already practice or would like to participate in BDSM? YES

Do you like pierced genitals? NO

if your asked by an attractive person at a nudist beach/site to masturbate infront of her/him, would u do it? YES

have you ever participated in a gangbang (more than 4 people fucking at once)? YES

Are you content with the size of your penis? YES

Do you eat your own cum? YES

Do you like looking at cut dicks? YES

Do you ever slip your hand under your desk and masturbate at work? YES

Have you ever mastrubated while looking at your own pictures? NO

have you ever gotten a noticeable erection in public? YES

Do you like to watch porn? YES

ever fantasized about having sex with your mom/dad or siblings? NO

Do you like cumming in condoms ? NO

do members of the same sex give better oral(mm, FF)? YES

Have you ever sucked or been sucked off while driving? YES

Is anal intercourse better then vaginal intercourse? YES

Have you ever try docking? YES

has anyone ever caught you masturbating? YES

Does vaginal odour turn you on? YES

Have you met someone of this site in person? NO

Would you perform oral sex on your partners anus? YES

Do you feel more confident in your body image since showing yourself off on this site? YES

Is your penis longer than 4,6 inch? YES

Have you ever been recognized while being nude on a webcam? YES

Can you "get off" from GIVING oral to your partner without receiving anything? YES

Would you date a transsexual? YES

Would you like to eat your own cum in your partner's mouth after a blowjob? YES

Would you like to be gang banged? YES

Do you finger your own asshole? NO

Does the idea of jacking off another guy turn you on? YES

Do you lie about your penis size to your current partner? NO

Have you masturbated at work? YES

Do you like men in panties? YES

Would you be "gay for pay"? YES

Do you like your asshole licked? YES

Do you like being watched having sex, especially if there are several people in the audience? YES

Have you ever had sex at a gay bathhouse? YES

Is making ads for casual encounters considered slutty? NO

did you get anyone pregnant? YES

Do you like making love to a pregnant woman? YES

Would you eat the cum out of a condom that just came out of an ass or pussy? NO

Straight men: Would you like to jerk off another guy? YES

do you masturbate more often than fucking your wife ? YES

Would your partner clean your dick with their mouth after you have just fucked them? YES

would you like to watch ur wife fucking other man in front of you...?? NO

Do you like jerking off and cumming as you suck another guys cock? YES

Have you ever sucked off a buddies father? NO

Do you like being pounded in the ass? YES

Do you think that small dicks are useless in bed? NO

do you like to show off naked in public places? YES

Do You Like Water sports? NO

Would you let your wife cuckold you? YES

Would you share your partner with a friend? YES

Have you ever been gang fucked? NO

Has any woman, but not a prostitute, ever approached you looking for just sex? YES

Would you have your asshole fucked just to experience it? YES

Are you 6 inches or under? NO

have you ever flashed anyone before? YES

Would you enjoy to eat out a hot woman (and her ass too)? YES

Would you let other guy/girl have sex with your partner? YES

Do ladies like watching gay men and do gay men mind ladies watching them? YES

Would you eat your own cum out of an ass? NO

When you get your cock sucked or pussy licked, do you like a finger or two up your ass? YES

Would you like for a chick with a dick sudduce you,? YES

Would you fuck a friend? YES

Do you always keep your dick head outside of foreskin? YES

Do you prefer a large size penis but soft(YES) or a hard regular one(NO)? YES

(men) Have you ever came while soft? YES

Have you ever curled up and cummed on your own face? YES

Have you posted your dick/cunt on other web sites? YES

would you like to be gang fucked? NO

Would you let your best friend fuck your partner? YES

uncut men have bigger and harder erections than cut men? NO

Do you prefer drink cum of a beautiful teen boy (yes) or drink water of squirt of a beautiful girl? (no)? NO

Do sexy crossdressers get you off? YES

Do you prefer to suck a beautiful teen boy's cock (yes) or a normal look person suck for you?(no)? NO

Is having an uncut dick a turnoff? YES

do you have a sex toy? NO

Have you ever taken two dicks up your ass at the same time? NO

who likes masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating? YES

Does pain play a role in your pleasure? NO

which one is more exciting: cumshot (yes) or squirt (no)? NO

Has this website expanded your sexuality? YES

Do you like to masturbate outside? YES

have you ever dick flashed a neighbor? NO

Would you let your woman finger your ass while she sucks your dick? YES

Do you like to see nasty personal fights in the forum? NO

Have you ever had your arse fucked? NO

Do you think 6.5inches is big for a cock? NO

Do you have foot fetish? NO

did you have a jerk off buddy growing up? YES

Do you prefer a pretty face than a well shaped body? NO

Would you like to be fucked in the woods ? YES

Which do you prefer, smooth, shaved pussy (yes) or big soft tits(no)? YES

Was your first sexual experience with a guy. ( yes ) or a girl. (no)? NO

Do you find yourself being more turned on by seeing a nice big cock than a pussy? YES

uncut cock is nicer to look when soft? NO

Have you ever pissed urine into your own mouth ? NO

Does your cock going from someone's ass directly to their mouth turn you on? YES

Is a hairy cock hotter than a shaved cock? NO

Would you like to get your taint rubbed by a cock? YES

Do you like to have group masturbation?no fuckin? YES

Have you sucked cock or fucked in a glory hole booth? YES

Do you like to play with a man's ass, i.e. touch, kiss, lick, finger, bare or in tight shorts, etc? YES

do you like to look into your partners eyes while fucking them? YES

Would you let your spouse/partner appear in a hardcore porn movie? YES

Does getting fucked by a shemale make you gay? NO

Have you ever participated in an orgy? YES

Do YOU find it a turn-off, if your sexual partner enjoys both Male & Female? NO

Do you like sph and cuckolding? YES

Have you ever been truly Deep Throated? YES

Can a big dick force you to turn bisexual/bicurious from straight ? YES

Do you have any fucked up fetishes, that you'd rather not talk about for anyone? NO

Do you like small cocks in lingerie? YES

Do well shaped and pretty (female!) feet turn you on? YES

Do you love to lick and kiss balls? YES

If you are married is it ok to have some masturbating friends on the side? YES

Do you like to swallow your own cum in your partner's mouth? YES

Do you like women pissing on your cock? YES

Have you ever sucked the cock that just came in you ass? YES

If a Hot woman asked your to play with her boyfriends cock would you? YES

Did you ever tried sex with a man? YES

Do you prefer group sex/threesomes to one-to-ones? NO

would you tell your spouse or significant other that you have same sex fantasizes? YES

Do you like your spouse/partner swallowing another mans spunk? YES

Would you like to try to take 2 cocks in your pussy or asshole? NO

Would you fuck a drag queen? YES

Should the penis head be fatter than the penis shaft? YES

Would you suck a limp dick just for your pleasure? YES

Do you prefer being fucked with more than one cock? NO

Boy Or Girl, Do You Like Being Used As Anal Sex Toy ? YES

Do you want to watch your wife get fucked? YES

Would you consider leaving a significant other due to lack of sex? YES

Would assfisting turn you on? NO

Do you like a guy with natural grown pube ? YES

Would you allow a man and a woman to give you oral sex at the same time? YES

Do you wish you had been a professional porn star? NO

Have you ever let a friend fuck your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend and watched? YES

is body hair sexy on a guy? (as in full body: legs, arms, chest, stomach and back... not just a lil hairy)? YES

is cool to just want sex with men down low but don't want to be gay in daily life? YES

Do you like hairy women ? YES

Shaved dicks/pussies are more sexy than hairy? NO

Is participating on this site while in a relationship cheating? NO

Do you participate in unprotected sex with strangers? YES

Do you like fucking your ass as you jerk your cock? YES

Have you ever spied on your friends while they were masturbating, without them knowing? YES

have you ever had a fling witb an in law? YES

Do you like small cocks...??? YES

Would you let another male trim and shave your cock and balls silky smooth ? YES

Have you ever worn a buttplug or sex-toy while in a store or restaurant? YES

Ever jerk off to your old pics posted here? NO

Have you ever flashed a stranger in public? YES

Have you ever wanted to meet a woman, and play the childhood game of "show me yours, and I'll show you mine," without going any farther than simply flashing each other? YES

how often you jerk off to porn ( yes = often . no = not often )? YES

Have you ever been pressured & convinced into giving a straight man a blowjob before in your life? YES

Does your cock stay rock hard as your getting fucked? YES

Is it the size of a cock that turns you on (yes) or a man's attitude that makes him sexy (no)? NO

Straight guys would you eat the cum of another man!? YES

Do you like to eat your own cream pie after fucking? YES

Would you suck a dick if you knew nobody would ever find out? YES

Are you turned on by smoothly shaved or waxed pussies and/or cocks? YES

Do you prefer veiny or smooth dicks? YES

Have you given a blowjob to get one in return? YES

Ever pulled you cock out while driving and jerked it? YES

Has your clothed girlfriend ever jacked you off in front of her female friend or friends??? YES

Do you like fit partner (yes) or chubby one (no)? YES

ever got a blow job at the park? YES

Do you like to fuck/get fucked in front of a crowd? YES

Strap guys - would you rather have a guy cum in your mouth or your ass? YES

Do you like to suck her toes while she's stroking your dick? YES

Are you a grow-er (Yes) or a show-er (No)? YES

Do you masturbate while watching video of yourself masturbating? NO

Do tattoos/piercings turn you on? YES

Do you like to lick your own pre cum and cum? YES

do you like to suck a cock and get ass fucked at the same time? YES

do you like porn and nude pics? YES

Have you ever had you cock milked from behind? YES

Given a choice, would you rather suck (yes) or be sucked (no)? YES

Do you prefer shaved BALLZ (yes) or hairy ballz (no)? YES

do men enjoy masturbating with other men on skype? YES

Have you ever fucked someones toes or had your toes fucked? YES

If you are gay and see a pic of a HOT DICK or ASS and then check the sender's profile and they say they're straight, do you still write a compliment (yes) or not (no)? NO

Have you ever had any type of sexual experiances with a family member? YES

If you have chance to do a 3 some did you chose someone you know or stranger? YES

Curved cock or straight cock? YES

Do you have or would you like have an online friend for masterbation fun? YES

Are you in a relation ship ? (Married, or pretty serious relations)? YES

is it cool if you only want to get sucked but not suck at a glory hole? YES

What cocks are the most fun to play with and suck: uncut (yes) or cut (no)? NO

does all dicks of all sizes make u hard and horny? YES

do you ever fantasize about a 3some where you get to play with a member of the same sex? YES

Do you like to masturbate in front of a mirror? NO

Have you ever had an orgy? YES

was your first time bareback? YES

Do you perfer cum on hairy pussy (yes) or on shaved pussy (no) ? YES

do you like to suck cock with other people watching? YES

During a cuckold, do you use a condom, yes or no? NO

Would you ever ingage in group sex with multiple partners, everyone is bareback and the only way to finish is a creampie, ejaculating inside her vagina or ass? YES

Do you find pregnant women more sexually attractive? NO

Did you ever drink someone else's piss? NO

do you like a girl or girls jacking you off while one or both clothed??? YES

Does the sight of a shapely male ass, either nude or in tight shorts/suits, etc. turn you on? YES

Does feeling that your cock isn't porn-quality enough hinder your performance? NO

Did you ever had a double anal penetration? NO

guys, if you serviced a straight male friend at a glory hole, would you let him know or not? YES

Did you ever taste your own precum while masterbating? YES

Guys only: If a guy simply came up to you and asked for a blowjob would you give him one knowing he was clean? YES

Do you like to lick arses of men? YES

Have you ever tried a "Naked Man" move on someone you were not in a relationship already? YES

Do you use toys / vibrators etc. with your partner? NO

Have you ever experienced getting your toe(s) or foot sucked while being fucked or fucking? YES

have you ever swallowed your own cum ? YES

When you were a teenager did you ever get rim by a older man and more? YES

Have you ever had sex on webcam? YES

If I like to see dicks a make me gay? NO

Do you like to tuck your nuts up inside yourself for an orgasam? NO

Have you ever had a guy fuck your feet and cum on them? YES

Do you enjoy having something (a finger, toy) in your ass while fucking or being fucked? YES

Have you had an orgasm in a room where all parties in said room were unaware that you came? YES

Ever had someone just ask you to suck their dick? YES

Do u eat your cum if u do than is it everytime you do? YES

would you like to be fuck in the asshloe just to try it even if makes you gay? YES

When you were younger did you fuck your older neighbor? YES

Have you ever eaten ass? YES

For women : do you think that there are good looking dicks and ugly dicks? YES

Being pegged can just be as good as receiving a real dick -- yes or no? NO

Are you disappointed if the pics you post here don't get as many views as you'd hoped? NO

Have you ever touched the genitalia of another person of the same sex? YES

Have you ever been caught try too take a picture for this site?(in public or family member)? NO

Have you ever tried anal sex with another guy? YES

Are you dominant and enjoy spanking others into submission? YES

Have you ever cum/orgasmed in a shower that did not have separate stalls? YES

Do you ever have touched your bestfriend while sleeping? NO

Ever suck someone to find out later you knew him? YES

Have you ever fooled around with someone in a public place? YES

Power play? Men who would like to be dominated select "YES"; women who would like to be the dom select "NO.? YES

Would you secretly agree to a gay, bi, trans, single or multiple partner act. If no one else would ever know? YES

Have you ever try or still sometimes doing selfsuck ? YES

Would you suck your own dick or eat your pussy, if you could? YES

For women : Does getting fucked back and forth between ass and pussy turn you on? NO

Straight boys... do you mind getting checked out by another guy? NO

Do you think the percentage of men who are turned on by dix and ballz is much higher than most people will admit? YES

Have you ever tasted your own cum? YES

Can your balls retract out of your sack into your body? YES

MMF threesome, the woman comes in to see two big cocked guys stroking the other's cock. They both suck each other hard to get ready to fuck her. Turn on (yes) or Turn off (no)? YES

am i gay if i suck cock everyday? NO

Have you ever sucked an anonymous cock at a gloryhole? YES

Would you suck/fuck a big sized cock that doesn't look visually pleasing to you? (Ugly penis)? YES

Are pumped cocks sexy? YES

would you let your girlfriend or wife fuck you with a strap on? YES

Have you experienced a prostate orgasm? YES

Would you ever hide your face and suck off someone you knew for the fun of it without them knowing it was you? NO

Have you ever jerked off looking at pics of your OWN junk? NO

Ever fuck somebody close to your family? YES

Would you masterbate with one of your close friends? YES

Do you like to play or see pumped penis? YES

Do you like having your asshole licked with people watching? YES

Sub (yes) or dom (no)? YES

Has anyone ever used a strap-on to fuck you? YES

Have you ever been to a gay bath house or gym or resort, and had sex there? YES

Straight guys, would you consider sucking an anonymous cock at a glory-hole if you knew no one would ever know? YES

would you let a woman use her toys/strapons on you? YES

Have you let someone piss in your mouth and swallowed it? NO

Do you prefer outdoor pics? NO

Do you regularly masterbate in the shower? YES

Do you have a cum fetish ? YES

Straight men: do you wonder what it would be like to have a thick, hard cock in your mouth? YES

am i homosexual if i blow men every day? NO

Are you more turned on by body odor (yes) or do you rather prefer fresh showered (no)? NO


If you saw a man with his zipper down and no underwear. Would it turn you on? YES

prefer vanilla sex or freaky sex? YES

Have you ever used a strap-on to fuck someone? YES

Dominant or submissive? YES

Do you wish your wife/GF would fuck you with a strap on regularly? YES

Have you ever flashed the head of your cock to one of your friends? YES

do you like to cum ON (not in) her pussy ? YES

does it bother you if a white girl also likes and takes BBC? NO

Are you big enough to satisfy your partner? YES

Have you met and fucked anyone off here? YES

Does your partner give you road head? NO

Have you ever been caught wanking by your parents,brother or sister ? YES

Have you ever eaten out an asshole? YES

Have you ever used a fleshlight? YES

When sucking cock, would you prefer it to be shaved? NO

you prefer : CUM on her tits (yes) or on her pussy (no)? NO

Does a beard make a man sexier? NO

If your partner asked you to let someone the same geder as you watch you having sex would you agree? YES

Do you like to get fucked in the ass? YES

Did you ever masterbate with friends growing up? YES

do you talk with your wife/husband about your cuckold fantasies? YES

Would you like to be gang banged (Male or female)? YES

If you are a gay man, do you mind if ladies get a kick out of seeing your pics? NO

Should uncut guys wear their foreskin retracted? YES

Would you let a user on here fuck your partner? YES

would you like to jerk off with other men semen ? YES

have you ever put your ass pussy to hole in glory hole? YES

Would you like to watch your wife suck cock at a Glory Hole? YES

Does it make you gay if you only like the penis on a male, nothing else attracts you? NO

Do you have a circumfetish? NO

Is penis size really important to you? NO

Is bigger better? YES

Did you end any of your past relationships only because of bad sex? NO

Did you ever get an orgasm in a fitting-room? YES

Do you ever think about your friends/co-workers being nude, masterbating, or having sex? YES

Do you like your prostate fucked/stimulated while having your dick inside pussy? YES

Have you ever masturbated while someone else played with your ass? YES

Straight guys, do you find it exciting when men watch you stroke your hard cock on cam? YES

As a straight man, do you like it if a gay man says that you are hot? YES

would you prefer to fuck a pussy with other men cum (yes) or use regular lube (no) ? YES

Have you ever watched a family member have sex? YES

Have you ever sucked more than one dick at a time ? YES

If an unknown woman put her pussy to the Gloryhole, would you fuck her? YES

Do you like gaysex and want to have some cuck? YES

Should members falsely representing themselves with pics off the internet be banned? YES

Is it gay to enjoy objects up your asshole? NO

Have you ever made out with a member of the same sex? YES

Have you ever masterbated with friends as an adult? YES

What do you like better; shaved BALLZ (yes) , or hairy BALLZ (no)? YES

do you think people under 18 are able to consent? YES

Do you like to put things under your foreskin? NO

are you a bukkake fan ? YES

Have you ever had your genital area waxed? NO

Who wants a cum tribute? NO

If you're a white male, would you like a Black man to fuck you? YES

Have you ever convinced someone to show you their genitals? YES

Do most guys secretly want to watch their gf/wife fuck a stranger? YES

Do you like 69 during foreplay, male or female? YES

Any women on here actually like to skype/kik? NO

Have you ever faked an orgasm or had someone fake one? YES

Do you keep your foreskin retracted 24x7? YES

Do you enjoy having sex next to the hotel window? YES

even if you're straight, would you like to taste another man's cum ? YES

Is it gay to suck and be assfucked without kisses etc? NO

Ever had gay sex with a female watching? YES

Would you rather suck a big hard dick big soft hanging dick? YES

Would you fuck your ass if you had 100% successful chance of a hands free orgasm? YES

Do you prefer shaved balls (Yes) or hairy balls (No)? YES

Have you ever had an audience while receiving a handjob? YES

do you like masturbate? YES

Would you meet another curious guy just to give eachother a handjob? YES

Have you been in the centre of a circle jerk and had lots of guys cum over you? NO

being a straight.Would You Have Sex With A Beautiful Sexy Teen Boy? YES

Do you masturbate to orgasm while on this site? YES

Would you like to be fist fucked vaginally or anally? YES

Have you ever given road head, or received road head? YES

Any straight guys open to frotting or measuring cocks? YES

Would you suck cock for her in a mmf because she has a fantsy about it? YES

Do you like a big inflated butt plug? YES

Do you like to gently squeeze your balls or have them squeezed? YES

If you are in a lockdown area, are you visiting this site more often now? YES

have you eaten another mans cum from a woman pussy or tits? YES

Straight guys, would you take part in a gay porn movie if paid mega bucks to do so? YES

I truly love BALLZ! Do you enjoy playing with and sucking on BALLZ? YES

would you confront your mum if you find her in this site or any other adult video chat site? YES

would you like to fuck a cum dripping pussy ? YES

Do you like the taste of cum? YES

do you like taking pics of your cock at the beach? YES

is incest okay if both people consent? YES

Do you like small tits? YES

Is it hot if guys wear panties? YES

Dom/Domme or submissive? YES

If you knew you were going to have anal sex, male or female, would you prepare for it by cleaning yourself out? YES

Straight guys, do like sharing pictures of your hard cock with others, both men and women? YES

Women, would you peg a guy? YES

Do bottom guys experience hands free orgasm during anal sex? YES

Have you ever been involved with double penetration (dp) either giving or receiving? YES

Do you like seeing men spreading their cheeks and exposing their assholes? YES

If your friends girl was coming in to you would you give her the D? YES

Do you like loose pussy/ass? YES

Have you ever been "face fucked" (male or female)? YES

Have you been anally penetrated? (By others or with a toy)? YES

CUMSHOT is the most exciting moment in a porn? NO

If you got penile cancer and the only way to save your life was to have it amputated, would you? NO

would you love some tribute of your pics? NO

I absutely LOVE to drive TOTALLY NUDE! Would you drive completely nude? (Either highway or in town or both)? YES

Would you tribute my pussy? YES

Would you rather have bad sex (yes) or no sex (no)? YES

Would you do sloppy seconds? YES

Which is best the Edging (yes) or the Orgasm (no)? YES

Have you ever masturbated or suck another guy and nobody would ever suspect that you have? YES

If asked to would you give a blowjob and swallow? YES

Would you have a friend that you video sext and trade nudes with? YES

Are you into fisting? YES

Do you like showing your nude body? YES

Have you ever secretly wanked with a family member in the same room who is unaware? YES

even straight, you would taste another man's CUM ? YES

If you like strap on does that make you gay? NO

Straight guys, have you ever tried to suck or lick your own cock? YES

Do your parents know you show yourself off on this and/or other sex sites? NO

Do you smack your dick off of your thigh to get yourself hard? YES

Do you prefer cocks with foreskin (intact)? NO

straight [Yes] or bisexual [No? NO

MMF threesome : would you let the other guy cum first to slide your cock in her creampied pussy ? YES

Have you ever been to a glory hole and sucked an anonymous cock? YES

Have you ever sucked a dick? YES

I had a foreskin circumcision as a child and im always asking me if a circumcised penis is less attractiv to "normal" ones? :)? NO

Is uncircumcised dicks liked as much as circumcised ones? NO

Should all boys have to get foreskin circumcised? NO

Would you get fucked by someone in the ass with a strapon? YES

Should all men try another cock at least once? YES

Do you eat your own creampie from your wife's pussy after fucking her? YES

Have you seen anyone you know on here? NO

after fuck, cumming on her (pussy, belly, face...) is better than cumming inside her? NO

Are the questions of the day getting stupid? YES

Is your shaft thicker than your cock head [Yes], or your head thicker than your shaft [No]? NO

Like a brutal BDSM play more than ordenary sex? NO

Do you like sleeping back and cum on your abdomen? YES

Do Straight guys like to watch themself Jerkin off in front of a Mirror? YES

Do you think it is enjoyable too tie your balls up and jerkoff? NO

Do you like black cock ? YES

do you fantasize about your first sex with a man? YES

Do women like to watch themselves masturbating? YES

Would you like to suck BLACK COCK ? Like chocolaty lolypop? YES

If you are gay, do you mind getting compliments on your dick and ass from ladies and straight guys? YES

Does your girlfriend/wife know you like anal? YES

Have you masturbared to pictures of your own cock? NO

would you like other man's semen on her pussy as a lube ? YES

Wearing briefs = a larger bulge? NO

Do you want multiple sexual partners even if in a relationship? YES

Have you tried a gloryhole? YES

Have you ever cum on your own face and swallowed your load? YES

do you think SYD should have a live cam 2 cam section ? YES

Is it okay to have sex with a family member? YES

Have you ever sucked more than one cock at the same time? YES

Would you have full on sex with a 50+ year old man? YES

Ever hooked up with anyone you met on site? NO


Does anyone here feel that it is smart to disclose your identity??? YES

straight guys : excited to see other men cumming ? YES

wanking : you cum on yourself (yes) or somewhere else (no) ? YES

Is it ok to let your kids explore their bodies? YES

if you are straight, would you let a gay guy suck you off? YES

Should Pic of the Month identify who voted "hot" or "not"? YES

Would you jack off with another guy watching? YES

Do you like cbt? YES

Do you like to be rimmed? YES

Man/woman: of same sex, would you rather suck/lick (YES) or get sucked/licked (NO)? YES

Shaved vs Hairy pubes? YES

would you dare to walk in public on a leash? NO

would you be more excited if another guy cums on your cock in a straight bukkake ? YES

Do you pee in the shower? YES

Should gay or bi-sexual guys post my pics of penis in their mouth? YES

Have you ever been able to have a hands free orgasm alone without anal or prostate stimulation? YES

Would you do ass to mouth after being fucked in your ass ( male or female)? YES

ever let a stranger masturbate with you? YES

Are you pee shy? NO

Would you like to see your wife fucked in front of you? NO

Ever watch your wife getting fucked? YES

Did you ever cum while driving?(with or without help)? YES

Do you think some of the things people claim to be true in "True or Lie" are actually fantasies? YES

would you taste anoter man's semen on a pussy? YES

Are small dicks a turn on? YES

Have you ever had an orgasm from ONLY oral sex? YES

Do you enjoy having you balls played with? YES

do you find the perineum a turn on espescially during orgasam? YES

Have you ever being Rim before getting Fuck? YES

Would you walk around naked in front of strangers, or jerk off in front of strangers in public? YES

Have you tried fucklicking? YES

Is your cock thicker towards your base (yes) or towards your cock head (no)? YES

Straight guys, do you enjoy looking at others men's hard cocks at this site? YES

are sexually dominant women more fun? YES

Would you selfsuck your dick and swallow your own load if you could? YES

Are you into twinks? NO

do you like limp dick? NO

Would you explore extreme kinks if the person asking was hot enough? YES

Can you cum only from sucking on a big beautiful hard cock? YES

Do you like chubby guys? YES

do you prefer dick over pussy? NO

Would you still have sex with me if i was wearing a sexy nighty? YES

Do you prefer foreskin over cut cocks? NO

Have you ever masturbated for or with someone of the opposite sex not your spouse? YES

Would you do ass to mouth (ATM) after being fucked in the ass, male or female? YES

Is it ok to have sex with a family member ? YES

Were you ever caught sucking your own penis? (At any age or point in time)? NO

Would you rather Recieve (YES) oral sex or Perform (NO) oral sex? NO

would you like to fuck a sissy slut? YES

Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone more for their personality than their looks? YES

This one goes out to all woman here: If a stranger asks you to wallop his cock and balls, would you do? YES

have you ever posted a photo or video of yourself having sex with a family member? NO

Where is your favorite place to cum on someone? YES

Have you ever shoved something up your ass ? YES

Do you like hardcore roleplay? YES

Would you tongue fuck an ass and eat out an anal cream pie (male or female)? YES

Is it OK for a guy to use bigger dildos than a female? YES

Do young girls like to be fuck by older men? YES

Do you masturbate in front of a mirror & lick your cum off your hand? NO

Spit for lube? YES

Have you ever been woken up with a blowjob? YES

Do you enjoy cleaning out your rectum and colon in preparation for anal play. (male or female)? YES

do you like to sniff the pussy and enjoy the smell before licking or tongue fucking? YES

Do you like "furry"/"anthro" art? YES

Have you ever been caught wanking? NO

Would you still fuck a person after finding out they were born the same sex as you and transitioned? YES

If you found out that friends or family found your photos, would that excite you? YES

Is there such a thing as an ugly dick? YES

Have you/Would you broadcast yourself masturbating/having sex in a livestream? YES

On this site what do you like more - to be watched (YES) or to watch (NO) ? NO

Do you like to be "face fucked" ( male or female)? YES

would you let a friends fuck your grandaughter in both holes? NO

would you invite your friends to fuck your wife? NO

Should there be a category for transsexuals in Showitoff? YES

Do you prefer topping (Yes) or Bottoming (No)? YES

Have you ever tried urethral sounding? NO

Do you like to drink your own piss? NO

Are you into sph (small penis humiliation)? NO

Men - do you like the taste of your precum? YES


Do you think it's strange for a straight guy to perform autofellatio? NO

Do you enjoy giving or receiving bph (big penis humiliation)? YES

Are you an exhibitionist (Yes) or a voyeur (No)? YES

Do you think that all men should experience something up their ass? YES

If someone flashed dick would you have sex with him? YES

Should we add as a possible answer on every question of the day and all poll questions, ""question does not make sense'''? YES

Straight guys; would you cum on your womans tits & lick it off? YES

Would you fuck me ? YES

how do you call your cock...''it'' or ''he/him'' ? YES

would you fuck and share your daughter with anyone? NO

Do you enjoy sexting(sex talk by messages)? YES

Have you tried sounding? NO

Did you ever jizz in your pants or underwear? YES

Do you find extreme penis modifications to be intriguing? NO

am i gay if i lick a straight mans balls? NO

is jamie gay he acts like one? YES

Would you like to be the middle person in a spit roast? Gay/hetro/any? YES

Have you ever eaten out a pussy while the women was on her period, there by earning your "red wings? YES

Do you like having sex in public bathrooms? YES

Can a 100% straight man claim that title if he's never tried anything with a guy? YES

Do you men regularly shave your entire pubes or trim very short (yes) or leave your pubes natural (no). Just wondering what the stats are on shaved or very short trimmed pubes on men vs natural pubes? NO

Do you like smooth pussies? YES

Would you ever share your wife for a MFM threesome? NO

Have you ever tasted your own precum? YES

would you fuck your sister ass and cunt? YES

Would you have sex with your daughter/son? NO

Do you enjoy looking at vintage porn? YES

Would you suck off a guy who has one testicle? YES

Would you let complete strangers fuck your wife while you're recording it? YES

Have you ever achieved orgasm just from having your balls stimulated and no contact with your penis at all? NO

Am I gay if I like to see cocks? NO

Would you expose someone if asked to? YES

Would u drink cum as a beverage in ur normal day life if u could? YES

Would you receive anal in a MFM threesome? YES

Do you enjoy getting compliments on your pictures? YES

Do you enjoy anal toys? NO

Do you like being watched while fucking? YES

Straight guys, have you ever had your cock sucked at a Gloryhole? YES

Do women really enjoy cunnilingus (yes) or just put up with it (no)? YES

If your friend just ask you to show your dick to him would you think he is gay? NO

Do you always cum when sucking off other men? YES

I like to masturbate to my pics.🔥? NO

is it better to wank and cum yourself more often than fucking your wife? YES

Have you every used someone's cum as lube for masturbation ? NO


Do you have/want to have multiple sexual partners (yes) or just one (no)? YES

Have you ever exposed someone's nudes against their will? NO

Have you ever had sex outside before? NO

straight guys : even if you're into girls, are you a cum fetish (like to see other men cumming, fantasize about tasting cum, etc.) ? YES

If I have a tiny dick am I man enough for a woman? YES

Are you turned off by someone who uses tobacco? NO

Guys, have you ever, or would you ever be double penetrated? YES

Does anyone like go streaking in public? YES

Would you suck my dick? YES

Would you like getting "caught" jerking off in your car and watched by another guy? YES

Does it hurt to take it in the ass for the first time? YES

would you fuck a girl with a condom filled by her man's cum (no empty, your cock sliding in his semen)? YES

After getting ass fucked do you like to do an ATM finish? YES

If someone of a gender you're not attracted to likes/comments on your pics, does it bother you? NO

Do you think people create multiple profiles to win photo contests on this site? NO

Should SYD create a live webcam room where people can get naked and have fun in a group? YES

Would you help another guy do his Prince Albert piercing? YES

During sex should cum be shot deep inside the pussy?? YES

Has your mother ever made you hard? NO

Should at least 1 nude picture be required on a member page? YES

Has having a tight foreskin affected your sexual experieces negatively? NO

naturist [YES] exhibitionist [NO? YES

Would you ever ask your best friend to fuck you in the ass bareback? YES

Do you care for face pics? NO

would you let me watch you pee ? YES

Does it make gay/bi a straight guy if he enjoys anal play with himself? NO

Have ever jerked off to your own penis pics on the site ? NO

Would you fuck your step sibling? YES

Do you show off in public (yes) or just in private (no)? YES

Have you ever shaved someone elses genitals? YES

Do you like play with butt plugs or dildos? NO

Are quick cummers a turn on? YES

Would you expose your sisters nudes if you had them? YES

Do you think we should have the ability to add a comment to our answers to allow us to clarify our answer to a question with some added context and be a bit more specific than just yes or no? YES

Do you like other men you find hot being sluts for your own cock? YES

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex? YES

Have you ever flashed your cock or masturbated in public? NO

Loud moaning during male ejaculation , do you like it.? YES

have you ever fucked an inflatable doll ? NO

Do you like a hairy pussy? YES

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

would you like to circle jerk and cum on a table with other men ? YES

Ever jerk to your own pics ? NO

If you had to choose one for the rest of your life: TOP [yes] BOTTOM [no? YES

Have you ever ejaculated in a jaccuzi? YES

Do you need a mild whipping to get a hard-on ? NO

Have you ever inserted foreign objects into your anus ( asshole)? YES

Would you let me watch you ejaculate in my partner? YES

Do you like eating cum? YES

Which you prefer? Yes: Cut | No: Uncut? YES

Women, do prefer men with hairy chest? NO

Do you like dick piercings? NO

Does size really matter? NO

Have you ever made a video of you masturbating and shared it and would you do it again? YES

would you tell your wife/gf that you want to taste another man's cum? YES

Imagine, you live the hetero life, but you like dildos in your ass and know that you are bisexual, would you keep it secret and give up your passions because of the society, or would you go out and get what you want? YES

Are you naturist ? YES

would you fuck a guy asshole or a fad girls asshole? YES

do you like ballbusting? YES

Have you ever sucked cock or gotten you cock sucked in a car? YES

Do straight guys like compliments on your dick from gay guys? YES

Man should be try anal sex at least one time? YES

the best place in a CREAMPIE BUKKAKE is when the pussy is well filled of cum and very gooey (YES) or when you are the first the blow you load in (NO) ? YES

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Do guys wear cock rings in public to make bulge look bigger? YES

Do guys armpits turn you on? YES

Should it be legal to be nude? YES

Do you like your own cock? YES

Would you have sex with your aunt? She is your mom's twin sister? YES

Have you ever masturbated in a public place ? YES

Do you like getting your nudes exposed/shared? YES

Do the Admins take to long to change the QOTD? NO

Yes i like nude pics sent to me? YES

Do women like a curved cock? NO

have you ever been ass fuck? YES

Have you ever ejaculated in the swimming pool~? YES

Did you ever masturbate at school? YES

Did you ever jerk off at night in the woods? YES

Do small cocks turn you on morethan big cocks? YES

would you let your friends fuck your sister? YES

Do you like being called daddy? YES

Have you ever met up with other members on the site? NO

Do you like to compare penis size? YES

Do you like someone to keep sucking your dick even after you have come? YES

Have you ever put something from the refrigerator or freezer up your ass? NO

Do you like to cum on your naked body/face when masturbating? YES

Do you like the taste of your own cum? YES

Do you like pierced cocks? NO

You cum on your hand, hands masturbating do you lick/ suck it off Yes or No? YES

Do big cocks turn you on more than little cocks? NO

Have you ever masturbated at the beach ? YES

would you lick a pussy with another man's cum on it ? YES

Do you live alone ? YES

do you finger your ass hole? YES

If a person has a great dick do you care what they look like? NO

does cocksize effect how horny u get from a tribute? NO

Do you rather be cum on (yes) or pee on (NO)? YES

Do you want your friends to fuck your wife? NO

Do you like to give/receive anal cream pie? YES

Would you fuck your sister inlaw? YES

Do you like play with anal toys? NO

Would you eat a visibly dirty ass? NO

In your life, did you have more sexual intercurses with women than with men ?? YES

Have you ever had a bi threesome with another person the same sex as you? YES

Have you ever eaten someone else's cum? YES

Would you eat your own cum from a pussy? YES

You've sucked your buddy's cock multiple times in the past. It's been a few years now and you want to suck him off again. Should you ask him and try to get that nut? YES

have you ever fucked someone else wife? YES

Should public nudity be legal everywhere? After all, we all have the same parts and everyone has seen everything anyway? YES

Can a public toilet turn you on, being there? YES

Are you ok with hairy pussy? YES

Would you play with or let someone play with you of the same same sex during a threesome with both sexes involved? YES

Woud you take a homeless person to live together in your home until they get on their feet ? YES

Are men better at eating/sucking pussy than women? YES

Do you ever just go for it? Just reach over and pull it out of his pants without saying a word? YES

have you ever cum by thinking of someone close to you? YES

Could you have a sexual intercourse with a transexual person ? YES

Would you spend a day naked at the lake if other people were nearby? YES

will you swallow sperm? YES

Do you like getting your asshole fuck? YES

If you masterbate with a stranger online and your spouse dosnt know is it cheating? NO

did you ever eat your own cum in front of a woman? YES

I want to get fuck in my mouth and my asshole at the same time. 🌈 would you? YES

Would you like to see your partner have sex with another person? YES

Would you kiss your girlfriend with a mouthful of your cum? YES

Have you ever done a guy and girl at the same time? YES

Men do you milk your prostrate? YES

Have you ever got caught masterbateing by a family member..😛? YES

Do you think a long foreskin is hot? YES

do you save/download people's images on here? YES

Do you think having a bigger head is more important big balls? YES

Would you fuck man? YES

would you fuck a guy who has has a pussy instead of a dick? YES

Do you like cum in your ass M/F? YES

Do u have a "crush" here? YES

I am always naked when I come to chat or open this site. Are you? YES

Do your balls draw up in your stomach when you cum real hard? YES

Straight/Curious guys - if you could arrange a secret wank/suck session would you do it? YES

does the race of your sexual partner matter to you? NO

would you like someone elses' cum in your hand to stroke your cock ? YES

Would you do an ATM ; )? YES

Are small real tits better than big fake ones? YES

If you were caught with your cock out your 👖 by a family member would you be embarrassed? NO

Do you wish you could shoot your cum further than you do? YES

Should your partner be taller than you are? NO

Does anyone else have a craving to try cock but has no other interest in men...purely for cock? YES

Would it make you hard if a family member caught you naked? YES

did you ever ask your wife to insert a dildo up your ass? NO

Has your asshole ever been fuck by a friend? YES

Do you enjoy the smell of your partner's pussy/dick after a few days without showering? YES

Do you like showing your ass more than your dick? NO

Would you enjoy being the opposite gender? YES

It's hot flashing outside? YES

If you could would you suck your own cum of your cock.😁🌈? YES

Have you ever drink your partner pee ? NO

Have you sent an unsolicited dick pic? YES

Do your nut draw up in your crotch when you cum real hard? YES

Do you shave your genitals daily? YES

Have you ever tried or practice anal stretching? YES

Men, do you like ladies seeing and/or licking your asshole? YES

Do you like shaved cock? YES

Do you like to compare your penis with others? NO

Have you ever wanted to try Fisting? NO

Would you be ok if your friends found your nudes here / other places? YES

I like to get fuck by a hard cock and get fill full of sperm 🤩🌈? YES

Do you guys have the problem where when soft really it's small but when erect it's average size? Yes or no? NO

Have you, or would you like to be anal fisted? NO

Are you ever tried a gay sauna? YES

Did you taste cum? YES

Would you send a dick pic to a woman if she asked you for a pic? YES

As a gay man, I love the visual delights of male asses, nude or in tight short/briefs etc. Do you? YES

Opinion: Are most men bi-curious and like to look at a nice cock? YES

Your girlfriend wants to watch you have sex with a tranny. Would you say yes or no? YES

Would you like to, or have u already experienced anal gaping? YES

Any men have a desire to play with a cock but have no interest in the rest of a males body? YES

Would your wife or girlfriend be upset if you told the you wanted to have a bisexual encounter? NO

do you like to watch a guy getting fuck by another guy? YES

Would you like to get fucked in the mouth and ass at same time? YES

Are you concerned your parents, siblings and friends will find out you're on this site? NO

Have you ever used an anonymous glory hole? YES

Would you care if family found your nudes? NO

Have you, will you, do you swallow? YES

Would you suck a cock for 10 dollars? YES

Have you ever let a man fuck you raw (without a condom) and let him cum in your ass? YES

Would you like to be gangbanged? NO

DO you like bareback up your ass? YES

Do you get aroused, bending over and displaying your ass? YES

Have you ever gotten cum in your eye? YES

Have you ever been caught fucking someone close to you..😁? YES

Straight men, do you crave a fat cock down your throat? YES

Would you ever be naked in public? YES

Have you ever acted on an impulse and had a sexual encounter with someone you literally just met? YES

Have you ever edged for over an hour? YES


Do you like tattoos? YES

Do you like to have sex where other people can watch? YES

Have you ever tried Sounding? NO

Do you ever masturbate outside ? YES

Do you like being fucked in your ass? YES

If you knew a family member was watching you have sex while hiding, would you keep going? YES

Do you enjoy CBT? YES

Do you think you are obsessed with cock pictures? YES

Would you like to run a nudist club/resort? YES

Do you like being watched during sex? YES

Have you sucked more than 12 cocks? NO

Are you comfortable being naked with friends? YES

Do you like sniffing panties while you masturbate? YES

Do you prefer to be naked? YES

Do you enjoy frotting? YES

Do you have an orgasm more than once per day (either self or partner assistance)? YES

would you let poker buddies bang your wife? YES

would you fuck a pussy very full of cum (bukkaked) ? YES

Do you look at this website more than 3 times a day? YES

do you walk around your house or back yard nude? YES

Do you enjoy hiking nude? YES

Have you ever received cock in Ass? YES

Have you ever experienced an anal orgasim? YES

Do you enjoy being watched while you masturbate? YES

Would you have sex in public? YES

Do you like to have your anus tongued? YES

If I save cock pictures on my favorite page does it makes my gay.? NO

If invited, would you participate in an orgy? YES

Have you ever been turned on when you were cheated on and thought about being fucked? YES

When your getting fuck do you want him to cum in your Asshole? YES

I was checking cock pics and my cock got hard does it means i'm gay? NO

Are You Afraid People You Know Will Find You Naked Online? NO

do you prefer cumming on a pussy and admire your load on it (YES) or cumming inside and see nothing (NO) ? YES

Do you enjoy interracial porn? YES

Have you fantasized about someone who knows you irl finding your pics on here and reaching out for some fun? YES

Do you like public nudity enough to go out and wave at cars naked? NO

For men, would you like to see your female sexual partner take multiple cocks? YES

Do women like to see two men having sex? NO