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If you got offered a role in a porno movie, would you do it for money? YES

Have you ever shot your load in somebody's mouth when they asked you not to? YES

do you like big uncut cock? NO

Would you let another man suck you off? YES

Would you engage in all-nude dating? YES

Would you let a stranger give you oral? YES

is bald pussy better to lick? YES

have you ever participated in a gangbang (more than 4 people fucking at once)? YES

Do you like online role play with a man? YES

If you like women, do you prefer good boobs over good ass? NO

Do you masturbate at work? YES

Do you actually like the taste of cum? YES

Do you like to be tied up? YES

Do you consider c2c with the oppisite sex cheating when your spouse absent? NO

Would you like for a chick with a dick sudduce you,? YES

Would you fuck a drag queen? YES

Have you ever spied on your friend while he/she takes a shower? YES

Have you told your spouse about everyone youve ever had sex with? NO

Would you eat your own cum oozing from a pussy? YES

Would you let your partner use a dildo on you? YES

Do you prefer ass-fucking over pussy-fucking? NO

Do straight men - look at other mens cocks in the shower? NO

Men: ever put on women's panties to masturbate? NO

Do you like fucking your ass as you jerk your cock? YES

Straight guys would you eat the cum of another man!? YES

Do you like to eat your own cream pie after fucking? YES

Would you suck a dick if you knew nobody would ever find out? YES

Given a choice, would you rather suck (yes) or be sucked (no)? YES

If you have chance to do a 3 some did you chose someone you know or stranger? YES

Have you ever had an orgy? YES

Have you ever used a strap-on to fuck someone? YES

Have you ever been caught wanking by your parents,brother or sister ? YES

Do you like to get fucked in the ass? YES

Have you been anally penetrated? (By others or with a toy)? YES

Would you tribute my pussy? YES

straight [Yes] or bisexual [No? YES

MMF threesome : would you let the other guy cum first to slide your cock in her creampied pussy ? YES

If you are gay, do you mind getting compliments on your dick and ass from ladies and straight guys? NO

Should Pic of the Month identify who voted "hot" or "not"? NO

Would you like to see your wife fucked in front of you? YES

Do you like hardcore roleplay? YES

Are you turned off by someone who uses tobacco? NO

Would your wife or girlfriend be upset if you told the you wanted to have a bisexual encounter? NO

Do you like to piss in pussy? NO

Do you enjoy interracial porn? NO

Have you ever been to a glory home? YES