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👉 werbung 🎬 advertising 👈

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 108

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&#128073;  werbung &#127916; advertising  &#128072;

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 108


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By Steffen15 01,Aug,22 01:13
Geile Montage
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:03
► D-A-N-K-E--S-C-H-Ö-N ◄
By jack610 07,Aug,22 16:20
Hope she hasn't got long fingernails.
By Vita 07,Aug,22 23:57
yes she is very very dear !!

By billiboy 01,Aug,22 02:13
So ist VITA in jedem Schlafzimmer präsent!
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:10
... wer hätte das gedacht !!

By alanhuk 01,Aug,22 02:42
Wow...a classic cock
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:16
thank you

By shorty 01,Aug,22 02:52
Bigger than life!
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:17

By duncanidaho 01,Aug,22 05:06
Brilliant advert.... hope it draws in the clients!!
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:18
i hope ... WE HOPE !!

By kalebi 01,Aug,22 05:13
Ich habe noch Platz an dem Wand im Schlafzimmer!
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:22
Man kann es kaufen ... aber es ist eine limitierte (signierte) Sonderedition !!
By kalebi 02,Aug,22 05:40
Und wo hängt das original?! Bei dir im schlafzimmer?
By Vita 02,Aug,22 13:36
Zur Zeit ist das Original im Rijksmuseum/Holland zu sehen ... Sonderausstellung ... schon zwei Mal verlängert !!
By kalebi 02,Aug,22 18:20
Toll! Ich habe eine Jahreskarte!
By Vita 03,Aug,22 00:18
Gut ... dann kannst du jeden Tag vorbeischauen !!! Glückspilz !
By kalebi 03,Aug,22 05:48
So Ich habe eine neue Wohnung gefunden!
By Vita 03,Aug,22 13:15

By SammyBW 01,Aug,22 05:45
Kann verstehen, dass sie da anfassen muss
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:22
Soll sie ja auch .... !!

By Pauli 01,Aug,22 06:08
Geile Werbung
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:23

By decatur212 01,Aug,22 06:21
Very Sexy mate
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:23
nice of you ... hot greet !

By stefan123 01,Aug,22 06:26
Jetzt ist Vita überall präsent
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:24
Werbung mit Angelina Jolie ... mehr geht nich´!!

By balticsea 01,Aug,22 06:48
Geiles Bild
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:25
Danke Danke Danke

By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 01,Aug,22 08:04
🤸‍♀️💋🚀 yes anytime I see you're beautiful cock on the wall especially our bedroom I vote I will vote thank you this is Jason
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:30
By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 02,Aug,22 23:23
🙋⚘💋 hot sexy beautiful man you are yes we love you
By Vita 03,Aug,22 00:17

By ScottsCock 01,Aug,22 09:32
Yet another great montage sir
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:30

By 4781401 01,Aug,22 14:56
I want it! Don't let her have it.
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:31
i think she will NEVER give it back !!

By ahardcorecase 01,Aug,22 16:31
Hey Vita- Should read: "CUM to SYD/SYC !!" instead.
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:33
good idea ... thank you !!

By Redworm1963 01,Aug,22 18:04
Definitely a piece of art!
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:34
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By Justforfun 02,Aug,22 01:17
I’ve seem that cock before somewhere Thank you Vita, I’m flattered
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:34
always my intention ... thank you !!
By Justforfun 02,Aug,22 01:36
Very creative as always
By Vita 02,Aug,22 01:43
thank-you thank-you thank-you

By Zeplin 02,Aug,22 02:09
A great work or art she's admiring there
By Vita 02,Aug,22 02:14
hello my friend thank you !

By eichel 02,Aug,22 04:01
das gleich als Erstes bei der Google Suche
By Vita 02,Aug,22 13:07

By August 02,Aug,22 04:35
Hot play pic!!!
By Vita 02,Aug,22 13:16
nice of you … thanks a bunch from berlin !

By Andrew 02,Aug,22 06:41
Is she asking why is it so small….?
By Vita 02,Aug,22 13:20
i think you are jealous !!!!

By Barry 02,Aug,22 16:19
She can stand on my bed anytime
By Vita 03,Aug,22 00:15
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By basque9 02,Aug,22 21:10
Why not a handsome stud handling your cock?
By Vita 03,Aug,22 00:15
good idea ... i'll talk to the producer !!

By beaucul 02,Aug,22 23:24
By Vita 03,Aug,22 00:16
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By Rudolf69 03,Aug,22 01:36
suuuuper Werbung
By Vita 03,Aug,22 02:16

By Haralampi 03,Aug,22 02:09
Angelina Jolie's best choice of man so far and forever.
By Vita 03,Aug,22 02:18
yes she really wants to marry me too !!

By anonymous 03,Aug,22 02:38
that is great
By Vita 03,Aug,22 13:14
》》》》 《《《《

By medir 04,Aug,22 02:39
Toujours des admiratrices !!!
By Vita 04,Aug,22 12:32

By bustyman44dd 04,Aug,22 03:14
Some posters are meant to be adored... and tiuched!
By Vita 04,Aug,22 12:33
yes thank you my friend !!

By Browningman 04,Aug,22 07:11
Nice dick and Angelina mmmmmm
By Vita 04,Aug,22 12:33
dream-couple, or ?!

By Kwann 04,Aug,22 13:36
I want this poster in my room
By Vita 04,Aug,22 14:59
what you pay ??!!

By kre8tor69 04,Aug,22 19:12
Very nice pix! Thanks for the gal and the dick pix!
By Vita 05,Aug,22 01:19
T H A N K ⇔ ✌ ⇔ Y O U
By kre8tor69 05,Aug,22 12:22
You bet sir. I always enjoy your posts!
By kre8tor69 05,Aug,22 19:21
Nice image sir!

By Dalecash 04,Aug,22 22:34
That’s a wonderful cock
By Vita 05,Aug,22 01:20
nice of you hot greet to melbourne !

By Brad 05,Aug,22 05:24
She might b disappointed when she finds this is not an interactive version !! But man is she dreaming & drooling !!
By Vita 06,Aug,22 01:11
allways my intention !!

By DJS 05,Aug,22 13:22
Kunst in ihrer schönsten Form, mein Freund
By Vita 06,Aug,22 01:12
By DJS 06,Aug,22 02:31
By Vita 06,Aug,22 23:48

By Walker 05,Aug,22 14:16
Too bad she wasn’t naked too.
By Vita 06,Aug,22 01:13
it's coming... in the next picture !!
By Walker 06,Aug,22 09:04
I hope to see you cuming a nice load of semen in the next photo.
By Vita 06,Aug,22 23:49
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Robben 05,Aug,22 15:33
The sexy woman knows what is important
By Vita 06,Aug,22 01:14
yes angelina jolie has taste !!

By balticsea 05,Aug,22 16:13
Geile Einladung
By Vita 06,Aug,22 01:15
Is´doch in unser aller Sinne, oder ?!

By deepblue 05,Aug,22 20:46
Apollo and Venus
By Vita 06,Aug,22 01:15

By cumn4u 06,Aug,22 08:00
dude you're good at advertising! SOOOOOO HOT!!!
By Vita 06,Aug,22 23:49

By cfan2 06,Aug,22 14:01
Beauty embracing beauty!!!
By Vita 06,Aug,22 23:50
soooo lovely ... thank you very much !!

By cockswallow 06,Aug,22 17:56
Beautiful piece of art!
By Vita 06,Aug,22 23:51
thank you my friend nice assessment !

By BearBen_SYD 06,Aug,22 23:43
Well done Vita
By Vita 06,Aug,22 23:52
thank-you thank-you thank-you

By Mrollon 07,Aug,22 02:11
By Vita 07,Aug,22 03:39
advertising is in the interest of all of us, isn't it ???!

By fatcock57 07,Aug,22 07:44
Wonder how my cock would look like in an advertisement like that
By Vita 07,Aug,22 11:49
it would certainly be great advertising for us here !!

By chris51 07,Aug,22 10:37
My kind of hotel!
By Vita 07,Aug,22 11:49

By IlovePussy 08,Aug,22 06:09
Good looking poster
By Vita 08,Aug,22 11:57
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By jannat 08,Aug,22 11:04
Wow... What a sexy pic. Who is this lady?
By Vita 08,Aug,22 11:58
a great vita-follower ... angelina jolie !!

By johndoe 09,Aug,22 05:45
Great nice art
By Vita 09,Aug,22 12:55
》》》》 《《《《

By fancyabit 09,Aug,22 09:29
I see she’s got her left hand on the right place
By Vita 09,Aug,22 12:56
yes !!

By gnomon79 09,Aug,22 09:52
Yep, shen wants it
By Vita 09,Aug,22 12:57
yes i think too !!

By jbat1970 09,Aug,22 11:13
Great picture, I love it
By Vita 09,Aug,22 12:58
thank you very much for the reference !

By Mypride 09,Aug,22 15:43
Love it
By Vita 09,Aug,22 23:23
thx ... many thanks and best regards !

By Flowo 10,Aug,22 06:10
Wofür wird hier Werbung gemacht. Bettwäsche, Kleid oder Ständer? Geiles Bild.
By Vita 10,Aug,22 13:08
Für uns hier mein Lieber ... für UNS !!!!

By jonns 10,Aug,22 16:53
Beautiful masterpiece
By Vita 11,Aug,22 00:06
》》》》 《《《《

By #644817 10,Aug,22 19:03
Wonderful Log
By Vita 11,Aug,22 00:07
nice of you my friend !

By jopiper 11,Aug,22 08:25
Nice portrait my friend
By Vita 11,Aug,22 12:59
thank you

By likesmoothcock 13,Aug,22 07:19
still waiting for my travel brochure! need to plan my trip
By Vita 13,Aug,22 10:00
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By CreativeOne 28,Aug,22 01:32
Perfect Bedroom Artwork right there
By Vita 28,Aug,22 07:35
nice of you ... thx & greet !!

By gomez 28,Aug,22 07:30
I saw this picture in the Ikea catalogue
By Vita 28,Aug,22 07:38
real ??? vita as a mass product ??
By gomez 28,Aug,22 07:40
Ikea will take any thing you can hang your hat on
By Vita 28,Aug,22 07:46
i think the best advertisement they ever had !!

By yourluv 07,Sep,22 21:33
Love it
By Vita 07,Sep,22 23:46

By ALEXHOT 14,Sep,22 00:39
Nice pic
By Vita 14,Sep,22 10:23
great statement ... thx !!

By #100552 17,Sep,22 00:50
Your best work
By Vita 18,Sep,22 11:25

By marc66 14,Mar,23 15:01
By Vita 14,Mar,23 15:46

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