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Warning: if you harass other players in chat or forum, call them names or something like that your account will be blocked from playing this game permanently!!! You are free to buy other members submissives or send them nasty gifts, but if you attack them verbally - you are out!

Lucast9232 does not have a dominant.

Current price: 50 points
Brings to dominant: unknown (was not active recently)

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Lucast9232 has no any submissives.


0. These rules can be changed any moment without any warning as administration of the site desires. Participate at your own risk.
1. You can quit this game any time if you do not like it, free of charge, just use "I do not like this game" link.
2. If someone of your submissives quits or deletes his/her account you get nothing back, so mind who your purchase.
3. When you are dominated by someone 20% of the points you earn for your pics/actions goes to that person and you get only 80%.
4. When you have someone as your submissive you get 20% of the points he/she earns. You do not get points from submissives of your submissives.
5. If you purchased some submissives during last 2 days (i.e. if you actively play the game), you get some points for subs that logged in to the site during past day, it's bigger for first sub and diminishes with every next sub quite quickly, you can't get more than 100 points from this.
6. These 2 above add up. You cannot get more points from both of these than your daily limit (250 for basic account, 400 for premium and 600 for diamond), you need to spend them in order to keep getting points daily from your submissives.
7. Each purchase raises a price of the subject of the purchase by 10 points (except when setting free yourself), i.e. a popular, oftenly purchased member becomes more costy.
8. When no purchases of a particular member are made for more than 5 days the price goes down 10 points (but not below 50).
9. When you submit yourself to someone both you and all your submissives become submissives of that member (i.e. you loose ALL your submissives).
Sorry, guys, no free daily trophies anymore.


1. It's more efficient to purchase submissives of the players who have more submissives than you (see the top) - this way you not only get higher in the top yourself but also lower them down.
2. Buy members who may earn most points for you.

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