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📱 new iphone-advertising ««««

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&#128241; new iphone-advertising ««««

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 60


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By showingoff 01,Aug,21 00:49
I knew Germany was hip!!
By Vita 01,Aug,21 04:51
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By CreativeOne 01,Aug,21 01:11
Always a real pleasure to your awesome Creativity my friend
By Vita 01,Aug,21 04:52
nice of you many thanks and best regards to syracuse !

By stefan123 01,Aug,21 02:24
Warum ist der U Bhf so leer? Ist das wegen der Werbung?
By Vita 01,Aug,21 04:59
Das war nur zum Pressetermin für die großen Tageszeitungen, da musste der Sicherheitsdienst räumen !!

By alanhuk 01,Aug,21 03:16
I know that station!!!! Hot poster boy!!!
By Vita 01,Aug,21 05:03

By probowler298 01,Aug,21 03:48
Great pic. Makes me want to get an iPhone
By Vita 01,Aug,21 05:05
my intention ... i participate in the turnover !!

By #644817 01,Aug,21 04:25
What a star you are
By Vita 01,Aug,21 05:10
yes ... super advertising medium !!

By big_veiny_cock 01,Aug,21 05:31
By Vita 01,Aug,21 08:41

By Anass 01,Aug,21 05:36
Very nice !
By Vita 01,Aug,21 08:41
thx & greet !!

By Robben 01,Aug,21 05:37
They know how to make ads
By Vita 01,Aug,21 08:43

By untouched 01,Aug,21 05:40
I love Berlin
By Vita 01,Aug,21 08:43
come here ... you could also be advertised !!

By RickyW2009 01,Aug,21 05:56
By Vita 01,Aug,21 08:44
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By routemaster 01,Aug,21 06:37
Great! But never be allowed in London, all the old dears would have heart attacks. I LOVE railways too, been a railway photographer since I was knee high, I do have other interests away from sex and porn, hee hee!
By Vita 01,Aug,21 08:59
other interests too ??! heyhey, i'm also a friend of the railways !!

By Flowo 01,Aug,21 07:19
Wow, muss ich doch mal mit der U-Bahn fahren. Wie lange hängt das Plakat noch?
By Vita 01,Aug,21 09:00
Probelauf erstmal drei Monate ... bin am Umsatz beteiligt !!

By balticsea 01,Aug,21 10:30
Ist zwar nicht mein Produkt, die Werbung ist aber geil
By Vita 01,Aug,21 13:21
Bin am Umsatz beteiligt ... will meine neue Corvette !!
By balticsea 01,Aug,21 13:36
Corvette ist auch geil!
By Vita 01,Aug,21 23:40
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By mikeyd270 01,Aug,21 12:04
Oh my goodness.
By Vita 01,Aug,21 13:22
i hope you are jealous !!
By mikeyd270 01,Aug,21 21:12
Yes most definitely.
By Vita 01,Aug,21 23:41

By gomez 01,Aug,21 13:18
Adams apple on display niceeee!!!
By Vita 01,Aug,21 13:23
... gladly !!

By cumn4u 01,Aug,21 14:25
Awesome display
By Vita 01,Aug,21 23:41

By johnleman82 01,Aug,21 16:44
excellent job
By Vita 01,Aug,21 23:42
nice of you ... many thanks and best regards !

By notynyt 02,Aug,21 12:56
Is there any special offer available to buy it? 😉😎
By Vita 02,Aug,21 17:07
yes large vita picture gallery included !!

By marc66 02,Aug,21 14:38
Ich muss unbedingt mal wieder zum Alex fahren!
By Vita 02,Aug,21 17:04
Auf jeden Fall !!

By Redworm1963 02,Aug,21 15:26
Such the naughty boy!
By Vita 02,Aug,21 17:05

By Justforfun 02,Aug,21 16:58
Advertising that catches my eye
By Vita 02,Aug,21 17:05
my intention !!

By billiboy 03,Aug,21 02:08
Wird Zeit, dass ich unsere Hauptstadt mal wieder besuche....
By Vita 03,Aug,21 03:26
... jeder is´ willkommen, WENN er danach ein iPhone 12pro kauft !!

By #747 03,Aug,21 09:22
By Vita 03,Aug,21 09:23
Keine Neiddebatte jetzt !!!

By Fritz 03,Aug,21 16:19
Ich will "Ihn" spritzen sehn ich will ihn...
By Vita 04,Aug,21 02:44
... erst IPhone 12pro kaufen !!!!

By Kwann 03,Aug,21 22:00
I want this iPhone
By Vita 04,Aug,21 02:45
gooood you get the smartphone as a package with a large vita picture gallery ... special edition !!

By saggyballs67 04,Aug,21 07:00
Hot Vita
By Vita 04,Aug,21 12:18
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By tb1 04,Aug,21 07:25
hot hot hot
By Vita 04,Aug,21 12:18
thx & greet !!

By Timpeter 04,Aug,21 15:26
Awesome add poster ..i michtadd my Circumcised CocK is a definate eyecatcher Vita
By Vita 05,Aug,21 14:28
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By HotFuckerBoy 04,Aug,21 16:21
Hahaha! I love it
By Vita 05,Aug,21 14:28
nice of you ... many thanks and best regards !

By syfergat56 04,Aug,21 17:24
Love it
By Vita 05,Aug,21 14:29
thank you thank you thank you thank you

By surferharry 04,Aug,21 22:35
By Vita 05,Aug,21 14:30
i see you like again thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By Spencer59 05,Aug,21 14:40
Now all can enjoy your cock!
By Vita 05,Aug,21 15:12
yes ... ... and i am not embarrassed !!

By willy11 06,Aug,21 17:53
Very nice add
By Vita 06,Aug,21 23:56
thank you very much for statement !!

By ahardcorecase 07,Aug,21 23:23
Hey Vita- From the looks of the ad, they made a mistake in the spelling. It should be I-BONE instead-ha-ha...
By Vita 08,Aug,21 00:57
no no ... you get A smartphone as a package with a large vita picture gallery ... special edition !!!!

By slipper 08,Aug,21 19:42
By Vita 09,Aug,21 01:09

By willie111 11,Aug,21 00:50
nice and sexy
By Vita 11,Aug,21 02:18
thank you for your nice compliment ... i appreciate it !!

By alanck 17,Aug,21 03:07
By Vita 17,Aug,21 03:16
you get the smartphone as a package with a large vita picture gallery ... special edition !!!!

By princeworld 26,Aug,21 14:06
Also wenn ich ja nicht schon apple-Kunde wäre....das wäre ein Grund
By Vita 26,Aug,21 14:31
Der Trend geht zum Zweit-Handy !!!!

By Anass 30,Aug,21 02:22
By Vita 30,Aug,21 16:34
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By #23904 03,Sep,21 13:46
So that's why visitors say "Ich bin ein Berliner"
By Vita 06,Sep,21 10:45

By eduard99 06,Sep,21 09:56
Alexander The Great had a great one ....
By Vita 06,Sep,21 11:07
... not quite the square has been dedicated to the russian tsar alexander I. ... since 1805 !!
By eduard99 06,Sep,21 11:39
....well educated Vita!
By Vita 06,Sep,21 12:18

By eduard99 06,Sep,21 11:40
Unfortunately Rasputin doesnt have an Underground Station of his own.
By Vita 06,Sep,21 12:19
NOT yet !!!

By aspen 06,Nov,21 08:24
By Vita 06,Nov,21 08:28
nice of you … thanks a bunch from berlin !

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