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✌ correct length for mg42stu to view !!

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 26

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&#9996; correct length for mg42stu to view !!

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 26


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By eatyourpuss 22,Jul,14 14:43
Riesen Ding. Über 20cm?!
By Vita 22,Jul,14 14:58

By eatyourpuss 22,Jul,14 15:26
jetzt habe es gesehen
By Vita 23,Jul,14 00:02

By #485332 19,Mar,15 22:53
I love it but did anyone else notice the tape is missing a few numbers in between 10 and 17? LMFAO
By Vita 20,Mar,15 02:35
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By man19 06,Apr,15 05:43
Super Gerät. Würde sehr gut in mich passen
By Vita 06,Apr,15 19:44
Vorne oder hinten ??

By #76591 29,Apr,15 02:30
Good Man....
By Vita 29,Apr,15 02:58
... thx my friend

By #203994 03,Aug,15 14:51
What a great size & thick as well
By Vita 04,Aug,15 01:51
T H A N K ⇔ ✌✌ ⇔ Y O U

By basque9 16,Dec,15 10:13
An impressive huge cock, Vita!
By Vita 17,Dec,15 00:00
many thanks and best regards my friend !

By CockCurious 30,Jan,16 17:04
Das Ding ist ja riesig
20x6? Nicht unbedingt die richtige Größe für das erste mal anal
By Vita 30,Jan,16 22:44
Da wird nich´gefragt, da wird nich´gezuckt ... Kunde is´ König !!

By Kwilla 24,Mar,17 11:16
Very nice length!
By Vita 24,Mar,17 11:51
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By heine 20,Jul,17 09:26
wow ist das ein riemen
By Vita 20,Jul,17 15:56
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By #527486 14,Nov,17 10:52
D a t mutta fukka is huge..
By Vita 14,Nov,17 11:09
thank-you-thank-you ... greetinghs to ohio !

By pascalle 26,Aug,18 04:33
I might have to try this out one day for myself to feel how it feels :
By Vita 26,Aug,18 08:56
nice thought !! soon ?

By #9210 02,Sep,18 01:10
By Vita 02,Sep,18 05:20

By #556852 22,Feb,19 07:29
love a measurement...its an implied challenge to cock vs cock contest
By Vita 22,Feb,19 07:39
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By montrealhugecock 02,Mar,19 09:24
hahaha, good i need that ruler too
By Vita 02,Mar,19 10:02

By #580048 24,Jul,19 03:19
Was für ein heißer großer Schwanz!
By Vita 24,Jul,19 14:16
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By HoneyLips 31,Oct,19 04:21
I Love IT...... almost 8 inches!!!
By Vita 01,Nov,19 14:16

By thesevenpointfive 02,Jan,20 15:24
great measuring
By Vita 02,Jan,20 15:34
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By #569341 26,Feb,20 08:01
, V - one of your best (this is why i think you are the funniest member here) (: ! I thought only every 2nd modern child had chronic appears it’s even more prevalent in modern adults 🤪. Ahhhahaha...the world is doomed ! Let’s start building that rocket to another planet with very few other invitees 🤫😜👍👍👍
By Vita 27,Feb,20 01:05
are you jealous ??!!
By #569341 27,Feb,20 03:54
Of people with ADHD, stupid people or your novelty tape measure, V? Nein and acht easily most of the time😛🤪😛 👍😜🤝🥃
By Vita 27,Feb,20 13:37
thanks a bunch from berlin !

By stgoguy 03,Mar,20 16:21
Great size. WOW
By Vita 04,Mar,20 02:46
thank you for your attention !

By #344303 19,Oct,20 02:37
Ein Maßband für Schummelfritzen. Zwar 6 Zentimeterchen weniger, aber trotzdem eine schöne Länge.
By Vita 19,Oct,20 02:50
...................... nich´weitersagen !!

By Fandangoxxx 20,Aug,21 06:20
Nice big cock
By Vita 20,Aug,21 10:40
nice comment, very much appreciated ... many thanks and best regards !

By Spider 17,Oct,21 11:03
Wo hast das Massband gefunden??
By Vita 18,Oct,21 13:13
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Huskerman 18,Dec,21 07:03
Such a beautiful dick and long.
By Vita 18,Dec,21 08:49
nice of you many thanks and best regards !

By Davdar192 22,Sep,22 00:39
I need to measure mine with the tape measure
By Vita 22,Sep,22 00:52
By Davdar192 22,Sep,22 00:54
I think you would win
By Vita 22,Sep,22 10:20

By HelmetHead 12,Nov,22 05:29
Very original and wonderful looking dick!
By Vita 12,Nov,22 15:09

By Mrmara 12,Jul,23 10:12
Uau its huge !!!
By Vita 12,Jul,23 10:21

By Welshbloke 16,Aug,23 15:53
the tongue is a better measure,,,
By Vita 16,Aug,23 23:22
good idea ... i´am ready !!!!

By Timpeter 13,Feb,24 00:35
Tricky Via you go from @0 yo to 17 ….very tricky but i study details….im 16.75 cm long Truthyfully Vita
By Timpeter 13,Feb,24 00:35
No trick photos sir
By Timpeter 13,Feb,24 00:36
A typical person wouldntcatch the detail …but im observant Vita..bad boy
By Timpeter 13,Feb,24 00:37
14 cm Vita
By Vita 13,Feb,24 02:33
By Vita 13,Feb,24 02:33
By Timpeter 13,Feb,24 02:42
Vita Touch E
By Vita 13,Feb,24 03:57

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