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Groups are meant to make it easier to find members of similar interests.

Member LibertineGB is in the following groups:

*Straight Who Like Dick* (1071) Its Ok To Admire Others Mens Cocks

* Pissing * (414) For guys who like to be seen taking a piss and watch others

Gay dads & sons (290) It's a social networking group for gay daddies and sons.

*Public Toilets* (268) like to look at other mens cocks when pissing

*Married and BiCurious* (230) want to try a man but havent yet?

*Guys In Underwear* (179) boys who love to see guys in nice undies

*Golden Showers* (157) Pissing, Peeing and Catheter Play

Public Pissing (145) For men and women who enjoy pissing in public places.

*Big Dick Daddies* (140) Guys with big Daddy dicks

*Cocks in Thongs* (138)

*PNP Group* (134) for those who like rolling on tina & fucking

Whereby directory (117) Paste here the link to your room.

*Telegram Users* (117) Here we can exchange telegram ID, for a secret and private chat

*Piss In My Mouth* (115) For Lovers Of Piss Games!

*Exhibition for Kinky* (110) show your dirty, perverted and kinky side

*Men's Undies* (102) For those who like dicks showing from boxers and briefs

*Extreme Nasty Sex* (93) persons who like piss poo & cum on ther body or lick drink them

* Bi Dads * (89) Talk About Being A Dad and Being Bi

*Session/Wickr Pervs* (75) If you have a wickr or session account, please join!

Dads Who Serve Lads (67) Where TOP boys find eager older men

SILVER DADDIES (65) now open to all ages

* Daddies * (64) All About Daddies - All welcome

*Thongs And Undies* (62) Cocks And Bulges In Your Undies

Pissing Through Foreskin (60) *A nice warm stream from a sexy loose foreskin is so beautiful

*Teamviewer No Limits (47) Exposure, blackmail, sharing, whatever you want you're the boss!

*Golden Showers (45) Being Pissed On Then Fucking

*Show The Tighty Whities (29) Get your Undies Out and Show Us How You Wear Them