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❦ "portrait with girl" (summer-rain) ««««

<<< Previous   Submitted by Vita at 04,Dec,19 00:00   Next >>>
This image was commented 126 times, viewed 1546 times.  

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 136

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&#10086;  "portrait with girl" (summer-rain) ««««

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 136


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By #573454 04,Dec,19 00:26
By Vita 04,Dec,19 00:36
i see you like thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By SammyBW 04,Dec,19 00:43
Wieso schaut sie denn so traurig?
By Vita 04,Dec,19 00:47
Es ist der STOLZ ... die Mädels reißen sich um ein Porträt mit Vita !!!

By gilou2 04,Dec,19 00:48
Good girl
By Vita 04,Dec,19 01:02
oooooh yes !!!

By #542683 04,Dec,19 01:43
By Vita 04,Dec,19 01:47
Nettes Paar, was ?! Passt alles gut zusammen ... denkt man garnich´!!

By Steffen15 04,Dec,19 01:55
Begeisterung sieht aber anders aus
By Vita 04,Dec,19 02:09
Das Porträt sollte für Ihren Vater sein ... und sie wollte darauf besonders kuul wirken !!
By Steffen15 04,Dec,19 02:36
Bin ich froh keine Tochter zu haben
By Vita 04,Dec,19 02:38
... höre ich da ein bisschen Neid raus ??!

By jokodepojo2 04,Dec,19 02:42
she looks a bit melanchoolick though....
By Vita 04,Dec,19 03:06
... she can hardly believe happiness !!

By Fritz 04,Dec,19 03:02
Na, also bei der würde sogar ich noch hetero werden
By Vita 04,Dec,19 03:07
Immer schön hinten anstellen !!

By balticsea 04,Dec,19 03:25
Geile Kombination
By Vita 04,Dec,19 03:39
Perfektes Paar, find´ich auch !!!

By big_veiny_cock 04,Dec,19 03:39
I like her expression!
By Vita 04,Dec,19 03:42
yes ... so demanding cheeky !!

By #481316 04,Dec,19 03:42
I want to be in photos with them
By Vita 04,Dec,19 03:54
a dream becomes true !!!

By kalebi 04,Dec,19 04:11
nicht schlecht!!!
By Vita 05,Dec,19 00:54
Danke Danke Danke
By kalebi 05,Dec,19 04:13
beides nicht!

By billiboy 04,Dec,19 05:04
Warum schaut sie so desinteressiert?
By Vita 05,Dec,19 00:55
Das Porträt sollte für Ihren Vater sein ... und sie wollte darauf besonders kuul wirken !!

By stefan123 04,Dec,19 08:04
ein Schelm wer dabei Böses denkt
By Vita 05,Dec,19 00:58
Was Duuu immer gleich denkst !!!!!!

By #566434 04,Dec,19 09:17
Sehr geil
By Vita 05,Dec,19 00:58
► D-A-N-K-E--S-C-H-Ö-N ◄

By uncutmario 04,Dec,19 09:44
If I were her, I'd grab that fucking hot dick and suck it real hard!!!
By Vita 05,Dec,19 00:59
thank you very much for your visiting !!

By saggyballs67 04,Dec,19 10:05
Always so hot!
By Vita 05,Dec,19 00:59
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By #747 04,Dec,19 13:21
Ein skeptischer Blick - ist der nicht zu dick?
By Vita 05,Dec,19 01:00
Junge Mädchen tun immer erst so ... !!

By #443537 04,Dec,19 14:39
Does she really need glasses to see the tool ?
By Vita 05,Dec,19 01:02
aucune idée ... mais elle était excitée !!!
By #443537 06,Dec,19 13:45
Sans aucun doute !!
By Vita 06,Dec,19 14:17
oui ... c'est vita papa !!!!

By Smallerdick 05,Dec,19 00:44
She's thinking, not that again!
By Vita 05,Dec,19 01:04
no, she is stunned ... what a grandeur !

By dgraff 05,Dec,19 08:32
Go ahead give her a squirt right on her face
By Vita 06,Dec,19 09:10
yes-yes ... no fear !!!!

By mywusch 05,Dec,19 12:13
By Vita 06,Dec,19 09:10
Gut zu sehen … weitermachen !!
By mywusch 06,Dec,19 10:01
By Vita 06,Dec,19 14:14
By mywusch 09,Dec,19 10:57

By Median 05,Dec,19 23:48
I wander if the glasses are to see that uncut cock better or to keep the cum out of her eyes...
By Vita 06,Dec,19 09:11
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By DeepThroatThis 06,Dec,19 08:57
facials on girls with glasses is hot so unload on her
By Vita 06,Dec,19 09:12
thank you very much for your statement !!

By #602710 06,Dec,19 10:23
I need to splatter you glasses.
By Vita 06,Dec,19 14:15
yes ... my intention !!!

By kre8tor69 06,Dec,19 16:44
1 question! Is this a young gal? A young guy? A trannie? Does not matter just wondering as long as the mouth opens wide and take things balls deep for a long time to please everyone involved!
By Vita 06,Dec,19 23:38
you got it recognized !!

By eduard99 15,Dec,19 06:42
Einfach schön! "Oooohhh, mein größter Wunsch geht hier und jetzt in Erfüllung!" denkt dieses schöne Mädel gerade und muss das kurz begreifen, bevorzugt sie ihre süßen Lippen öffnet und entschlossen um diesen schönen, großen und unwiderstehlichen Penis legt ...
By eduard99 15,Dec,19 06:43
...bevor sie...
By Vita 15,Dec,19 18:08
... was ????
By Vita 15,Dec,19 18:08

By #194703 17,Dec,19 07:45
Top pic again
By Vita 17,Dec,19 15:03

By ALEXHOT 20,Dec,19 09:02
Nice pic. Need my cock too
By Vita 20,Dec,19 15:08
maybe ... i will ask her !!

By BirdDog 03,Jan,20 12:37
By Vita 03,Jan,20 13:03

By mikeyd270 05,Jan,20 13:46
Don't be so sad, he is going to let you suck it.
By Vita 05,Jan,20 15:13
yes, vita is a goooood daddy !!!!

By Flowo 11,Jan,20 04:55
Sieht unschuldig aber sehr süß aus.
By Vita 12,Jan,20 00:23
Stille Wasser sin´tief sach´ich nur !!!!

By mikey55 05,Mar,20 13:37
I like this pic with your foreskin skinned back showing the glans!
By Vita 05,Mar,20 15:57

By #613476 20,Mar,20 15:09
She's got such a innocent face, I love it!
By Vita 21,Mar,20 02:39
yes, sooo pretty and sassy .... she want the sperm !!!

By jens184 02,May,20 12:55
geiler Schwanz und süßes Mädchen
By Vita 02,May,20 13:13
Danke-Danke ... geb´ ich gleich weiter !

By probowler298 18,May,20 16:24
you always have the hot girls
By Vita 19,May,20 01:50
vita is a hot magnet !!

By likesmoothcock 27,Jun,20 08:49
Really not again
By Vita 27,Jun,20 11:47
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Aski8124u 12,Nov,20 00:51
Beautiful lady! Nice cock!
By Vita 12,Nov,20 02:15
thx and greet ✉ → 🚄 ✈ from berlin !

By blkmeat47 17,Mar,21 13:59
Love those veins
By Vita 17,Mar,21 15:29
nice of you … thanks a bunch from berlin !

By Rachel_G 17,Mar,21 14:22
Love to suck your cock 🤤
By Vita 17,Mar,21 15:30
oooh yes ... hot thought !!

By dura2000 13,Jun,21 14:58
Little miss innocence.
By Vita 14,Jun,21 02:46
yes ... she's new to my harem !!

By M308ben 22,Nov,21 12:04
I would love to join in. Or have y’all join in with us.
By Vita 22,Nov,21 12:22
no problem ... come here for a little gangbang !!

By cranky4 24,Dec,21 07:08
Is that your wife she does look sexy
By Vita 25,Dec,21 10:40
just one ... of my harem girls !!!

By Dagobert 08,Jan,22 07:20
eine Filmserie aus dwn 70es
By Vita 08,Jan,22 10:27
So ähnlich ... aber die Mädchen wollen mehr heutzutage !!

By bellyboy8 19,Jan,22 13:10
I love when they don't want to look at it! Just makes me HARDER!
By Vita 19,Jan,22 20:38
yes me too !!

By Sluttytwink 05,Mar,22 05:02
Yum yum
By Vita 05,Mar,22 05:17

By Aski8124u 07,Mar,22 16:06
Gorgeous picture Vita!
By Vita 07,Mar,22 23:37

By dirkonbehaard 04,Jul,23 02:58
mmmmmmmmmm nice cock
By Vita 05,Jul,23 00:12
many thanks and best regards !

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