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Who likes my stiffy?

<<< Previous   Submitted by dura2000 at 21,Nov,14 19:09   Next >>>
This image was commented 120 times, viewed 2419 times.  

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 32

Who likes my stiffy?

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 32


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By jayman73 28,Nov,14 00:16
I like it very much.
By dura2000 28,Nov,14 05:40

By #345428 20,Dec,14 13:19
i love this man fuck my anus
By dura2000 14,Mar,15 15:39
Bend over.
By #345428 14,Mar,15 19:06
yes hun i spread for you the anus, i very receptive

By basque9 04,Jan,15 19:08
Awesome erect cock, mate!
By dura2000 14,Mar,15 15:39
Glad you like it.

By pifad 11,Feb,15 22:32
I love it.
By dura2000 14,Mar,15 15:39
Thanks very much.

By #448946 25,Mar,15 14:23
Uff what a cock.. i would love to suck all day!
By dura2000 25,Mar,15 23:48
I would love that.

By #365376 29,Apr,15 09:10
By dura2000 04,Sep,15 16:47
Love people looking at my dick.

By #499677 29,Oct,15 16:30
I like it!
By dura2000 30,Oct,15 01:32
Thank you very much.

By GLANS333P 04,Nov,15 22:07
Again one hell of a PENIS erect with a splendid shape head...I would use both my hands touching massaging bringing it to a PARAMOUNT climax!
By dura2000 17,Nov,15 21:21
Sound as good to me.

By #467216 08,Dec,15 04:07
I love it
By dura2000 08,Dec,15 13:28

By #503895 27,Dec,15 16:59
Wanna 69? I love your cock i wanna kiss and suk on it for hours.
By dura2000 22,Jan,16 15:04
Love you to.

By #370211 22,Jan,16 07:51
By dura2000 22,Jan,16 15:05
I'm so glad you like my old dick.

By mikeyd270 09,Feb,16 16:13
Mmmmm, love your stiffy. I am such a sucker for a big smooth hard cock.
By dura2000 10,Feb,16 10:50

By pussyman 04,Mar,16 19:46
I love your stiffy - nice and smooth, nice head too
By dura2000 05,Mar,16 01:34
Thanks so much.

By #410218 24,Mar,16 03:22
By dura2000 24,Mar,16 07:50
Thanks, I love hearing that.

By tugme 26,Mar,16 02:10
By dura2000 26,Mar,16 04:12
Yes please.

By trim1963 23,May,16 02:45
Me I do
By dura2000 23,May,16 03:06
I'm glad.

By rodrigid 21,Jul,16 09:19
Great looking, cock stiffening, cock and balls. I'd like to rub mine on yours.
By dura2000 22,Jul,16 02:31
I'd love that too.

By #363802 19,Aug,16 03:56
Mmmmm nice smooth HARD cock! My favorite!
By dura2000 19,Aug,16 04:43
Thanks, love to have you suck it.
By #363802 19,Aug,16 05:22
I would LOVE to suck it!

By #439117 29,Aug,16 06:24
It looks great
By dura2000 30,Aug,16 14:35
Thanks heaps, I love people looking at it.

By Silverfur 10,Sep,16 23:09
Nicely shaved and fully erect
By dura2000 11,Sep,16 15:06
Thanks, glad you like it.

By #515106 26,Sep,16 03:55
You have a very nice looking dick
By dura2000 27,Sep,16 13:07
I'm so glad people like it, thanks.

By #515106 29,Sep,16 11:38
You have a nice looking Dick too

By Badener68 21,Oct,16 15:59
Looks great.....
By dura2000 21,Oct,16 17:05
Thanks, glad you like it.

By luke55 17,Nov,16 11:20
By dura2000 17,Nov,16 18:56

By Meditron 08,Dec,16 20:06
ur cock looks soo much younger than you Yeah I like it
By dura2000 09,Dec,16 04:25
Thanks so much, I love getting comments.

By #525703 17,Feb,17 08:16
WOW! Very nice!
By dura2000 18,Feb,17 03:53
Thanks mate, I love getting comments on my cock.

By #530692 08,Mar,17 12:53
You have to let me Ride That Cock!!!!
By dura2000 09,Mar,17 14:03
Thank you, I would love you to ride my hard as a rock cock. Imagine the fun we could have.

By #525579 11,Mar,17 07:06
Nice cock
By dura2000 11,Mar,17 12:32
Thanks mate.

By #525703 19,Mar,17 17:43
I like it! I'd like it better if it was in my mouth!
By dura2000 19,Mar,17 18:02
So would I.

By cyberdude 22,Apr,17 07:40
Wow!! more than a mouthful
By dura2000 23,Apr,17 03:28
I hope it's not a waste.

By veroslut 07,May,17 01:52
WOW! It looks nice and ready, just pick a hole!
By dura2000 09,May,17 04:44
I would love to try both.

By ScottsCock 24,Sep,17 19:50
Nice smooth and very hard cock ... very nice!!
By dura2000 24,Sep,17 22:20
Thanks mate, love to ours together.
By ScottsCock 24,Sep,17 23:58
Great idea !
By dura2000 25,Sep,17 16:41
Just the thought of that make me stiff.
By ScottsCock 26,Sep,17 23:28
By dura2000 27,Sep,17 16:35
I love watching a cock cum.

By jenni_k 04,Nov,17 13:57
I would love to suck that 💋
By dura2000 04,Nov,17 15:21
I would so love for you to suck it.

By duncanidaho 01,Jan,18 07:10
lovely dick and balls and nice trimmed pubes area!
By dura2000 02,Jan,18 04:41
Thanks, Iíve been trimmed for many years.

By steve3095 27,Apr,18 22:12
I like it. Must look great on the beach.
By dura2000 28,Apr,18 04:20
It has had some attention.
By dura2000 28,Apr,18 04:20
When it stands at attention.

By Buck1970 25,May,18 07:33
Handsome cock.
By dura2000 25,May,18 15:26
Thanks Buck, the same goes for you.

By duncanidaho 01,Jul,18 04:58
Lovely stiff dick
By dura2000 01,Jul,18 14:57
Thanks, I do get horny sometimes.

By #533479 24,Aug,18 08:43
It's got a lovely sexy big head on the end of it
By dura2000 24,Aug,18 16:15
Iím glad you like it.

By Bluey51 13,Oct,18 22:39
Absolutely perfect penis
By dura2000 14,Oct,18 07:05
And the same to you, love to sunbake naked with you.

By holder 14,Oct,18 14:02
MMMMMMMMMMMM I could have fun with your cock.
By dura2000 14,Oct,18 14:14
Mmmmmmm, I could let you.

By alanhuk 26,Nov,18 03:52
By dura2000 26,Nov,18 03:58
Thanks alan, glad you like it.
By alanhuk 08,Apr,21 06:47
Very impressive...glad you entered pic!!!

By #571593 10,Mar,19 09:37
Very impressive!
By dura2000 19,Jun,19 06:16
Thank you my friend.

By rand8ins 19,Jun,19 09:30
Beautiful! I'm drooling!
By dura2000 19,Jun,19 14:54
You can have my drool.

By Silverfur 08,Jan,20 13:02
Feed that big boy to me
By dura2000 08,Jan,20 13:30
Open wide.

By #604416 25,Jan,20 16:01
This beautiful cock has gone into favorite pics its fucking lovely, slurp slurp,I'd suck you down.
By dura2000 26,Jan,20 12:48
I sent you a private one.

By Skinslim 27,Feb,20 05:37
By dura2000 27,Feb,20 12:30
Iím glad you like it.

By nalubowl 11,Apr,21 01:13
By dura2000 11,Apr,21 07:20
Did you like it?
By nalubowl 11,Apr,21 16:55

By aljames21 31,Aug,21 03:51
Nice cock.
By dura2000 31,Aug,21 04:55
Thank you very much.

By Roberto2020 13,Aug,23 11:32
It's fabulous and so sexy being smooth, not to forget about those hot tight balls!!
By dura2000 13,Aug,23 14:14
Im glad you like it.

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