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🌏 for gilou !

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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 108

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&#127759; for gilou !

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 108


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By #510314 08,Dec,16 11:03
I love your dick and I wanna tell he is fantastic and awesome. I would like to see you cumming and play with other dick
By Vita 08,Dec,16 11:08
bel commento, molto apprezzato ... molte grazie e cordiali saluti !

By minkip 08,Dec,16 11:08
By Vita 08,Dec,16 11:10
thx for your terrific and barefaced comment again ! !

By ALEXHOT 08,Dec,16 12:09
By Vita 08,Dec,16 13:25
i see you like again thx and greet ✉✈ from berlin !

By Fritz 08,Dec,16 12:24
jetzt mit dem Stöckchen immer wieder kurz draufhauen und warten bis er hart wird und abspritzt, dann sauberlecken
By Vita 08,Dec,16 13:26
Okee ... wenn´s "lieb" gemeint is´!!!

By superstud 08,Dec,16 12:33
Pussy's favorite sight!!
By Vita 08,Dec,16 13:26

By #430321 08,Dec,16 12:35
By Vita 08,Dec,16 13:28
Спасибо, и приветствовать ✉ → 🚄 ✈ от Берлином !

By basque9 08,Dec,16 12:54
Poor Vita, his huge suckable cock stuck in a fence.
By Vita 08,Dec,16 13:28
... fun for all !!!
By basque9 07,Jan,17 16:57
By Vita 07,Jan,17 23:12
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By tb1 08,Dec,16 13:58
Terrific pic, very imaginative, luv it
By Vita 09,Dec,16 01:29
many thanks and best regards !

By tugme 08,Dec,16 14:20
attention mouth open ready to receive
By Vita 09,Dec,16 01:32
yes ... that was my intention !!!

By slipper 08,Dec,16 14:53
Yep, looks like it grew right trough the cracks!!! I've pix of flowers I took that could have been at the same fence!
By Vita 09,Dec,16 01:38
yes a nice plant, but much care and devotion necessary !!

By pifad 08,Dec,16 15:46
All cocked and ready to blast me in the face. Yeah buddy
By Vita 09,Dec,16 01:44
a dream becomes true !!!!

By kalebi 08,Dec,16 18:21
right between my lips!!!
By Vita 09,Dec,16 01:49
oooh yes ... it would be a dream !!

By #467809 08,Dec,16 20:47
By Vita 09,Dec,16 02:03

By #169670 08,Dec,16 21:01
Ein absolutes Highlight für die Augen und den Mund!
By Vita 09,Dec,16 02:05
so nice of you ... more more more !!!!

By #388258 08,Dec,16 21:17
Holy fuck me sideways! Yes you heard me right. I want that massive cock of yours anyway I can get it. I also want those big suckable nuts in my mouth.
By Vita 09,Dec,16 02:06

By #427407 08,Dec,16 22:23
Warum es nicht mal mit einem Astloch versuchen? Das sind ganz neue Erfahrungen. Vor allem dann, wenn der Sack anschwillt
By Vita 09,Dec,16 02:07
Man kommt dann erstmal nicht raus aus der Nummer !!!

By SammyBW 09,Dec,16 00:55
Das ist aber ein interessanter Holzzaun
By Vita 09,Dec,16 02:09
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Stiffcock47 09,Dec,16 03:48
wie der mich anguckt
By Vita 09,Dec,16 09:58
Der WILL was !!!!

By eichel 09,Dec,16 07:59
Da jetzt so lange über den schönen Schlitz lecken bis die weiße Sahne kommt
By Vita 09,Dec,16 09:59
Dafür issa´ja da !!!

By Flowo 09,Dec,16 09:14
In 10 sek kommt das Fallbeil runter.
By Vita 09,Dec,16 10:00
Gott, was sein muss muss sein ... "Hauptsache Ihr habt Spass" !!!

By #492429 09,Dec,16 15:14
da bekommt der begriff zaunlatte eine völlig neue bedeutung mmmm
By Vita 10,Dec,16 06:48
Wunder gibt es immer wieder, wie sich so ein Astloch doch entpuppen kann !!

By #443537 09,Dec,16 16:03
I've always liked contemporary art !
By Vita 10,Dec,16 07:04
you have it recognized ... contemporary advertising-art !!!

By #137412 09,Dec,16 17:37
Great shot
By Vita 10,Dec,16 07:08
thank you very much for the nice reference !

By #505243 09,Dec,16 19:44
originell....könnte auch'ne neue Gartentürbimmel sein...statt drücken..einfach feste saugen.. ...
By Vita 10,Dec,16 07:09
Klasse Idee .... Grüße nach Österreich !!

By helloclittie 10,Dec,16 00:20
YOu must have really been board
By Vita 10,Dec,16 07:12

By anonymous 10,Dec,16 00:41
nice pic
By Vita 10,Dec,16 07:13

By shorty 10,Dec,16 04:35
Da bekommt der Begriff "Lattenzaun" eine ganz neue Bedeutung!
By Vita 10,Dec,16 07:15
Danke für Dein nettes Kompliment !!

By medir 10,Dec,16 11:38
By Vita 10,Dec,16 12:34
merci et cordialement après bordeaux !

By #509922 10,Dec,16 12:00
By Vita 10,Dec,16 12:35
many thanks and best regards !

By marine85 10,Dec,16 15:19
By Vita 10,Dec,16 21:53
thank you my friend for your terrific and barefaced comment !

By #448196 11,Dec,16 04:47
By Vita 11,Dec,16 09:41
i see it is interesting for you !

By Kwann 11,Dec,16 18:26
By Vita 11,Dec,16 22:00
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By Tonee 11,Dec,16 18:27
Nice glory hole...
By Vita 11,Dec,16 22:00
... yes he like it !! hot greet !!

By #426512 13,Dec,16 05:14
By Vita 13,Dec,16 06:35
you like ... come on and play (no fees !) !!

By DESIRE 13,Dec,16 08:13
ahh wow wow beautoful Gorgeous cock looking at me
By Vita 13,Dec,16 09:51

By #345428 13,Dec,16 10:03
my friend in Berlin, o how i love the dick, yes, so pretty
By Vita 13,Dec,16 10:12
thank you for your nice praise ... hot greet to san diego !

By #406654 15,Dec,16 03:24
sieht aus, als ob er auf etwas wartet
By Vita 15,Dec,16 10:12
Is´ eigentlich sone´Art Türklingel !!!
By #406654 02,Jan,17 05:09
klingelt es lauter wenn man dran zieht oder saugt?
By Vita 02,Jan,17 07:49
Denke schon !!!

By #378320 15,Dec,16 22:13
You absolutely take the most sensual pictures! Yes I love this picture and it portrays your valuable Assets in a very glowing way!
By Vita 17,Dec,16 01:19
so a nice praise !! thank-you-thank-you !!

By #87693 16,Dec,16 09:30
Geil wie immer!
By Vita 17,Dec,16 01:22

By dicklick4u 18,Dec,16 00:09
so hot
By Vita 18,Dec,16 00:16
nice of you ... hot greetings to boston !

By redfox167 20,Dec,16 02:38
Like to suck
By Vita 20,Dec,16 03:03
nice idea ... many thanks and best regards !

By marc66 21,Dec,16 07:37
By Vita 21,Dec,16 23:59
► D-A-N-K-E--S-C-H-Ö-N ◄

By BirdDog 30,Dec,16 12:17
Looking GOOD!!
By Vita 30,Dec,16 13:58
thank you very much for the nice reference !

By mywusch 02,Jan,17 09:02
By Vita 02,Jan,17 10:58
Scheint anzusprechen ... liebe Grüße !!

By alexbsx 10,Jan,17 03:24
I'd love to suck that cock through a glory hole...
By Vita 10,Jan,17 14:37
... it is my intention !!

By mikeyd270 25,May,17 11:10
By Vita 25,May,17 12:56
many thanks and best regards to austin !

By chris51 21,Jun,18 16:39
I see your dick gets to go out by it's self sometimes
By Vita 23,Jun,18 14:44
he is ready for "games" !!

By probowler298 28,May,20 11:17
How did you do this?
By Vita 28,May,20 11:56
he always makes it somehow !!

By johnleman82 05,Oct,20 10:09
good piece of meat
By Vita 05,Oct,20 10:23
and you can play with it without any problems !!
By johnleman82 05,Oct,20 10:32
By Vita 05,Oct,20 12:33
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Jonboy1969 09,Oct,20 07:55
yes I will enjoy that this morning
By Vita 09,Oct,20 08:12
yes ... to stroke and love !!

By Jonboy1969 17,Oct,20 07:51
for me.. I sure can use it right now
By Vita 17,Oct,20 09:03
yes, he likes caresses !!
By Jonboy1969 23,Nov,20 10:01
May I service you😈
By Vita 23,Nov,20 10:59

By cfan2 06,Mar,21 22:11
Feeding time??
By Vita 06,Mar,21 22:17
yes ... always ready to play !!!
By cfan2 06,Mar,21 22:20
Mmmmmm. Licking my lips as we speak!
By Vita 06,Mar,21 22:24
good idea !!!

By Walker 01,Jul,21 12:39
I enjoy seeing your cock head exposed and it is close up.

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