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Pics on front page for 100 points

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #10655 [Ignore] 25,Apr,09 09:12
On April 20th I put a pic on the top of the front page. It's still on the front page, but now near the bottom. That makes senses as other pictures have bumped it down.

What I don't understand is a pic I put on the top page April 24th. I used the 100 points again but that pic has completely disappeared from the front page. It's not even at the bottom.

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By admin [Ignore] 25,Apr,09 09:33 other posts 
You got it wrong. "Place on top" means this:

By #10655 25,Apr,09 10:23
That's what I did. 100 points on April 20th and 100 points on Apr 24th to place pics at the very top.(2 different pics) The pic I placed up there yesterday(24th) has already disappeared, but the one I placed on April 20th is still on the front page but at the bottom.
By admin [Ignore] 25,Apr,09 11:15 other posts 
You still do not get it. "Place on top" means the upper banner with 8 pics, not the 60 pics below which are just the most popular pics in 5 past days.

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